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Hello! I want to share my experience using magic capsules Reduslim.


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I gained 20 pounds during pregnancy. Then everything like everyone else... feeding the baby, fear that lost milk, the eternal tea with condensed milk, sandwiches, nuts... And horror of horrors, in 7 months the weight increased another 10 pounds. then my weight was 100 kg with height 160 cm, dress size with M increased to XXL. For 28-year-old girl is a nightmare.

Each day began with the fact that I felt tired, passive and unhappy with how I look. I was ashamed that I occupy 2 seats in the subway, can't fasten the seat belt in the car or put on shoes without heavy sighs and awkward movements. About how to please her husband, speech does not go. I had a lot of complexes that I forgot that I was still his wife and marital duties has not been canceled. But the idea to strip when husband brought me in horror. I couldn't look myself in the mirror. Very often at night, when no one was looking, I cried.

Don't remember how long it lasted, I lived in a fog. But then I decided to take action. Starved himself, ate some fruit, drank some water, tried a dozen diets, running miles in the gym, even hormonal pills tried, but all to no avail, or rather the weight a little bit left, but then quickly returned.

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On one of the forums I read about a tool for weight loss Reduslimimmediately learned how to use and ordered one course. Order was delivered quickly. Application Reduslim very easy - — 1 capsule a day. One package is enough for 10 days. Took what I thought were the instructions, but after 10 days nothing happened. A month later I saw on the scale 8 kg. But decided to continue taking and again read the forums. It turned out that I had to be sure to drink at least two liters of water. I continued receiving. After the second month I saw the result - 18! Thigh girth decreased by 15 cm in the waist is gone 18 see

Many of my friends do not recognize me, and if they did, they were surprised to change. Feelings are simply divine, I've always wanted to lose weight!