Fractional nutrition for weight loss: developing a monthly menu

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What girl or woman wants to be even more attractive. It turns out that this doesn't require much: just eat right and thus maintain a reasonable weight. What will it give? Consider in the article.

The essence of fractional nutrition

Recently, in the field of dietetics, there is the concept of "fractional nutrition for weight loss", which allows you to get rid of "ballast". And many girls who want to lose a few extra pounds, the question arises: is this really so? Is it possible to eat well and lose weight at the same time? Or is this a myth?

This food system involves the use of a certain diet, divided into six meals a day. Half of them - that is, three receptions - are basic, the rest are snacks. Thanks to this approach, the number of calories received is reduced, as instead of having an afternoon snack with buns, the body receives healthy food.

Often, a fractional diet for weight loss is a special diet for a week or a month, designed to perform certain actions:

  • 2-3 hours after eating, the body processes the consumed food, "filters" them for substances and works 100%;
  • Meals are served virtually by the hour. As a result, food is much better absorbed, while the burden on the gastrointestinal tract is reduced;
  • Thanks to proper nutrition, the body maintains an optimal metabolism, during which fat is burned.

If you eat the right foods, you can get enough and lose weight at the same time.

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How to begin

For people who decided to get in shape, a special technique was developed. Observing it, you can lose weight in a short time and do it efficiently without harming the body.

  • If, in the process of dieting, you suddenly have to give up specific meals, with fractional meals you don't have to do that right away. Time is given for the transition. Failure occurs gradually.
  • If the previous menu contained dishes with a large number of calories, then after a while they will have to be deleted.
  • It's best to eat with a fractional nutrition system at the same time each day so the body "remembers" meals and starts working for good.
  • The breakfast of the week should include foods rich in slow carbohydrates.
  • For lunch, dishes with a high amount of protein are accepted; cannot be combined with foods containing starch, so as not to cause excess weight. We are talking about potatoes, rice, corn and others.
  • The diet should contain carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the ideal proportion, which is 10% / 30% / 60% respectively.
  • It is better to exclude smoked, fried and fatty foods, as well as eliminating sweets from the diet.

Monthly split meal menu

The process of losing weight with a fractional diet is quite complicated, so you shouldn't expect quick results. The main task of such a feeding system is to improve the body through cleanliness and not to adhere to strict diets.

The menu must be varied so that a large amount of essential nutrients enter the body. Consider an approximate daily menu, which should be followed for a week or a month (depending on the period of adherence to this diet) and some recipes. The table is shown below.

Time to eat Products for a week, a month: how to eat, recipes
07: 00 Cooking pancakes: the flour must be coarsely ground, you can use oatmeal. By the way, oatmeal with fruit/candied fruit is a great option for breakfast. It is recommended to give up coffee, this is one of the foods that make the body age and get tired faster. It is best to drink unsweetened herbal tea. Before breakfast, it is recommended to consume a glass of water, this will improve the functioning of the intestine and create a favorable microflora to digest food.
12: 00 pm Snack. For this, vegetables and fruits are used. Snack on an apple or cucumber. Fresh carrots fight excess weight well. It is best to avoid other snacks, because if a "signal" appears in the body about the need for food, it is better to wait until the next serving is taken.
14: 00 - 15: 00 For lunch, according to the menu, you can eat protein products, but not every day. The daily human need for protein is not as great as he thought. The best option for lunch is boiled vegetables - stew. In summer, it is worth giving preference to fresh vegetable salads. The most preferred of them are cabbage, carrots. If you need to provide the body with a large amount of protein, you can eat boiled beans, chickpeas, lentils.
16: 00 Afternoon snack: you can use fresh fruit.
18: 00 To dinner. It is better to eat lean soup without meat. You can cook porridge in water - buckwheat, oats, corn, corn.

Thus, the menu of fractionated meals for a week or a month can turn into a complete diet. However, just following these rules is not enough, as it is necessary to take into account the principles of life that will help to get rid of hated kilograms very quickly.

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Basic rules

  • Drink plenty of fluids, include in the menu to eliminate toxins from the body. That doesn't mean you need to buy soda. Purified bottled water is suitable for drinking.
  • Eat small meals despite the low-calorie menu. One of the problems girls face in losing weight is the fear of loss. It seems that without food, the whole world will collapse. In fact, this is not the case.
  • Find a hobby - not to think about food all the time. When a person is interested in what they love or in a creative process, they don't remember food.
  • Make a habit of the correct complete fractionated food for weight loss. Agree, "sitting" on a diet is not enough for the body to cleanse itself of toxins and toxins, so even if you spend a month on this regimen, after a while, excess weight can still return. Making healthy eating a lifestyle can help you lose weight permanently and be happier.
  • Use a tool like a calorie chart.

And, of course, don't expect results the next day! Make a competent menu to quickly get to what you want. Then fractional nutrition for weight loss will not cause you any inconvenience! I wish you success!