effective exercises for weight loss belly and sides

To make the figure beautiful curves and get the hell body fat, it is recommended to perform the exercises slimming belly at home. Despite the fact that many experts recommend for eliminating belly fat to attend specialized training and to apply the exact amount of calories, excellent results can be achieved at home. However, the regular bench press can not provide fast fat burning and weight loss.


Problems exercises are not only ineffective exercises, but in the wrong approach in General. Training should be comprehensive to provide the maximum load on the muscles of the peritoneum. For ensuring weight loss you need to stick with the calorie deficit, to lead an active lifestyle and train regularly.

The reasons of formation of excess weight in the abdomen

Before you begin the fight against fat in the abdominal area, you need to understand why it is delayed here. In addition to external unattractiveness of a full stomach, the deposition in this area can lead to the development of serious diseases esneh.

Yes the main causes of sediment include:

  1. Genetic predisposition. Common cause of formation of belly fat. It is with this reason to fight harder, because if the next of kin the whole was in the shape of an Apple, there is a high likelihood of the same figure. In this case, deposits will first accumulate in the abdomen. The only solution phenomenon is the hell rid of excess fat in the body.
  2. Violation of metabolism. With age, the metabolism slows down, therefore increasing the likelihood of formation of fat.
  3. A sedentary lifestyle. The modern pace of life does not allow a lot of time on my feet. Office work leads and a prolonged stay in one position, it takes less calories than consumed, which leads to the formation of fat.
  4. Overeating. It is important not only to eat but to drink the required amount of calories, which is calculated on the basis of physical activity and weight intact. To eliminate body fat you must create a calorie deficit.
  5. Stress. Emotional tension affects the condition of the body, but primarily leads and increase the level of cortisol. Elevated levels of this hormone leads deposits in the waist area.
  6. Changing hormonal levels. Any change in the level of hormones lead to violations of the whole organism. After 40 years the level of sex hormones decreases, which leads to increasing mass of the whole, especially in the waist area. In this case you will need or move more, or reduce the amount of calories in the diet.

Oblique twist

The extra weight on the sides and stomach can not fully get away with using miracle tablets or drops. Requires constant work on yourself, which includes proper nutrition and special exercises for fat burning.

Rules of performance of exercises

To quickly remove fat from the sides and belly, when exercising you must follow certain rules:

  1. Full-scale exercises. To get hell of fat, simple enough to download the press continue thin waist. You want to combine cardiopatia and special exercises for muscle corset with load on the flanks, the abdomen and the back.
  2. The most diverse program. It is recommended to divide training for intense cardio (15-20 minutes) and exercises to burn fat (15-20 minutes). Exercise should capture all the muscles.
  3. Long-term training. It is difficult to achieve a visible effect, if you do less than 30 minutes. Only after 20 minutes of intense exercise starts the fat burning process, so a short lesson would be Yes, strengthening the muscles of the waist, but not so the burning of body fat.
  4. Regular classes. The effectiveness of training depends on ad frequency. The optimal mode of sessions through the day. For more quick fat burning need to train every day. The minimum frequency of sessions is twice a week. For faster weight reduction a should focus on the cardio workout.
  5. Proper nutrition. For fast burning body fat, you need to pay attention to nutrition. Recommended to eat within the caloric deficit. If you do not limit yourself to food, lose weight impossible even with daily and intensive training. Therefore for proper nutrition you need to calculate the right amount of calories on the table on the basis of your weight and physical activity.
  6. The use of dumbbells. To increase the effectiveness of exercises you can use dumbbells. In their absence you can use plastic bottles with water or sand.

If you follow these recommendations, you can get hell of fat around the abdomen and back a few weeks, with the press of hardness and relief.

The slopes on the sides

A range of effective exercises

Exercise phenomenon is an indispensable element of a weight loss program, and allows you to get rid of the hell of excess weight in the abdomen and sides. To achieve landmark results, you should combine exercise with proper nutrition. Consider the most effective exercises for burning fat in the abdominal area.


The basis of this exercise phenomenon is proper breathing. Starting position – on hands and knees, hands are on the elbows. You need to take a deep breath and relax the abdominal muscles. Then slowly exhale, pulling the stomach in itself. Stay in this position, we recommend a minimum of 30 seconds.

The slopes on the sides

The complex helps to strengthen the muscles of the sides. Stand straight, feet shoulder width, arms raised above the head. To perform the torso to the side to feel the muscle tension from the other side. In this position, you must stand for 15-20 seconds, then do the tilt in the other direction.

Do leg lifts while sitting

The rise of the body in the side plank

You need to sit on a chair, keeping your back straight. Hands must be put under the legs so that they were palms down. Deeply inhale and exhale. You need to raise the knees and press their Yes Breasts. In this position you need to stay for 8-10 seconds.

