Pierre Dukan's Diet: a menu for every day

The Dukan diet is sought after by celebrities all over the world. The problem of being overweight today concerns every second woman. Stress, sedentary lifestyle, fast food, lack of physical activity and malnutrition - all this is reflected in the female figure. In search of a solution to this problem, girls resort to weight loss with the help of diets. Not all are effective.

One of the most popular proven methods can be called the program by French nutritionist Dr. Pierre Dukan - author of the famous book called "I Can't Lose Weight" where you can find everything about losing weight. Adhering to all the rules and recommendations, you can lose weight by 30 kg. For those who have not yet practiced a diet, many questions arise, but the most relevant are: "Where to start, how to sit and what can I eat? ". To answer them, it is necessary to study the essence of the method and all the phases of the program.

eating on the dukan diet

Reviews by doctors and nutritionists about the Dukan diet are ambiguous. The technique has thousands of fans and followers, but there are always those who oppose it and try to refute its effectiveness. To evaluate the results and draw your own conclusions, you need to test the program yourself, compare the weight before and after losing weight.

fish and vegetables for the dukan diet

General recommendations and basic principles

At the heart of the diet are several important principles that are of great importance to losing weight. Ignoring these rules will reduce the effectiveness of the program. Important to remember:

  • Fighting excess weight by temporarily reducing calories is useless. At first, the extra pounds will disappear, but they will return very quickly. You must change the diet and constantly consolidate the result.
  • Despite the fact that the diet is protein, it excludes mononutrition. You need to eat enough to not feel hungry.
  • Review allowed foods and make a list. Anything not included should be removed from the fridge and kitchen cupboards to reduce the risk of temptation.
  • The basis of the Dukan Diet is oat bran. They must be present in the diet daily, 1. 5 tbsp. I. product should be taken with a glass of water. Often women are interested in how to replace oat bran? It is advisable not to look for alternatives. Replacement is only possible in case of intolerance to the product. In this case, use buckwheat.
  • Go to sports. Physical activity is extremely important, they not only allow you to burn calories, but also make the body fit, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, the work of the heart muscle and the brain.

The author of the methodology insists that these principles must be remembered and respected, not only when putting together a menu for every day, but also throughout life, it is necessary to cultivate the habit of eating well.

Active start

The program of the famous 72-year-old French nutritionist consists of four stages. The first and most important phase is called "Attack". It is designed for 7 days. Abuse and zeal is not worth it, practicing for more than a week, you risk your own health. If everything is done correctly, during this time you can get rid of 1-6 kg.

In the first week, carefully monitor your well-being. You can only eat protein, you must also drink a lot. A meal should replace the bran. The danger of this period is that consumption of such an amount of protein negatively affects the kidneys and leads to dehydration.

If you cannot afford delicacies, exchange them for more economical alternatives. Cooking should be with a minimum amount of salt and preferably without salt. Use spices, seasonings, vinegar, mustard, etc. to keep food fresh. Prefer food processing methods such as steaming, roasting and boiling. Sometimes you can eat fried food, but you should cook it with olive oil, which should be used in minimal amounts.

Why Rotate Products?

The second phase is called "Toggle" or "Cruise". Its duration is not strictly defined. The theory says that you need to stick to this diet until you reach your ideal weight. Vegetables are added to the diet for protein. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, fiber, acids.

In phase 2, it is necessary to exclusively combine protein days with protein and vegetable days. You should also increase the daily rate of bran to two tablespoons. Do not forget the consumption regime. Every day you need to drink up to 2 liters of pure, still water. If in the first stage the weight loss occurred intensely, but in the second stage the rate of weight loss will be lower, but the result will be of better quality and more stable. In a week, you can lose 1 kg of weight.

There are virtually no restrictions on vegetables and herbs. Don't just eat peas, beans, potatoes and corn. These vegetables are high in calories and high in starch. Be sure to include seasonal fruits in your menu. The risk of failure at this stage of the diet is reduced to zero as the diet becomes much broader and the recipes more diversified.

We correct the result

The third phase of the Dukan diet is called "fixation". At this stage, the weight does not disappear, the objective of losing weight is to correct the result achieved. As a result, the "old" pounds won't return once you relax and step away from a strict schedule. At this stage, you can add starch and honey to your menu. Starchy foods like potatoes should be eaten infrequently, like once a week. Honey is designed to make up for the lack of sweetness. The allowable fee is 3 teaspoons per day.

At this stage, it is necessary to increase the volume of bran. During the day, you need to eat 3 tablespoons and drink with plenty of water. "Attack" days should be organized periodically. Once a week, eat like on the first day of the diet. A party is allowed twice a week. What is this "party" for those on a diet? This means that a woman at one of the meals can eat anything and in any amount.

How much you can lose at this stage is difficult to say, because each case is individual. The approximate number of days can be calculated by multiplying the number of pounds lost during the "switching" phase by 10. For example, if you lost 7 kg, the duration of the "fixation" will be about 70 days. Now cheese, bread, fruit can appear in the diet, but only in limited quantities.

Diet and lifestyle change

The fourth stage is "stabilization". Now the diet is not perceived as a food restriction. Your body has adjusted and is used to the new routine. Keep eating at the same pace as long as you want to stay lean, attractive, and healthy. Dukan recommends eating this way all the time.

Women are often interested in whether it is possible to introduce nuts into the diet during weight loss, and if so, which ones? Nuts are sources of fats and carbohydrates, but the author of the method states that in the stabilization phase, you can sometimes eat nuts, but their quantity should not be more than a handful.

A lighter version of the methodology is a new program called Food Ladder or Second Front. Each day is a step. Every day the list of products allowed for consumption is expanding. The weight will drop slowly but steadily and comfortably. In a week, the body weight will decrease by just 700 grams. The duration of the diet varies according to weight loss. Once you reach your goal, you can stop and continue following the rules of proper nutrition.

Anyone who has lost weight thanks to the technique notices its high efficiency. It is available to people who are just starting their journey to beauty and wellness.