Buckwheat diet. Lose weight easily

Diet popular option diet mono with the purpose of getting rid of extra pounds: it is based on the use of one primary product – buckwheat. The effectiveness of a diet plan high in 10-15 days, you can lose up to 5-7 kg of excess weight and gain the desired harmony, without feeling constant pangs of hunger.


Useful composition of buckwheat

Buckwheat is selected as the primary products for mono is not accidental. The main objective of any diet to lose weight – limit the amount of food consumed, but keep in the day diet as much as possible of the necessary human substances. After getting rid of the hated fat price of health does not want anyone. The biological composition of buckwheat in this regard is very valuable. 100 grams dry buckwheat contains:

  • iron – 37%,
  • cobalt – 31%,
  • manganese – 78%,
  • copper – 64%,
  • molybdenum – 49%,
  • selenium – 15%,
  • chrome – 8%,
  • 12 protein – 12.6 g, fat 2 – 3.5 g and carbohydrate 57 – 62;
  • 11-12 dietary fiber g, fiber;

vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in % of the daily dose needed by the person:

  • B1 – 28%,
  • B2 – 11%,
  • B6 – 20%,
  • RR – 36%,
  • K – 15%,
  • silicon – 270%,
  • magnesium – 50%,
  • phosphorus – 37%,
  • zinc – 17%.

Buckwheat helps to rid the body of excess fluid (edema) and toxins, which also contributes to weight reduction.

What is the use and effectiveness of buckwheat diet

The effectiveness of buckwheat diet. Buckwheat diet helps to shape your dreams

The effectiveness of buckwheat diet due to a significant decline in the total calorie daily diet, whereby the person starts to lose excess weight. The energy that a person spends to ensure viability of the organism, supplemented by food. For the calculation of costs and revenues of energy in nutrition adopted the notion of kilocalories (kcal). If the day, a person expends more calories than was received with food, the body has to make up for the lack of nourishment from its own fat reserves. The number of calories spent by a person individually (depending on age, gender, physical activity). Usually for an adult the minimum calorie consumption per day is at least 1500 – 1800. The buckwheat mono diet suggests that losing weight a day will consume no more than 1,000 – 1,300 calories. So people will start quickly to get rid of excess fat. The effectiveness of buckwheat diet in the fact that the buckwheat perfectly nourishes, despite the low caloric content (100 g of dry buckwheat contains 308 – 335 kcal). Eating dishes made of buckwheat, losing weight is not experiencing hunger that allows him to successfully cope with a prolonged period of dietary restrictions.

buckwheat with milk

Principles buckwheat mono

The diet was a success, it is important to follow the rules of its organization and conduct.

How many days you can sit on a buckwheat diet

The maximum term mono no harm to the health of 14-15 days. If the task weight loss not fully decided whether to continue with the diet, but following the although a low-calorie but varied in composition of products in the daily diet.

The number and time of meals

Eat more often but in small portions! To avoid uncontrollable bouts of hunger (and possible disruption), you need all the food for the next day to prepare in advance. Then the entire volume is divided into 4-5-6 servings consumed throughout the day with breaks of a few hours. The principle of fractional power allows the stomach not to be empty, thoroughly digest their food. The last meal plan for a few hours before a night's sleep (e.g., no later than 6-7 PM), but this rule is not very important. It is important not to increase the allowable amount of calories.

Food for buckwheat diet

Start buckwheat diet should be 2-3 days, if unsalted buckwheat porridge on the water is the only food product. Then added to the diet other low-calorie foods (in small amounts):

  • low-fat yogurt (low % fat);
  • boiled chicken breast without the skin;
  • "skinny" fish (e.g., Pollock, flounder, cod, pike, hake);
  • vegetables;
  • greens;
  • unsweetened fruit, berries (or a few pieces of dried fruit as an additive to porridge).

buckwheat diet

From diet completely exclude sweets, cakes, fatty and high calorie products. International dishes are served without oil, boiled, baked in the oven or simmering in a double boiler. As a dressing for vegetable salads use yogurt or lemon juice. To add sweetness to tea or coffee, use a sugar substitute with zero calories.

