How to lose weight in one week

Questions weight loss do not cease to excite the modern man. Thanks to the attention to their health, nutrition and lifestyle, as well as the work of professional dietitians, nutritionists who study food substances and constituents of foodstuffs and coaches, we understand that maintaining your optimum shape requires the proper, systematic approach. Maintaining a small caloric deficit, doing regular exercises, which meet the condition of the body, you can easily lose weight and not to return it due to the effect of "yo-yo". If you need to lose weight "to the case" and quickly – for example, you are invited to an evening celebration in a week and need to get rid of excess weight to look good in a suit?


"Magic recipe" simple reset of pounds do not exist. There are ways to quickly "chase" from the body of water, which gives a bad effect to the accumulation of fluid in the subcutaneous layer, to reduce the weight of the body and go to one, and sometimes two smaller size clothes. Per day is unlikely to work (although visually remove belly fat really), but the week will suffice. Even at home you will be able to stick to a diet, to perform simple exercises to lose 5 kg of weight.

Before how to lose weight in a week, you should remember the main conditions

  • start losing weight if you are healthy, you have not worsened chronic disease, you don't have a "blockage" at work – more stress to reduce the effectiveness of the diet;
  • goes in and out of strict food restrictions should smoothly, changing the calorie content of menu in a few days;
  • in case of sharp deterioration of health you need to stop the diet;
  • after managed to lose weight, you need to keep the weight in revising dietary habits and choosing the right and healthy food – then you don't "fall through".

Analyze how to lose weight in 7 days without hurting yourself and getting effective results.

Proper nutrition


How lose weight in a week, to maintain health and good mood? The answer to the question lies in the proper selection of food and attention to their wellbeing. With a menu rich in nutrients, but with the optimal calorie content of foods easier to lose weight than a strict diet, the mood is good, and the feeling of hunger will not disturb you. If you prefer food restrictions, add the menu, complexes of vitamins and minerals.

To weight loss was effective and fast, you should eat more fruits and vegetables with a low glycemic index – raw, steamed, baked. Be sure to leave the menu, at least 40% protein to lose fat and excess water, not muscle mass. For quick weight loss fit Turkey, lean fish, chicken without skin, rabbit, eggs, seafood and plant protein.

Instead of simple carbohydrates (sugars, products made with white flour) eat complex. It's wholegrain bread, unprocessed cereals, pasta from durum wheat. Carbohydrates it is better to leave for the first half of the day, but to completely abandon them and fat, it is not necessary to the body functioning correctly. For quick weight loss menu excludes:

  • fast food: is this food is not worth it, and in ordinary days, but in unloading even more so;
  • "factory" candy, in which large amounts of fat and sugar as well as sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup;
  • sweet drinks – it is desirable to limit and packaged juices, they have a lot of calories;
  • alcohol is high in calories and retains water in the body.

When losing weight you need to drink plenty of water – at least 1.5 liters per day. To reduce the feeling of hunger during dieting, will help to avoid dehydration, which is accompanied by headache, weakness, irritability. It is impossible to completely eliminate from the diet fats – they are necessary for proper brain function, immune system, internal organs. Reduce their number to 20% or less of the total caloric content of the menu and prefer plant sources – olive oil, avocado, nuts, etc.



To correctly form the diet, adhere to the fractional principle – eat at least five times a day but small portions, not more than 200 g at a time. Then you will not be hungry, despite the fact that the total amount of food will decrease. A week you can lose more than 3 kg, not even limiting themselves to their favorite foods. You don't have to control myself not to eat harmful and do not spoil the diet.

Try to time weight loss to reduce the number of temptations – trips to the coffee shop, the rich family feasts. If the "unloading week" have a holiday where you ate too much, reduce the amount of food the next day after the event. You will quickly compensate the deviation in caloric content of the menu.

To lose weight it easier, stick to the constant power mode, not deviating from it by more than half an hour. The body will quickly get used to the routine and you will not feel uncomfortable. The last meal of the day must occur no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime.

diet and sport

If you do sports, fitness, gym, adjust menu, frequency and time of meals between classes:

  • ratio of Calories Proteins Fats Carbohydrates in the diet should shift towards protein;
  • complex carbohydrates leave a "window" through 40-120 minutes after exercise;
  • in General, the bulk of the food must be the first half of the day.


To lose weight fast add exercise. When losing weight on a big calorie deficit need to be careful with strength training. Optimal home exercises, cardio, dancing, Jogging, etc. will be easy, and the weight will go faster. Every day we need to leave at least half an hour for classes, and work intensively. To train properly, most of the time to afford "problem" areas – belly, hips and upper legs.

