Diet at home

Count how many diets there are in the world, is almost impossible. Even according to rough estimates, their total number exceeds several hundred. Today we tell about a simple and affordable diet, which you can easily adhere at home.

Salad for diet

If there is only three days

Many people are interested in Express diets for weight loss at home. To apply them frequently is not recommended, but if circumstances really require fast cast body in the procedure, it is possible to use the following system:

  • the first day all you can drink - 750 ml of pure water without gas. Drinking water six times a day, that's 125 ml per reception;
  • liter of low-fat milk - diet of the second day. Make like and water;
  • the third day repeats the first.

The fourth day is the diet, so there must be quite a bit. The basis of the diet should be vegetables, salads and buckwheat.

This three-day system is a serious stress to the body, so those who suffer from nervous disorders, pathologies of the digestive tract and cardiovascular system, so a quick diet is contraindicated.

Shock week diet

This diet at home extremely popular with those who need to urgently become more slim and beautiful. Contraindications it are the same as those in the above three-day diet.

In fact, this rapid method is an extended version of a three-day, since the first three days are absolutely identical (the only difference: the second day in the evening you can eat one Apple).

The fourth day will have to eat only vegetable salads with vegetable oil, you can also drink tea. The fifth day you must spend on milk (0.75 liters).

On the sixth day, the diet can be expanded, but he remains poor and diet: ½ tea Cup + one boiled egg; one hundred grams of boiled meat and the same of green peas; serving of fruit; an Apple. Accordingly, on this day, food should make four times the minimum portions.

During the seventh day the food can be taken only three times: 150 low-fat cottage cheese; mug of milk or yogurt; mug of tea.

Diet for PP

Helpful hint: do not consider yourself weak-willed or weak-willed man, if you are unable to hold on to any of your chosen systems weight the required number of days. Perhaps you don't, and should try some other option.

Lazy diet at home

For one week, you need to fully give up meat, bread, cereals, animal and vegetable fats, as well as other heavy products. The basis of the diet - fruits and vegetables that can be eaten fresh, baked, boiled. There is a need in the moment when you are very hungry. The day should drink two liters of water.

To consolidate the achieved results once or twice a week is necessary to arrange the unloading of fruits and vegetables.

Often patients are interested in: how to remove belly fat diet at home? If you are struck by this problem, we recommend you to follow the following diet (suggested two options to choose from):

  • some of bread one boiled egg; jar low-fat yogurt;
  • a piece of boiled chicken breast + salad of fresh vegetables; green peas + a serving of beef, steamed;
  • vegetable soup;
  • 200 grams of lean meat + orange.

The duration depends on how fast you do the stomach area.

Homemade soup diet

Affordable and simple diet at home - soups. Stick to it it is necessary one week. After a week break, it is permissible to repeat it.

Take a pot, pour water into it, when boiling, put the chopped vegetables: six onions, a cabbage, two sweet peppers, two tomato, celery. After ten minutes of boiling you need to sprinkle the dish with chopped parsley and turn off. To understand how thick a soup you like, you can add in more/less water.

Thus, during the diet you can eat soup, the recipe of which is described above, in almost any quantity. To expand the ration may be due to the following products (the products are strictly in days, from first to seventh):

  • apples and berries;
  • vegetables without spices and butter, one baked potato;
  • vegetables without spices and oil;
  • Soup diet
  • vegetables without spices and butter, a banana;
  • 300 grams of lean meat, tomatoes, any green vegetables;
  • 300 grams of lean meat, tomatoes, any green vegetables;
  • fruit juice without sugars, Fig.

Note: salting the soup is not recommended.

Mono, which can help to lose weight quickly

It all depends on the consistency of losing weight, its health condition and number of extra pounds. One, it is sufficient to arrange fasting days, while others sit on such a mono-diet for a few days. The choice is only yours.

One of the most popular girls. The hard option involves drinking a liter of yogurt a day, easier: liter of yogurt + glass of buckwheat.

If the day to eat 250 grams (the weight of grains dry) of buckwheat per day, you get buckwheat fasting day. More delicious it will be when during the day in equal portions, there is also a dry fruit (150 grams).

Useful tip: on the way you decided to get up, motivation is very important. For some, this motivation can become a new dress, for others a trip to the sea shore, and for the third - coming celebration. Motivate yourself correctly.

Effective diet for a month at home

This diet can be considered as a system of power based on sharp restriction of carbohydrates in the diet.

Fall under the ban of fruit, pasta, sugar, honey, alcohol, jam, sweets, pastries, sodas, bread.

For one month you have to stick to this diet (food choice):

  1. One hundred grams of cooked meat or two boiled eggs or a slice of cheese. Drink: tea or coffee without sugar.
  2. One hundred grams of lean cottage cheese.
  3. Fish or meat soup with greens. Potatoes or grits add prohibited.
  4. A Cup of yogurt or a big Apple or 80 grams of cheese.
  5. Portion of fresh vegetables and lean fish, baked in foil.
Fruit salad

In the Internet you can find a table of products showing how much they contain proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In a month you need to eliminate all foods that contain a lot of carbohydrates.

Another effective diet at home and protein. Here you have to choose those foods in which high in protein, but low in fat and carbohydrates. These foods are: lean meat, fish white varieties, cottage cheese and low-fat dairy products, eggs, lean meat products, seafood.

Diet in the home menu

We offer another version of the 5-course daily menu, which is easy to follow at home:

  • bread, boiled eggs, tea;
  • curd or your favorite fruits;
  • soup, small portion of meat or fish. Or: a portion of meat or fish with steamed vegetables or a salad of fresh vegetables;
  • fruit, fruit salad, yoghurt to choose from;
  • yogurt.

Choose not high-calorie foods, and the process of weight loss will be more quick.

Diet at home

To describe the menu in detail we will not, because it is a little different from the other diets described in this article. We list only the basic principles, which are advised to adhere to many favorite doctor from the TV.


  1. Weight loss lasts three months, it is planned, without stress to the body.
  2. The hunger strike is strictly prohibited, even if you want to fast only one day.
  3. You need to chew the food as long as possible.
  4. Five times a day for two hundred grams - the gold standard.
  5. Potatoes, flour, sweet, sugar, fried, alcohol is taboo.
  6. Oil, regardless of its fat content, is better to exclude.
  7. If you are passive, you can't eat more than 1400 calories a day.
Diet menus

And of course, it is better to stick to these rules on a permanent basis.

10 useful tips for all

Regardless of how many kg you want to lose weight at home, there are some universal tips that will help everyone:

  1. Keeping a certain schedule of eating. You have to run it hard, but those who sit at home, do it.
  2. Two hundred grams of food five times a day - something to aspire to. Drink water twenty minutes before meal - a useful habit.
  3. Carbonated drinks, especially sweet - the enemy of all dieters.
  4. Cakes, pastries, cupcakes and pies are delicious, but to lose them is impossible. Cereals, vegetables, honey, dried fruit and fruits - useful carbohydrates, which will help to overcome sugar cravings.
  5. Thick, salty and smoked foods should be reduced, but better - completely eliminate.
  6. Fight stress in your life: nervous people eat a lot more. If necessary, consult a psychologist.
  7. You should abstain from alcohol: not only is he much of calories, but also makes people lose control and eat much more than you want.
  8. Try to get enough sleep. Lack of sleep is bad for the figure, including.
  9. Find a place for sport in your life. If sports can't or don't want, just walk.
  10. If you don't know how to lose weight diet at home, you are not helping, visit a doctor, endocrinologist - perhaps you have health problems that need to be addressed.

And most importantly: tune in strongly, and tomorrow start to take steps towards a new, slender life.