How many can you eat in a day

It is believed that the buckwheat diet can be eaten in unlimited quantities, but of course it is not. Slimming the body is not due to the magical properties of buckwheat, and because of the reduction in total calorie daily diet, and this should be remembered. The total number of calories consumed should not exceed 1100-1300 calories a day. The lower the number, the faster the weight loss. Therefore, in the first "strictly cheese" days of porridge prepared from 300 – 400 grams of dry cereal. In the future, buckwheat on the day of use in the amount of 200 – 300 grams of dry cereal (which will be 670 – 1000 kcal), also rationing other foods:

  • bird or fish up to 100 g (about 120 – 150 kcal);
  • yogurt – 500 g (about 200 kcal);
  • vegetables (recommended with a caloric content of not more than 30 kcal per 100 g – cabbage, carrot, beet) – 300 – 500 g (about 100 – 150 calories).

Combining products allowed within the permissible calorie content, to achieve the effect of weight loss will be easy. It is important to remember: the main product, the leader the entire duration of the diet remains low in calories, but hearty buckwheat.

Water and salt

Clean and simple (not carbonated) water is essential for healthy functioning of the body. It is necessary to drink in volume 1, 5-2, 5 liters a day (from an approximate rate of 30 ml per kilogram of body weight). Rejection of salt will help the body to get rid of excess fluid (salt retains moisture). If you completely abandon the salt is not strong enough, it is necessary to reduce its number at least 2-3 times in comparison with the usual food.

How to cook buckwheat

the benefits of buckwheat

To save all the useful properties of buckwheat, it is soaked overnight in water or yogurt. To save all the useful properties of buckwheat, it is soaked overnight in water or yogurt. To prepare buckwheat washed, sorted and pour boiling water or yogurt (per Cup of grits to 3 cups liquid). It must be done in the evening and in the morning cereal will be completely ready to eat. This method of cooking will keep the grain a maximum of useful substances. But unsalted buckwheat porridge on the water boiled in the traditional way, is also allowed. Grits don't add not just salt. Eliminate sugar, spices, oil. Only water (or yogurt) and grains.

Food diet

The menu options on the day you can make yourself. Approximate dietary plan might be:

  1. The first Breakfast. Buckwheat yogurt with pieces of fruit or berries.
  2. The second Breakfast. Vegetable salad, dressed with yogurt or lemon juice.
  3. Lunch. Option – boiled buckwheat with vegetable salad, greens, chicken or fish.
  4. An afternoon snack. One piece of fruit (e.g. Apple, pear) or a handful of berries.
  5. Dinner. Buckwheat with vegetables and greens.

Just a day can be consumed (the volume of the portions can be varied independently):

  • 1% yogurt – 200 ml (80 kcal);
  • buckwheat dry – 250 g (835 kcal);
  • chicken or fish – 100-130 g (150 kcal);
  • Apple (pear) – 200 grams (110 calories);
  • fresh vegetables, greens – 300 g – 100 kcal.

Total energy value of such a day would be 1275 kcal.

If you can't eat buckwheat constantly

If it is impossible long to withstand the buckwheat diet, you can vary the diet in favor of other products. For example, a part of buckwheat to replace brown not white rice, cook it in unsalted water. Diet change diet as possible, reducing the number of grains, but increasing the share of low-calorie fruits, vegetables or low-fat dairy products.

The rules of the diet

A gradual exit from the diet is needed so as not to harm the gastrointestinal tract, and to maintain the obtained results. So 7-8 days after the end of buckwheat diet is important:

  1. Follow the rules of healthy eating: the fractional principle of eating, drinking regime, limited consumption of salt. Avoid fatty and sweet food, in cooking to give preference to boiled, baked or steamed dishes.
  2. The diet can vary other side dishes, low-fat vegetable soups (e.g. soup and soup), in small amounts added to food butter or oil.


If, after the restrictions in food sharply back to the old unhealthy diet, with lots of sweet and fatty foods, then fat quickly gone back "in place", and the indigestion is guaranteed.


Buckwheat diet is contraindicated in the following diseases:

  • allergic reactions to buckwheat;
  • dysfunction (especially chronic) gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, colitis, ulcers);
  • diseases of the liver;
  • vascular diseases, varicose veins, thrombosis.

Feed limit is invalid during pregnancy, feeding baby breast. In the presence of chronic health problems, about the buckwheat diet, you need to consult with your doctor.

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In the absence of contraindications, diet for weight loss is a great and fairly easy way to get rid of extra pounds, cleanse the body of toxins, vivacity and energy. Due to the excellent properties of buckwheat thin, for example, Russian pop star Valeriya and Pelagia: to maintain excellent form artists often recommend include diet "buckwheat" days in the total power mode.