Exercise for weight loss

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It's great to be the owner of a slender, toned entire. Too many people try this, but the reality is often far hell desires. An unbalanced diet, sedentary lifestyle, pregnancy, stressful situations – all this and more with hours and leads to weight gain, to cope with which is not so simple. Seeing on the scale is a disappointing figure, many do not want to tolerate this state of Affairs. Begin the search for the best ways to get rid of the hated fat deposits, which not only detracts from the appearance, but also adversely affect the work of important organs. Of course, you can try to sit on a diet, but the result pleased many years, you need exercise for weight loss.

Which exercises for quick weight loss will be right for you

What to choose for best effect? The process of weight loss requires serious iznaga approach. Selected training should match the level of training losing weight, to be aimed at solving specific problems. If you want to remove fat from the sides and belly, no need to concentrate only on those problem areas. Effective and long lasting result is possible only with an integrated approach. Exercises are chosen for all muscle groups, but with more emphasis on the main areas that require correction. Too much physical exertion is strictly prohibited. Thus it is possible not only to recapture the desire in principle to do them, but additionally earn the health problems. The best exercises for modern girls:

  • Shaping. For emergency disposal hell unwanted pounds these workouts perfect for you. They include aerobics in combination with dance moves that would eventually help to get rid of the hell of excess weight. Suitable shaping only energetic women that is configured for rapid results and ready to work constantly.
  • Pilates. This complex is considered the safest. Suitable for everybody, as it implies training in a slow, leisurely pace. Each movement is stretched to the maximum development of muscles. The action of Pilates is aimed at working with the press, to the pelvis, back. Most of these workouts are suitable for young mums and pregnant girls.
  • Fitball. Original technique with the use of larger balls. With her fun and perky can be enough to lose a large number of pounds by strengthening the muscles of the entire whole.
  • Belly dance. Love Oriental motifs and really want to lose weight? This complex will suit you best. Attending dance classes, you will promptly return your intact its former beauty and elegance. The load in this case is directed to the area press, so beautiful mill guaranteed.

You can choose how these specific complexes, and the classical training that is done at home or in the fitness center under the supervision of a coach. A thoughtful choice and seriously esny approach will not only make your body slimmer, but also improve health and mood, develop resistance to stress and aging.

Exercise for weight loss at home

Work on the figure of the house — a great, affordable alternative to professional training with a specialist. There are an incredible number of exercises that help to achieve the best results. First, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Work on the transformation begin with the organization of self-discipline, clear goal setting and good mood.
  • Draw up a schedule of classes week should be carried out at least 3-4 workouts.
  • Strict training hours. This is best done from 11 to 13 hours and lunch and in the afternoon between 17 and 19 hours.
  • Conduct training on an empty stomach. To eat follows 2 hours of sports and games at home.
  • Truly effective only regular practice spot. The more and more stable, the better and brighter the result.
  • You must really want to lose weight, correctly configuring itself. Classes "through the power" will not lead, and the desired effect.
  • In the process of exercise to stop for a "rest" is not recommended. All systems performed seamlessly, without stopping. Allowed 30 seconds for a break, but no more.
  • Each exercise is performed properly, according to instructions, to improve the result several times.
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Proper warm-up

Before performing a complex of exercises for different muscle groups, you need to "warm up" to prepare your a and home the training. To neglect the warm-up is not necessary, or later you can obtain various injuries. An exemplary set of actions is as follows (starting from the top):

  • Preparing and execution become directly, feet on width of shoulders, hands on waist. Make smooth turns to head in different directions.
  • Movement of the shoulders up and down, and Cruz.
  • Stretch the hands forward and begin to take turns to pull the skin from them, as far back as possible.
  • Hands held together in a "lock" and hold at the level of the chest. Follow the corps in one or the other side. Stand straight, lower torso remains stationary.
  • One hand placed on the waist, the other raised up. Doing tilts, pulling the raised limb together with the body. Then change hands and start again.
  • Doing tilts the upper body, pulling and sex. Fixate in the "assembled" for a few seconds.
  • Be exactly. Rely fully on only one foot, and the second hold on the toe. Wiggled her toes at Cruz. Then change the leg and repeat again.
  • Be directly, on a deep breath, stretch the hands over your head and stand on tiptoes. Fall on the exhale.

Flex your whole, you can safely proceed and the main complex of exercises for the desired muscle groups.


Exercise for weight loss legs

Legs are problem areas for many women and even men. Here are a few exercises that will help to get rid of hell of the fat and to tighten the muscles:

  • Mahi in hand. Run back di the wall and stand on tiptoes. Raise first the left and then the right foot and begin her "swing" in the direction of delaying in the raised position for a few seconds. In a similar way exercise "Mahi ago."
  • Lifts legs up focusing. Lie down, resting on his knees and elbows look at the floor. The left leg is compressed, pulled the waist band and try to raise as high as possible above the surface. Delayed fixate for a few seconds, and returns Yes their original positions. Similar and repeat for the right leg.
  • The rise of the pelvis. Sit on the edge of a chair, put her hands on the seat and begin to sink. Make it so that the blades were on the surface, and the bottom of the trunk was in limbo. The angle at the bent knee should make 90 degrees. Try to sink as low as possible. Then slowly rise back to the starting position.
  • Squats with a focus on the wall. Abut the back surface, the legs set at a slight distance ot each other. Slowly descend and reach parallel with the floor. Squat, constantly touching scenes.
  • Sit-UPS with the wiring of the feet. Adopt the horizontal position for gymnastic Mat, straightens his legs and ubiraem Yes wall. Hands pulling over his head. Breathe out and raise body, trying to touch the stage. The legs are getting a divorce in opposite directions.
  • The tilting back of the knee. Kneel, hands pulling forward, keep the back as straight as possible. Tilting the upper body backward, without bending in the lumbar region.
intermediate result

