Favorite diet

Very popular now enjoys a short-term mono-diet called Love. This power system, the assurances of its creators, allows just seven days to lose 5 pounds, depending on the initial indicators. But before start to follow this diet, you should assess your strength and health, because the restrictions are very strict. How diet Favorite allows you to get such amazing results?


The basic principles of the diet

Like any diet, Favorite system has certain principles that should be followed to produce the desired result. System rules provide as follows:

  1. Before starting a diet should be cleansing the intestines of toxins. This will allow you to avoid the harmful effects of toxic substances on the body, manifested as dizziness and headaches, poor health and weakness. Gut better absorb all the vitamins and nutrients that enter the body in vegetable and fruit days.
  2. Performing drinking days, you should at least once a day to use the hot broth. It will allow you to get enough to support the stomach. You can only use fresh juices that are diluted half with water. This will reduce their calorie. The tea you can drink but without sugar and sweets.
  3. Fruit days should contain salads that you can fill in a small amount of vegetable oil. Many vegetables are better absorbed in combination with oil. Vegetables are eaten raw, boiled or baked, fried undesirable. Salads it is not necessary to fill artificial sauces, sour cream, mayonnaise. Among vegetables have to be cabbage.
  4. Drinking day is permitted to include in the diet any liquid: yogurt, broth, water, nonfat yogurt, milkshakes, homemade, milk, fruit drinks, jelly, vegetable and fruit cocktails, smoothies. But if you want to get maximum results, you should limit yourself to broth, water and milk products.
  5. Fruit days can include any fresh fruit except sweet grapes and bananas. Preference is given to apples savory varieties. In days protein ideal diet – boiled chicken breast, boiled eggs, beans, seafood, including fish, low-fat cottage cheese, nuts. It is better to choose products that like, a menu Favorite diet for 7 days will allow for a better hold and not break.

While maintaining diet system food, you should avoid drinking alcohol, be subject to the exception of flour and confectionery products, salty and sweet meals, carbonated water and purchased juices.

Diet "favorite" 7 days

When thinking about diet, diet menu Favorite is a chain of mono-diet or fasting days, which consists of seven parts. The menu each day determined to swap them is not recommended. Each day is assigned a different kind of foods allowed to eat. In order to make it more clear, we can consider in more detail each of the stages of the diet for a week.

Drinking day

From the title it is clear that in this day you can eat only liquids. It should be what to drink. Of course, to spend the whole day on the delicious sweet yogurt, store-bought, does not make sense. Don't spend time on sweet tea or coffee. It will not be considered a healthy weight loss because the body does not receive nutrients and vitamins, but instead it is to get him the lethal dose of glucose. And this is an additional blow on the figure and health.

The first day should focus on the unsweetened fermented milk product, herbal teas, vegetables, fish or chicken soup. Menu of the day is very easy to diversify, although at first glance it seems boring and unattractive. From yogurt and milk with fruit juices is easy to prepare a variety of cocktails. Allowed to do popular and loved by many fruit and vegetable smoothies. They are not only delicious, but also nutritious, will give you the energy for the whole day.

On the first day of the diet it is advisable not to plan strenuous activity because the body is in shock from changes in diet, and can respond to weakness. Therefore, benefit from more Hiking, relaxing yoga classes, sessions with a Hoop.

During the day it is recommended to drink water. Sample menu looks like the following:

  • Breakfast. A Cup of hot tea. The essence of later, you can drink a glass of fat-free yogurt;
  • Lunch. Fragrant chicken broth breast with herbs, preferably without salt;
  • An afternoon snack. 200 ml of yogurt;
  • Dinner. Milkshake.

Vegetable day

On this day you can eat a variety of vegetables that you can find. But it is advisable in the basis of the diet put cabbage, onion and celery. These products are excellent natural remedies that burn fat. Perfectly complement the diet of bell peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers.

It is advisable to choose organic vegetables that grow in the area where people live. To consume vegetables primarily fresh, but can be baked and boiled. Hot is not recommended in the process of cooking the vitamins disappear, and the vegetables are saturated with oil.