Exercises for stomach and thighs

Belly effective workout aimed at the direct and oblique muscles twisting with tension, lifting the body and legs at an angle and vertically from the prone position on the floor. For weight loss useful training with a chair. You need to sit on it to rest the hands in the seat and lift the legs, removing them from the floor. You need to work approaches 15-25 times, making short breaks, for at least 20 minutes.

To lose weight in the thighs, have to put a lot of effort. The problem for many area "lends itself to" training, in which many slow sit-UPS – "pistol", plie, sumo with the weights and without them. For the study of the inner thigh weight loss when doing intense exercises such as leg swings, "pumping" muscles.

the discipline of nutrition

Exercises for the legs

As in the case of hips, for a variety of healthy weight loss squats. It is desirable to carry them by turns during exercise to pick up the dumbbells (they can be replaced with bottles of water for 1-1,5 liters). To quickly lose weight, perform Mahi feet, lifts knees to chest, lunges, etc. should be complemented by strap – so you will lose weight and strengthen the back and arms.

Menu for the week

Before how to lose weight in a week, plan your menu. There are several nutrition programs in mono mode, in which every day in preference of a single product. Typically, these diets start on Monday, to make it easier to count, but you can move the chart to suit your needs. Here is a sample plan for seven days:

  • on the first day of permitted vegetables in any form, except fried. You can drink water with ginger, lemon (they are useful for weight loss), tea without sugar and milk, vegetable soup;
  • second day meat. Permitted rabbit, chicken, beef (boiled or baked, stewed). The meat should be divided into three doses of 200-300 g to lose weight without digestive disorders, drink more water, herbal teas, broths;
  • third day of carbohydrate. Include a diet of fresh and cooked vegetables, fruits, greens, low-fat yoghurt with no additives or sweeteners. You can drink tea, coffee without sugar;
  • on the fourth day, is allowed only soups, but also different. Prepare the soup vegetables, soup, pickle or another favorite first. Alternate different soups;
  • on the fifth day are allowed to fish. It should not be salted, roasted, dried. In order to endure the diet with fish can add a little fresh or stewed vegetables. From drinking water and allowed one percent yogurt;
  • on the sixth day you can afford a pastry – it will not break the diet. However, you will lose weight, only if the number of rolls and muffins will be small.
  • the last day in menu to include only boiled potatoes and some vegetables with ginger or other seasonings.

Exercise every day to lose weight fast. After a week of self-restraint, you can significantly lose weight, but to get out of the diet you need gently so as not to cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract.


Urgently to lose weight in a week, you will not be able to avoid restrictions in food. Here are a few options available and effective diets with which you quickly achieve results. However, on the menu with strict restrictions impossible to lose weight pregnant women and people with health problems.

Buckwheat diet

A diet rich in trace elements, nutrients the grass will not damage health and help lose weight rapidly no more than a week. By the end of the "marathon" you can lose up to 7 kg without feeling hungry – buckwheat is low in calories, but filling. To diversify the mono-menu, add low-fat yogurt, some dried fruit (preferably plum).

Kefir diet

Most of those who wonder how to lose weight in a week, met with kefir diet. Only 500 ml of fermented milk product a day will help quickly to lose and see on the scales minus several pounds. However, for weight loss, in addition to yogurt, you can eat only a little – each day of the week different product:

  • four boiled potatoes – for this diet they should be cooked with the skin;
  • cheese, 400 g;
  • fruit, 500 g;
  • boiled chicken breast for weight loss quantity is determined by the volume of protein on body weight;
  • baked or steamed vegetables, 400 g

One day in a week losing weight while staying "skinny". Allowed only kefir and water 1.5-2 liters. So you can lose weight by 7-10 kg and quickly, but to withstand these constraints are difficult.

Apple diet

To lose weight, you need to eat whole fruits, fresh or baked without sugar, and puree. The diet allowed, and freshly squeezed Apple juice. However, as in the case of fruit "unloading", this option weight loss is not suitable for people with diseases of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract, it must withstand a maximum of a week.


Other diets for quick weight loss:

Liquid. Emergency method is quite "hard" diet, which allowed only kefir 2.5%, fruit and vegetable pastes, broths, etc. For the week, you can lose weight and significantly reduce body weight, but the body is under a lot of stress.

Cottage cheese or milk. The fat content of foods needs to be low. To lose weight, a sufficiently 4-7 days.

Vegetable. You can lose weight by 5 kg or more. To vegetables allowed to add dairy products low-fat, fruit smoothies, berries.

Not to think about how to lose weight in a week, take advantage of the program for those who want to quickly and easily lose weight. Specially designed for weight loss diet consists of delicious and nutrient-rich dishes with which you eat correctly, not wasting time for purchase and preparation of food. The program is for those who want to quickly and easily lose weight contains high protein and fiber, and you'll quickly achieve the desired numbers on the scales.