Drinking diet: the expense which results in extra pounds?

No number of victims that are women for the sake of a slim figure. Particularly strong ladies are willing to sit for weeks on water only, just to get into jeans two sizes smaller! All anything, abut the only thing is will-power; but only our body such harassment does not tolerate and immediately begins to take revenge on slender beauties, one after the other giving all sorts of ailments. Then you and digestive disorders and falling hair, and haggard face... That would find the diet is as effective but safe for your health! Maybe drinking good?

The essence of drinking diet

water is life

Oddly enough, and this diet is. It's called drinking and professes the following principles: "Want to drink? PI. Hungry?.. Again PI".

Of course, we are talking not about a gallon to absorb water, after firmly locking the fridge, otherwise after a week diet lose weight Yes, half of the visited would crash. In fact, the diet you will have more than a variety: soups, soups, delicate smoothies, compotes, jellies, fruit and vegetable juices, milk, kefir, unsweetened yogurt, tea... the Main thing carefully to avoid solid food because chewing itself stimulates the appetite, and dense foods create heaviness in the stomach and slow down digestion.

How does drinking diet?

  • While you glass after glass will savor a variety of drinks, the digestive tract to rest from the endless work on the digestion of solid food and will begin to rid hell of its residues.
  • Water, which is abundantly present in the diet, will help to wash out the contents of the intestine, and then cleanse the entire body on a cellular level. As a consequence, to restore normal metabolism, without which about weight loss is not out of the question.
  • All drinks will be consumed low — calorie- whipped in the blender portion of soup with a hefty piece of meat and drained it through a straw will not work. A lack of calories, as it is known, causes the body to turn its own fat reserves.
  • At the same time you cannot say that you are doomed to a real hunger strike. Although this dieting phenomenon is pretty tough, built smart menu will allow you to save power and to avoid unpleasant consequences like gastritis, or dropping a handful of hair. By the way, many girls notice that 3-4 days the body is accustomed Yes the new way of eating and replace the missing feeling of hunger comes a surge of strength and euphoria hell suddenly found ease.
  • Finally, fruits, vegetables and fresh herbs that are full of cocktails drinking diet ensure a clean the body with vitamins and minerals.
This diet thing is effective. Even one fasting day will save you, on average, ad 0, 5 kg of excess weight if Yes, perfection is lacking quite a bit and hell of 2-2. 5 kilo, if the shape need more work and to work. A loss for the week reach and 8 hours, and 10 kg! But do not hope to deal with refreshing drinks with fat deposits localized in any one region. Diet is comprehensive, cleansing the body from the inside causing it to slowly part with the surplus.

The opinion of doctors on this method of weight loss

weight loss

Physicians and nutritionists, as they expected, and are diet cautiously. On the one hand, many of them are hour hell hour not averse to put their patients on a liquid diet. If the diet is under the close supervision of a certified specialist, she brings exactly what is promised: the ease normalizenewlines digestion and slender waist. In some cases, people carried on drinking diet and 30 Zen and remained not only alive and well, but it is all happy!

On the other hand, holding it for yourself and see the first pitches, easy to overreact. Of course, as women tend Yes the makeovers! If any method appears effective, they're ready Yes it stops to squeeze the s it — and at the same time from your body all the essential amenities. As a result, instead of losing weight comes fatigue, spikes in blood sugar cause bouts of nausea, and someone and even experience hallucinations. That's why the doctors and demand to be Yes, a diet from all serious etnasci.

Who should not go on a liquid menu

the diet of the expectant mother

You definitely don't need to deal with "liquid" diet if...

  • You are less than 18 or more than 60 years.
  • You have a tendency and swelling.
  • You have been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, hypertension, diseases of the cardiovascular and excretory systems, as well as any gastrointestinal disease (ulcer, gastritis, colitis).
  • A separate issue is bulimia. This disease often requires not so much a diet as treatment and competent psychologist.
  • Strict forbidden to go to drinking the diet of women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. At all desire you will not be able to fill his glass all the necessary vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, and hence they are deprived of and small.

But the significant excess weight is not phenomena is an obstacle and compliance with drinking diet, if you stay within reason. But keep in mind, to solve the problem in one or two pulls will not work. Will have to reconsider the principles of nutrition, including the hour when you are not in the "active weight loss period", enters into your daily routine physical activity and to change a way of life. Preferably after consultation with a nutritionist.

Principles of food, rules of preparation and permitted foods

What are the main requirements of the diet?