The second day is quite satisfying, especially after drinking, so if you want you can do intense sports. Allowed to visit the beauty salon or to make a moisturizing mask for the skin at home.

You can make this day the following menu:

  • Breakfast. A few cherry tomatoes. You can make a salad of tomatoes and herbs, but no salt;
  • Lunch. Vitamin salad with cabbage, cucumbers, pepper and your favorite herbs;
  • An afternoon snack. Two small cucumber;
  • Dinner. Cucumber salad with dill and parsley and rings of pepper.

This is a variant of a strict diet menu Favorite for 7 days. Can at lunch to make meals more hearty: baked pepper or a mug of tomato, sprinkle with dill and cilantro in the oven. Cabbage, zucchini, celery, onions and tomatoes is so delicious and hearty stew.

Milk day

During the day should be mainly applied to dairy products, in General it is similar to the first drinking day. Resolves any cocktails based on milk, unsweetened yogurt or natural yogurt. In the afternoon be sure to drink a Cup of hot fragrant broth, and throughout the day – plain water.


Sample menu:

  • Breakfast. A glass of hot tea, and later a milkshake homemade;
  • Lunch. Chicken broth;
  • An afternoon snack. A glass of kefir;
  • Dinner. Milk, unsweetened tea.

Fruit day

Fruit give a lot of energy, increase vitality, but many believe that day diet hungry. Therefore, it is desirable from large loads to give. In the main meals should not be confined to certain fruits, it is better to prepare salads, fruit puree or a delicious smoothie. Who loves exotic food, you can make a fruit skewer or rolls.

Menus can be constructed as follows:

  • Morning. Two oranges and grapefruit;
  • Lunch. Salad from apples, kiwi, Mandarin segments;
  • An afternoon snack. The Apple and pear;
  • Dinner. Milk.

Protein day

This is one of the most nourishing days, which is a great time for sports activities. The menu includes foods like boiled or baked chicken breast, Turkey meat, dairy products and eggs. You can add vegetable protein, which is rich in beans. The body in one day will receive a large amount of protein which will go to building muscle mass.

This day is limited to the amount of carbohydrates that can lead to the appearance of weakness, headache, therefore, it is desirable to distribute rationally the day. Menu includes the following dishes:

  • Morning. Two boiled eggs, a piece of boiled fish (fillet);
  • Lunch. Porridge beans, baked Turkey;
  • Dinner. A piece of unsalted cheese, a serving of nonfat cottage cheese.

Drinking day

Menu of the day repeats the first step. You need to treat yourself to a vitamin cocktails, chicken broth, juice from citrus.

Balanced day. Preparing for the diet

The last day is very important, at this time, do not relax and plan tomorrow's "gluttony". The diet of the seventh day is balanced, it includes all foods that were allowed during the week. Between meals you can snack from the fruit or vegetable.

The menu can be as follows:

  • Breakfast. Green or herbal tea. Two boiled eggs, Apple or pear;
  • Lunch. Rice soup with vegetables, a couple fruits;
  • Dinner. Cabbage salad with peppers and herbs.

During the maintenance diet you must take vitamins to make up for their lack. Daily preferably Hiking at least 20 minutes, or make time for simple exercise. This will improve the results.

A week after the diet you should make measurements that are interested in body parts and weigh to verify the results. Compare these figures with the initial indicators.


What results can I expect?

Diet Favorite reviews and results is good. People who sit on this system indicate the reduction of weight per week is 3-5 pounds, and this is not the limit. The specific number depends on the initial indicators. To maintain the result do not just go to mixed feeding, it is not recommended to overeating, as stomach in a week decreased. Best to stick to a fractional power to weight gone never came back.

How to "exit" from the diet

Despite numerous positive reviews of favorite diet for 7 days, many people forget about the correct way out of it. At least another week, you should adhere to a separate food the amount of portions to improve gradually. Better some time be limited to an additional small portions of food to hunger between meals was not too strong.

After maintaining the diet the weight can be reduced, as the mechanism of fat-burning run. A week is burned not more than 2 percent fat. If possible, after the food on the diet Favourite is desirable to give up fatty foods, sweets, flour. To repeat the system is not immediately necessary, only a few months, and when no health problems.