Egg Diet for Weight Loss - All About Eggs and a Beautiful Figure!

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A girl from the city of M. writes: "My friend and I always stand out with magnificent shapes, and here she loses 15 kg. I was very surprised and let's ask her how she got such a result. Turns out she got this result after applying egg diet for 4 weeks. I couldn't take it and I also entered the ranking of slimming women in the country. I'm waiting for the result, but for now I'm going to tell you all the useful properties of this nutrition system. "

How to lose weight quickly and effectively. healthy egg diet

The diet, which contains a large amount of egg whites and yolks, is saturated with vitamin H, biotin. It is he who gives such an excellent result, in a week up to 6-8 kg. Biotin allows you to quickly burn the body's fat cells and remove toxins and waste, normalizing bowel function. Vitamin H has a beneficial effect on the walls of the intestine, it does not allow it to stretch, thus reducing the feeling of hunger during a diet. It also helps to speed up carbohydrate metabolism, so fats are not deposited in the subcutaneous layer.

Many nutritionists support the egg diet, which is low in carbohydrates and promotes rapid weight loss.

In addition to dietary properties, egg dishes are rich in vitamins A, D, B, folic acid, iron, calcium, iodine, protein, bioregulators and more.

The features of the egg diet is that you must strictly follow all the recommendations of nutritionists, otherwise the whole result will come to nothing.


  • During the day, drink more water, at least 2 liters a day.
  • Vegetables should be cooked in water, without meat broths, spices, salt, pepper, sauces and preserves.
  • Daily diet dishes should not be flavored with oil, salt and other spices.
  • It is allowed to drink weak black coffee, tea, without added sugar and other sweeteners.
  • You can add fresh vegetables and fruits to your diet. When the feeling of hunger sets in, it is permissible to eat carrots or coleslaw, but not after seven o'clock at night.
  • Before going to bed, you need to take a short walk in the fresh air, do light physical exercise.
  • You can do yoga or swim.
  • You can weigh yourself in the morning after going to the bathroom.
  • If you stopped during the diet, you should not continue. We eat normally for several days and then start the weight loss system again.
  • After completing the diet, you need to eat in small portions, not overeat, introduce other high-calorie foods into the diet gradually, doing kefir or vegetable fasting days.
  • To improve the result, you can sit on the egg diet for two weeks in a row, repeating the diet.
  • If the diet does not indicate how many grams of the product you need to eat, then you need to eat it until the body is completely saturated.
  • During the egg diet, there is no need to take an additional over-the-counter vitamin complex.

There are several egg diets

  1. Healthy Egg Diet: The egg and grapefruit combination works very well. First, there is no feeling of hunger. When the egg enters the stomach, it begins to be digested immediately, and therefore you get three to four hours. And citrus fruits prolong the feeling of unity. Grapefruit has a positive effect on weight loss. The one that in a week you just don't recognize yourself, 10 kg less is guaranteed. Every day you need to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner two boiled eggs and three slices of grapefruit. You can drink green tea, unsweetened coffee and cream, juices, herbal drinks.
  2. There is an egg-orange diet and an egg-grapefruit diet, this is almost the same, only the types of fruits that are used to enhance the weight loss effect differ. An orange a day burns up to 500 g of excess weight.
  3. Osama Hamdiy Egg Diet - minus 20 kg per month and this is not the limit. Some managed to lose up to 30 kg, but this will require willpower, perseverance, patience and strict adherence to all the rules and recommendations of such a nutrition system.

Do you also want to lose weight? So nod your head and take notes!

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The diet is very strict, you cannot change days and foods, as well as eat something more or, on the contrary, malnourish. All according to the diet plan.

First week. We had breakfast 1-2 eggs and half a citrus. We have dinner with fruits in unlimited quantities, you can cook skinless chicken for a couple, add 100 g of green peas or coleslaw. We had dinner with vegetables boiled in water, 100 g of lean meat, a small piece of bread is allowed and again citrus.

All week we paint a menu for ourselves as we wish, the main thing is more than other products, and especially sweet, spicy, smoked, fried and fatty foods. Also, you cannot eat bakery and confectionery products.

We drink an abundant amount of liquid each day, up to 2 liters of pure water, unsweetened tea and honey.