  • Hell give up solid food.
  • Mark hell 4 and 6 small meals a day, each time not more than 350 ml of the selected verse. This will serve to reduce the volume of the stomach.
  • When planning the menu, take care of its diversity. We repeat: except water (at least 1.5 liters per day), the diet should be nourishing broths, kefir average fat content and other nutritional beverages. Diet does not mean starvation! The average daily caloric intake should not fall below 800 and rise above 1200 Kcal.
  • Limit physical activity. Allowed a small morning exercises, walks in the fresh air or — if you are active in sports — lightweight training options.
  • To make up for the lack of nutrients, take vitamin-mineral complexes and fish oil capsules.
  • Delicate moment: ensure that the stool was regular, otherwise harmful substances will linger in the intestines. Push the "process", you can use buttermilk, decoction of prunes or enema.
  • A few Zen to early diet arm and her body. Remove from the table fatty, smoked, sweet hedgehog, but instead lean on soups, cereals, vegetables, fruits and unsweetened beverages.

What are allowed to drink?

In preparation to prefer healthy food
  • Water, and simple mineral without gas.
  • Tea without sugar — black, green, hibiscus.
  • Fresh vegetable and fruit juices. On juice you can easily survive 3 days and with an adequate training and a whole week, arranging a fun drinking "a week on the cocktails."
  • Homemade compotes, jellies, fruit drinks. Again, no sweeteners.
  • Milk, yogurt, fermented baked milk, sour milk, milk with fat content of 1-2%. Usually do not enter in menu handling Zen and use only if you have determined cleared at least 3 days.
  • Refreshing cocktails of allowed dairy products with fruit or berries.
  • Liquid soups and any broths: vegetable, fish, chicken, beef, to offal. All this will make it easier to move the long 7 - and 14-day diet.
  • Many support its resolve, once a day nurturing the body with puree of steamed vegetables or fresh fruit, and do not complain about the stalled weight. But hell traditional mashed potatoes are best avoided.
  • Shock-drinking diet involves the consumption of a day 6-7 cups of cocoa without sugar. Other drinks, besides water, the diet does not provide. It lasts no more than 1 day.

Banned fat dairy products, sugary drinks, alcohol, soda, packaged juices.

Girls who do not wish to completely abandon hell favorite sweets, Supplement diet... ice cream. Of course, we are not talking about ice cream, but a low-calorie version of cold sweets fruit ice. If you do not overdo it and z Adazi no more than 1 serving of ice cream in period Yes 12 hours of the day, a large damage is not cause.

How often can you go and help drinking diet?

  • Every week as a fasting day.
  • Each month, if the diet lasts no more than 3 days.
  • Once a season, if you want to arrange a "drinking week".
  • Every six months is permitted a 14-day diet with a competent training nor less than competent way.
  • As for 30 and 40 Zen, to presume on such an experiment with their health can be no more than 1 time per year and only under medical supervision.

How to survive a long drinking mode and not off?

Favorite thing will distract from thinking about snacking

Since you have a big, premeditated, methods bar temptation.

  • Set a clear goal is Very effective support for weight loss can be a motivation, especially expressed visually. For example, to hang in a prominent place of filming girls in bikinis, which wouldn't mind to look like, or your own photography in the period when your weight you quite satisfied.
  • Stock up on drinking water. It helps to fool the stomach, filling it and creating a false sense of satiety.
  • Be creative! Stir cucumber juice with Apple, pear with cranberries, oranges and pumpkin. Let the diet turn into a small but fascinating gastronomic journey.
  • Come up with something. There is nothing that distracts you from thinking about food as a favourite hobby.
  • But hell gum should be abandoned. Probably, to someone it helps to ward off starvation, but more often continuous chewing causes appetite and you do not need the release of gastric juice in the empty digestive tract.
What if you're off the diet? First, do not despair, she is given the first time. PA-the other, not to gang up on the harmful to a hedgehog, shouting: "I'm outta here!" And thirdly, continue to move and the target. Please return to the training phase, spend 1-2 days on cereals, salads and dairy products, and then again for the cause.

Sample menu: 2 options

There are several options for drinking diet. We present here the two most popular that are considered the least harmful.

Option 1


4-6 times a day drink a glass of milk, yogurt, drinking unsweetened egurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt. All — no more than 2% fat.


Diet remains the same, while dairy products vary broths of all kinds and liquid soups.


Drink fresh juices, compotes and fruit drinks homemade, morning and evening, allowing yourself a Cup of smoothie.


To support the stomach and reduce the feeling of hunger, go to the sticky jelly. Sugar banned.


Chocolate lovers can enjoy a day of cocoa in the water without sweeteners, all others to pitch in teas, fruit drinks and juice s fruit.


Thick oatmeal pudding, gently enveloping the walls of the digestive tract, not only help to continue the diet, but will have a therapeutic effect.


Alternatively: repeat the menu for Monday or Tuesday. If you decide to stick to a diet 7 Zen Sunday evening can finish with the cheese casserole with a spoonful of honey or a plate of steamed vegetables.

Option 2


Milk or fermented NAPA low fat: yogurt, fermented baked milk, smoothies.


Fresh juice, fruit or vegetable.


Soup or broth of your choice.

Afternoon tea

Homemade compote, juice, decoction of dried fruits.


Milk or fermented NAPA low fat.