Plank with twists

This exercise is extremely useful not only for the press but for the back, hips, and legs. Should take the position of the strap, and socks, and elbows in contact with the floor. The whole needs to be as smooth. In this position, you must hold out for about 30 seconds, then do a u-turn in the side bar. You need to keep a on the forearm with one hand and socks. In this position you also need to hold on half a minute. To make a turn to one and the other hands.

Circular rotation

This exercise allows you to give a good load for the entire press. You need to lie on the floor, bending your knees and lowering of the foot. To raise the upper body and make turning to the side, trying to write out a full circle. It is very important that the leg and thigh remained in the same position, not turning to the side. Circular rotation should be performed at least 5 times in each direction. All movements need to be done slowly, and breathe in a calm pace.


The most popular exercise for slim waist. It is not only an excellent result, but the ease of execution. You should lie on your back, legs bend and the feet to put exactly on the floor. Hands should be put under his head, folded them into the castle. Take a deep breath, slowly raising your upper body. The closer head will be and waist, the more effectively run complex. On the exhale return to the starting position.

The rise of the pelvis

Do leg lifts while sitting

Great complex for training lower and middle parts of the peritoneum. Starting position – lying on his back. The legs should be extended up and slightly bent. Hands should be stretched along the body. Slowly raise the pelvis as high as possible, stopping for a few seconds. Movements must be performed with the abdominal muscles and the legs and pelvis should not move to the side.

Oblique twist

You must lie down on the sofa, with his hands behind his head and legs to bend so that the feet do not touch the floor. Lift your upper body by turning your left shoulder and right. The right part should be fixed. Then conduct for the other side.


Dynamic and intense, complex, which starts the fat burning process around the goal. You must make the way to the floor on outstretched arms and socks. The knee of one leg need to tighten and chest. Return leg to starting position and perform the movement with the other foot. At the primary level, you can perform complex elbow, gradually increasing the load.


A classic set to strengthen the muscles of the waist. You need to lie on the floor, hands under your head and legs to lift by bending their knees. The right knee should pull up and chest, straighten your leg and tighten your chest and left knee. Leg constantly change. The tempo of the movements is not as important as thorough muscle tension. The stomach has to work hard to create a sense of rotation of the wheels of the Bicycle.

The rise of the body in the side plank

Wiggle toes

Optimal movement for the oblique muscles. It can make even people with minimal physical training. It provides a high load and efficiency. However, it is not recommended for severe pain or diseases of the lower back. Should take the emphasis on feet and hands, and straighten all intact. To do slow tilts of the pelvis and the floor. Important to avoid bending of the back. The movement should be smooth and fluid. When you run a complex it deeply and calmly breathing.

Crunches with feet elevated

Lie on your back with your legs straight up and cross them. Raise the upper part of the whole as high up as possible and arms to reach and legs. When performing a movement, we must pay special attention to the breath. When you exhale you need to raise the whole, and when you inhale – to return to its original position.

Wiggle toes

This complex effectively helps even strengthen the muscles and reduce belly. You need to lie on the floor with his hands behind his head. Feet should be slightly raised, toe pointed. Off the floor and the shoulders to stretch forward. One foot must be lowered to the floor to lightly touch the toe. The leg to return to starting position. Repeat going the other naked. It is very important that the back cuddling and sex. For beginners, you can simplify the complex. To do this movement without lifting your shoulders.

Leg raises lying down

Simple movement to perform at home. Lie on your back, hands along the body. Gradually raise one leg to a height of 50-60 degrees. In this position, you must hold the leg for a few seconds. And slowly exhale the leg down. You should perform a set of 10-15 times for each leg. Raise the legs can at the same time. To complicate the movement during lowering of the legs should not touch the floor.


Curl with lunges

Feet should be on the floor, and the legs to be bent at the knees. Hands must be put under the head. Take turns to pull one leg trying to get chest. When performing this movement you must move not only the legs but also the back. Need to exhale while bending and inhale when returning to starting position. It is important to do all the movements at a slow pace and breathe. To perform 5 to 10 movements for each leg. To complicate the complex stands instead of one leg raise for two.

All of these exercises are simple enough for beginners and are very effective for weight loss on the stomach and weight loss in General. If 2-3 times a week to devote at least 30 minutes to complete, it is possible to obtain a thin waist.

Aerobic exercise

Performing complex to slim the waist can make a strong press, to get the hell saggy belly and bring order to the internal organs. However, if there is excessive weight, the use of this complex may be small for quick weight loss. Muscles will swing, but the belly fat will remain. Therefore, the diet should contain fewer calories.

In this case, it is recommended intense aerobic exercise, which stimulate the burning of oxygen and accelerate the process of burning calories and losing weight. For quick weight loss need to do speed walking, dancing, Jogging, swimming, active sports. The combination of complex, active lifestyle and proper nutrition will allow you to purchase beautiful and slender waist. To speed up weight loss hours and frequency of training should increase, and to ensure a calorie deficit in the diet.