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  • The basics of a no-carb diet and its effectiveness. An example of a week's diet menu, lists of allowed and prohibited foods. Original recipe ideas.
    27 May 2022
  • We found out how the blood group diet works: which foods are allowed, which are contraindicated for each blood group.
    2 August 2021
  • How much can you lose weight in 1 week, 4 ways to lose weight (diet, exercise, stress management, thinking), 16 tips for losing weight without torturing yourself, 7 psychological tricks to lose weight.
    6 January 2021
  • How the watermelon diet for weight loss works: advantages and disadvantages, options, right exit from the diet. How to avoid getting hurt when losing weight: useful tips.
    17 December 2020
  • Drinking diet: the expense which results in extra pounds? The essence of drinking diet. The opinion of doctors on this method of weight loss. Who should not go on the liquid menu. Principles of food, rules of preparation and permitted foods.
    12 June 2020
  • Five reasons to start eating healthy food to lose weight! You will learn which foods included in the diet for proper nutrition and which will need to be deleted. Sample menu and recipes for weight loss
    4 April 2020
  • Most people who struggle with excess weight immediately drawn to the limitation of supply. A huge number of diets to lose weight promises to save them from extra pounds quickly and effectively.
    3 April 2020
  • Along with diet sports house should become a key element in weight loss program. Physical exercises burn calories, which leads to healthy weight loss.
    3 March 2020