25 ways to lose weight fast

To say goodbye to excess weight, you don't have to buy anything. Enough to blindly follow our advice.

Turn off the TV during meals

How to quickly and easily lose weight?

  1. The TV Is Turned Off. Nutritionists are sure that whatever you watched on the stomach is not affected. However, there is one "but". As it turned out, lonely bachelors who dine in front of the TV, consume on average, 288 more calories than losers, living with mommy, not to mention faithful husbands. This is due, apparently, with a sense of loneliness: TV it (especially in our country) stimulates, and it, in turn, causes a person to reward themselves with food. Tempers. Get used to eat in front of the empty wall. You see, weight gain and slow down.
  2. Count your calorie intake. Yes, of course, interested in the calorie content of food is all the same what to look for on the package expiration date: the lot of cowards and slackers. However, we do not encourage you to comply with the rules. Just know her, and this knowledge will slightly put pressure on the psyche and hold (sometimes) from overeating. Daily intake of calories calculated by the Harris – Benedict equation: 66 + (13,7 x weight in kg) + (5 x height in cm) – (6.8 x age in years). Keep in mind, the number of Harris – Benedict means a subsistence level of calories. Began to eat less, you will immediately begin to lose weight uncontrollably.
  3. Don't drink juices. It sounds almost revolutionary, and still. Contrary to popular opinion, juices (especially from packages) is not so little-calorie. If instead of beer you're drinking from half-litre mugs of juice is certainly commendable. But if your goal is not only to stain the mug with something, but seriously to lose weight, it is better to drink instead of juice, plain water and skim milk if you're lactose intolerant.
  4. Pretend you're a pedestrian. We already wrote that to climb the stairs, ignoring the Elevator, it can only be hardened hermit. Another thing is to run it down. Same with Hiking. It is foolish not to travel by car, but if you just Park further away and walk for five minutes, this will give the result!
  5. Think of your scale of measurement. Any product, which from now on will appear on your plate should be the size of something well familiar to you and preferably not very big. For example, rice or pasta may be the size of a clenched fist, and a piece of fish – with a checkbook (a good excuse to have a checkbook). It will be easier to visually imagine how many you ate in one sitting (for example, eight fists Kashi) and to be terrified. Clearer than the system, the effective.
  6. Eat more often
  7. Eat out more often. But less. In fact, you can satisfy your hunger at least seven times a day, if only the portion was no bigger than a kitten – I mean, stomach. And overeating is fraught with tension of its walls. The more distended the stomach, the more food you will need over time in order to fill it.
  8. Don't start to lose weight, if you do not want. Another revelation from nutritionists: guilt can play a bad joke with losing weight person. If you decided to start a new life on Monday, but in the night of Sunday, broke down and pulled out the trash bag that washed up on the eve of the dumplings, then there is a risk that in a fit of self-abasement you immediately, and eat. Do not promise there is only low-fat cottage cheese and celery. Stay away from the question without fanaticism. If you're two or three weeks (see # 3) don't put sugar in their tea or at least in beer – that's good.
  9. Eat with one hand. Of course, you'll look awkward. But, holding the spoon in an unusual hand, you spend more calories than usual, but it's like less to eat. And by the way, do not hope that we will forget to clarify: if you are left handed, eat with your right hand.
  10. Add proteins to carbs. Net carbs (potatoes, bread, pasta) are broken down quickly, and benefit the body it is not. But should crumble in noodles meat, egg or cheese – and they contain protein to reduce the harm and to suspend the release of sugar into the bloodstream. And the Union of protein and carbohydrates nourishes faster.
  11. Drink the dirtiest. And it's not about Chinese tea for weight loss, which your wife sold under the guise of Japanese. To effectively get rid of the belly you need to consume as many apples, pineapples (if you have no Allergy), cucumber, celery, lime, spinach and avocado. Basically, all these ingredients can be mixed together in a blender or combine in different combinations, with grapes and flavoring it with Tabasco sauce. To make such "juices" (more honest to say – "homogeneous mass") is recommended in the morning and on an empty stomach. The greener and more disgusting the cocktail, the better.
  12. Take care in the sun
  13. Goodbye to the sun. Scientists at Harvard medical school has spent a lot of money to find out what ordinary people know on vacation (also, incidentally, spending a lot of money) under the influence of sunlight lose weight faster. And it's not just that you sweat more and thus harder to lose fat and excrete salt. The sun provides your body with vitamin D, and it increases metabolism. However, the presence of a buffet in the hotel, sometimes stopping to notice it.
  14. Fraction food into portions in advance. The study, recently published in the professional journal nutrition, suggests that if immediately after going to the store to divide the semi-finished meat and other meat into small portions and then freeze, it will help in the fight against overeating. The logic is simple taking out of the freezer a piece of bacon or a package of dumplings that person all at once, and prepares to not bother with re-freezing and splitting. And then gags and tries to finish, not gone.