Second week. Breakfast is the same - some hard-boiled eggs and half a citrus, orange or grapefruit. For lunch, you can cook lean meat or poultry, a green salad of unsalted vegetables, boiled fish and don't forget the remaining half of the citrus. We dined on an unlimited number of vegetables or fruits, except bananas, avocados, grapes, melons and potatoes. Add two boiled eggs.

This week will give a very high result, the body will be completely cleansed of harmful toxins, unnecessary fluid will be removed and fat cells will start to burn.

Third week. Every seven days we eat fruits and vegetables in unlimited quantities, we will never forget the forbidden foods. Also any lean meat except lamb. You can make a coleslaw, fresh cucumbers, eat steamed fish.

The fourth week is the most difficult. A certain set and number of products that can be consumed during the day are provided.

  • Monday: 4 pcs. cucumber, tomato, a grapefruit, boiled chicken, canned tuna without oil.
  • Tuesday: 4 pcs. cucumber, tomato, a grapefruit, boiled chicken, slice of melon, slice of rye bread.
  • Wednesday: limited vegetables, a grapefruit, boiled chicken, a tablespoon of fat-free cottage cheese.
  • Thursday: 1 cucumber, 3 tomatoes, a grapefruit, half-cooked chicken, fruit.
  • Friday: 3 eggs, 2 tomatoes, a grapefruit, lettuce.
  • Saturday: 1 cucumber, 3 tomatoes, a grapefruit, half-cooked chicken, 120 g of 0% cottage cheese.
  • Sunday: 2 cucumbers and tomatoes, some vegetables, 100 g of curd, canned tuna without oil, a slice of bread and an orange.
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The egg diet output must be correct.

  • Gradually, without violating the diet, we eat dishes in small portions and without fanaticism.
  • Partial use of products that were included in the diet, are citrus fruits, eggs, cottage cheese, fresh vegetable salads, canned tuna.
  • Keep playing sports, don't be lazy by jogging at night or in the morning.

This is the only way to effectively consolidate the result and allow the body to maintain its favorite parameters for a long time.

Egg diet reviews and results

Woman's comment:"It's hard to be aware of your years, especially when you're over 40, but there's nothing wrong with that. Just a little positivity and good thinking. The only downside is the extra pounds gained all the time! Somehow, before you give less importance to it, pregnancy, childbirth, raising 4 children didn't give you free time to think. Now the children have gone to school, practically independent, the oldest daughter is already 16. Ah, how everything went by fast. I looked in the mirror and decided to change something about myself. It started with weight loss. For my height of 170 cm, my weight a month ago was 90 kg. I can't say it's that critical, but losing weight is to lose weight. I wrote the menu on a piece of paper and put it on the fridge. The kids laughed, saying why you need this, and I walked away confident. Yes, I don't have a husband, for some reason it didn't work out with them. But , more on that in another story.

So after 4 weeks I got on the scale and choked - 72 kg. This is a miracle of the clear sky, of course, I already understood that I had lost weight, because all things had already become small and now I was convinced personally. What is the effective egg diet.

The whole family noticed my weight loss and I continued to play sports. It so happens that a neighbor from a neighboring entrance runs every morning and I started walking with him. Today I am not alone, I have a loving husband and I already have five children with me. Life is a fairy tale, you just need to believe in kindness a little and open your eyes wide to see who is always by your side!

The diet does not have a bad time and negative result, it all depends on the starting weight and the desire to be slim and fit.

The egg diet is so healthy and tasty that there is no need to doubt and refuse such a gift. The complex of vitamins and minerals will allow your body to boost immunity, forget about viral diseases and live to the fullest.

The principle of nutrition is based on the chemical reactions that occur in the body, especially with the addition of citrus fruits. This diet is suitable for all ages and has no special restrictions. Certainly. It is necessary to carefully monitor the state of health during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but there are no strict contraindications in this regard.

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Usam Hamdiy's Egg Diet allows you to eat fruit in unlimited amounts, except high-calorie ones. You can eat apples, pears, pineapples, peaches, plums, oranges, grapefruits. Be sure to include fat-free cottage cheese or kefir in your diet.

The diet is highly effective, pounds do not return, and for a long time a complete set of vitamins and microelements is preserved in the body of a person who is losing weight.

This system has gained millions of positive reviews throughout its existence. And we advise you! ! !