Exercises for the abs

Deciding to transform their whole, any girl or a man should definitely pay attention to the stomach. Study of the press in this case is very important:

  • Side twisting. Lie on your back, put hands behind your head, legs bent at the knees and ubiraem feet on the floor. Raise the body by tilting it in different directions. Try elbow maximum reach Yes knee, which is the opposite.
  • The usual twisting. Motion is similar to lateral, but no need to make turns. "Curl" straight ahead.
  • Strap. Lie down on a gym Mat. Palms and toes resting on the floor and lifted, keeping torso straight, without any camber. Hold in this position hell 30 seconds and 2 minutes, depending on ad preparation. If it is difficult to get the bar, you can make a simplified version, for example, focusing on elbows or weight transfer to his knees.
  • Strap on the side. Adopt a side lying position. Raised with an emphasis on completely straight arm. Keep feet together, raise hips. Held position maximum hours.
  • "Flippers". Adopt the horizontal position. Feet are flat, hands straightened along the torso. Raised separately skin the leg, at the same time with a slight rise of the body. It is important not to bend your back in the lumbar spine and not to make any sudden movements.
  • Balancing. Begin the exercise sitting on the buttocks. Raise straightened legs above the surface, arms pulling in front of him. Fixate in the position for 20 seconds, do not rush and try to breathe evenly.
  • "The Iceman". Be in the bar on straight arms. Watching the posture, stomach in, eyes straight. Breathe out and pull the right leg and chest. With inhalation return to the original position.
exercises for breast

Exercises for chest and arms

Every girl dreams of beautiful hands and firm Breasts. The following exercises will help to achieve perfection:

  • The bench from the wall. Hands rest against the wall, put them a little wider apart, legs are straight, close friend Yes friend. A mass floating on tiptoes and start to do push-UPS. Back/neck should remain straight and motionless. Work only hands.
  • Lifts hand weights. Accept the position lying down, to lie back. Take small dumbbells. Raised/lowered by turn the hands. Move with the rhythm of the breath.
  • Bench press standing French. Take a standing position. Take one dumbbell and start lifting to make the head.
  • The raising of the hands while standing. Take the lunge position for any foot. Elbow rest on the knee and the other hand take the dumbbell, raise, then drop it and are over the knee. When lifting the equipment the blade as reducible to each other.
  • Bench press. Lie on your back, legs bend in knees, a foot of good press Yes the surface. Raise the pelvic piece, bend both hands at an angle of 90 degrees without detachment of the biceps hell sex. Exhaling, pull the dumbbell up. Breathing, lowered inventory and initial positions.
  • Lift bent at the elbow in the standing position. Feet are placed on a small distance ot each other, look forward. Hands with dumbbells bend and reduce the level of the chest. Slowly, slowly raise them up high. Also slowly lower.
  • Stretching the triceps. His hands are behind his back and crossed to the "castle". Continue right-bottom and left – top. The sky in the received position and fixate it by five seconds. Change position and repeat again.

Cardio activity for the home

reverse plank

Cardio is a required element of any process of weight reduction. This is one of the most effective ways to "burn" excess fat, exercise that you want to emphasize. The most effective cardio training:

  • Walking for weight loss. At first glance it may seem that it is quite simple and is unlikely to give the desired effect. In fact, walking is the best app to quickly burn fat in the abdomen and hips. If you follow a proper diet and regularly walking at a slow pace, your weight will quickly move. This exercise, although simple, helps to "accelerate" your metabolism.
  • Run. This is the cardio exercise positively affects the cardiovascular system, effectively burns fat deposits in the most remote places. Many people do not like to run, but in vain. Such training significantly advance you on the path so slender, patanatomy Celje.
  • Cycling. If you don't like running, try a workout using the bike. It is not only the successful deliverance of hell extra pounds, but also a great pleasure hell of the process.
  • Swimming. This type of cardio helps to lose weight, tone muscles and improve the body. To achieve quick results you need to float like the mage faster. Enough to start 1-2 lessons per week.

The benefits of exercise

If you want to get the hell out of extra pounds, one balanced diet is not enough. A well composed set of exercises allows in the shortest possible time to achieve the desired result: to reset a lever and pull the whole. The main advantages of training:

  • The more muscle, the faster metabolism. Muscle is one of the main factors of a proper, smooth operation metabolism of any person. They spend a major percentage of dietary energy, especially compared to fatty tissue. 1 kilogram of muscle fibers and consumes daily 15 calories and the same amount of fat in just 5. The difference is huge.
  • Prolonged preservation of the result. Doing even minimal exercise, losing weight works for the future. And Even if for an hour stop training, the muscles will function by inertia, consuming a large amount of calories daily, keeping a desired weight.
  • In a good mood. Playing sports is not only seriously etnia physical activity, but also a great mood for the whole day. After a few exercises, you will soon notice how the body is filled with energy, bazaras and incredible spirit.
  • Great cosmetic effect. With exercise, the skin gets vitality, becomes more elastic and toned. It should be noted that gradually disappears notorious "orange peel" from the problem areas.

To build a beautiful, you need to be mentally and physically prepared so hard, long work. But the result really please, and the figure will quickly become pleasant curves.