Whichever of these options you choose, can complete the diet after 7 Zen or extend it for another week. Menu for a longer weight loss can be only a doctor. Don't forget to drink water and tea without sugar between meals!

A few simple recipes

For the sweet tooth

Flavored beverage will support the determination
  • A couple of pears, wash and cut into pieces, not forgetting to remove the core.
  • Put in a blender pieces.
  • Pour a glass of milk 1,5% fat.
  • Add 1 tbsp cranberry or lemon juice, a pinch of cinnamon, 1-2 tsp of honey.
  • Whisk and drink immediately.

The calorie content of one serving is about 200-210 Calories.

Berry var Actua

  • Take 200 grams of strawberries and raspberries.
  • Yes, they add a handful of blueberries (50 g).
  • Wash, fold in a blender and beat well.
  • Pour the fragrant mass of 1-2 glasses of mineral water.
  • If it happens years, add ice.

Calorie will water is about 170 Calories.

Garden exotic

  • Two kiwi clean, cut and grind in a blender.
  • 2-3 carrots run through a juicer (you need 100 ml of juice).
  • All mix, add 100 ml of pure water, shake and drink.

Calorie serving 150-160 Calories.

How to get out of the diet

Small to sustain a diet, you should still be able to complete it so not to earn cramps in finally seizing of food the stomach can return it all, so hard reset. So...

Start the transition Yes a normal diet with light vegetable and cereal dishes. No meat and fish, and even a diet Cola chicken! First, enter in the diet liquid porridge, cheese casserole and steamed vegetables. Then you can afford the omelettes, fish dishes, soft cheeses and fruit. And only then allowed to gently add meat, dried fruit and nuts. Your return to solid food must be gradual, and the longer the diet, the longer the exit. On average, it lasts hell 5 Zen and month.

Don't forget to follow the calorie consumption of products. On average, it should not exceed 2000 Kcal per day, if you do intellectual work, hours sitting at the computer, and neglected sports.

Danger of liquid diet

Alas, ale z drinking diet, even with precautions, things don't go as smoothly as we would like.

Fatigue is common with the fad diets
  • Not everyone feels the tides of energy and the vaunted ease in Celje. For someone the rejection of solid food ends hungry fainting, nausea, dizziness, unpleasant sensations in the stomach and General malaise.
  • The need to constantly resist the desire to "something to eat" results in nervous tension and insomnia. Someone breaks down on the family, one falls into apathy.
  • For a long period of compliance with drinking diet Yes leads to muscle exhaustion and weakness. Suffering and appearance slimming.
  • Lack of substances necessary for normal functioning of the body, impact on the memory abilities and concentration, mental activity of man.
  • Severe restrictions of diet cannot survive. Hence the frequent breakdowns and depression about his "weakness of will", although it may well be that you simple are not shown a strict diet.

Drinking diet is designed to cleanse the body ad extra and re-start the metabolism, but it also finally able to destroy him. Our whole too cunning mechanism to attempt to fix it, blows of an axe, and that's what you'll be doing together putting a 14-day, or worse, lunar weight loss. So you just completely lock the metabolism, then weight will wear on even the most strict diets! Get smarter. Spend the day fasting drinking. And another one in a week. And again. All good? Can take up three days a week on water and juice. In a few weeks, try to stretch drinking diet for a week — with full training and also full access to the e diet. Hello urge you not to presume on long-term experiments in the 21st, 30th and more Zen without consulting a specialist nutritionist. Keep it coming. If you act wisely and consistently, your slim waist hell you are not going anywhere.

Reviews thinner

The result positively surprised me 2 weeks to 13.5 kg Diet was effective. Of course, it is not necessary to go to extremes and sit on it for 30 Zen and drink only water. You may lose weight, but will ruin your body. Choose comfortable for yourself the amount of Zen and enjoyable for you drinks. Then it will be easier to serve this diet. And don't forget about vitamins and sport.
I determined 15 Zen, that is, half of the month I was on a diet and still half out of it. The first three days there was an acute feeling of hunger, I tried to drink it. The following days was seen already lighter, but the end of the first week I didn't feel hungry, can eat one hell of kefir. In fact lost 7 pounds. I would recommend drinking diet, but with the mark, only healthy people album under the supervision of a physician. Listen to yourself, your body and everything will work out.
Nobody Paradise drinking diet: weakness, loss of mental activity, fear of fainting... It can be used only in the case if you do not study and do not work. Yes besides these side effect and can cause horrible consequences. In justification of this method to lose weight can only say that my friend has the same problems as I did not have. Perhaps my body was too weak for drinking diet. In any case, think twice before you choose it.

So what brings drinking diet, harm or benefit? It all depends on the ad how you will use it. Fell on water and tea, occasionally allowing himself a Cup of yogurt, delay the timing of diet neglect literate out — get huge health problems and beat up the metabolism. Will work carefully and smart, will provide the desired symmetry. And of course, it is worth considering the peculiarities of the organism. Perhaps your salvation will be not a diet, but a simple switch to healthy eating?