  15. Make it a habit . According to stanford research half a century ago (they are, however, since no one has denied), a habit, including food, secured in a person for 21 days. Try three weeks is not a condiment (at least to start it). The chance that then you don't want, is quite large.
  16. Eat simple and even boring . The fewer different products you eat for a day, the easier it is to digest them (no need to connect extra, "exclusive" enzymes). In contrast, the abundance of food at the table not only load the digestive system, but also leads to banal overeating. At the same time, the same type of food does not cause such unbridled desire, and soon all rises a lump in my throat, fighting off the appetite.
  17. Don't avoid fat. About it today write and in the Internet, but still some manage not to know the fat fat hatred. If you ignore the nuts, olives, sardines in oil, and is itself oil – vegetable, soybean, and rare in our latitudes, peanut) – on the pretext that there is a lot of fat, so you make the main mistake of all the fat. Because the products of this group are rich in mono-unsaturated fats that your weight does not increase.
  18. Swallow chrome. We found the second element of the periodic table, can bring real benefits when used inside (and so was in a hurry to please you that I forgot which was first). It is chromium, which is contained in all varieties of onion from the shallots to the leeks, and some varieties of lettuce. It lowers insulin levels and, according to some studies, is able to suppress appetite.
  19. Healthy Breakfast
  20. Eat like thou shalt not eat. We risk to beat your mom at the number of platitudes per square centimeter of morals, and yet: crisp, eaten a leisurely Breakfast is not only to improve their performance (on an empty stomach, seasoned crusts from yesterday's pizza, you don't think), but also reduce the risk of overeating at lunch. The eggs in this sense is still the best choice. Rate of adults, even according to nutritionists, from 4 to 8 eggs a week.
  21. Fuss. If sitting at work, hear what the other end of the office earned the printer, immediately start toward him, shouting: "I'll take it!" And he took it, and shout: "Who is to pay?" And let them think you're still not recovered after the whole falling on his head with a hole punch. They are not aware that you use every opportunity to move, and that with sincere effort guarantees to minus one kilo a week!
  22. Spend the money for tests. Of course, simple techniques (wrap waist cm) also work. But if you want to know yourself in fullness, find on the Internet, where in your district is carried out bioimpedance testing. Only will it help you to know how much percent of your weight is fat and how much bone, blood and muscles.
  23. Eat natural. We can argue in favor of silicone Breasts, and in favor of the natural, but as for the food, the two opinions can not be. Natural products are much less likely to turn into body fat. No mystery, just in similar protein-carbohydrate composition of semi-finished products contain a lot more ballast substances: preservatives, dyes and other things. They can be harmless, but better not to risk it. So the neck is doctoral, sardines instead of crab sticks, regular tea instead of tea bags.
  24. Buy well-fed. Since we are talking about shops (not really gone, but we haven't thought of a better way to bring to them the conversation), don't go there, not pre-fortified. Otherwise, you'll bring home a lot of junk food, which one and in a week not controlled. And this food will be skillfully manipulated you, lying in the refrigerator and Recalling spent money on it. Only the best of you are able to resist such a temptation.
  25. Go to bed early
  26. Don't talk about diets. Pure psychology: the word "diet" associated others with deprivation, poverty, complexes and other unpleasant things. Better not tell anyone about your desire to lose weight you don't need to look like the neighbors around the office pointedly eating cakes, talking with your mouth full, that, well, you're done, do not allow the devil to possess you. And if anyone asks why instead of the usual sausages you took a trout in the dining room, say... Oh, look, if you don't know the answer to this attack, you may have complexes, and not overweight.
  27. Increase the degree. Beer is not only rich in calories itself, it contained the minor substances such as 8-prenylnaringenin (plant analogue of the female sex hormone), contributing to the formation of a rounded belly and not afraid of this word, chest. In addition, beer stimulates hunger. Therefore, if there is a need to get drunk, do it with champagne (it is twice the "lighter" Beers) or benign vodka.
  28. Go to bed early. In the days of the Musketeers Athos had advised his servant in the case of what to replace food with sleep. We will not go that far in its recommendations, because sleep is very much on an empty stomach contributes to the formation of erosions. However, note that: early bedtime helps to hold back and not eat the same after six. It makes no sense to have dinner, and then six hours to play games and the same tossing and turning. Night stress will trigger the production of the aforementioned hormone ghrelin.
  29. Forget about the gum. According gum like 83% of the population of our country. But all adults and should know that during mastication in the digestive tract comes a certain amount of air, which causes heaviness in the stomach. To fix it the easiest way unplanned meal. It is necessary to you?