How to lose 10 kg in a month without harming your health

Many women are interested in the question of how to lose 10 kg in a month without harming their health. Everyone knows that drastic weight loss can lead to unwanted consequences, but that doesn't diminish the desire to get the figure in order quickly. What methods can be used to not harm health?

Losing weight by 10 kg is actually possible in many ways, using modern weight loss medicines, methods and diets. However, many of the methods used will be ineffective if this problem is not taken seriously. Lost pounds can come back in less than 2 weeks and health deteriorates significantly. To prevent this from happening, you need to remember that each diet has its own contraindications, and most diet pills have many side effects that are harmful to your health.

Achieved the result of losing weight in 10 kg per month

The first objective that must be faced by a person who has decided to regain the beauty and harmony of the body must be to obtain a long-term result. And for that you need to completely rebuild your lifestyle and diet. Without this rule, any effort shown will be in vain.

Step one - clean the body

How to lose weight in a month at home? The extra pounds hide not only in the fat on the belly and thighs, but also in the polluted intestines, kidneys, liver, and so on. Due to the degradation of the body, the metabolism slows down, causing the food consumed to stop being absorbed as they should. The person slowly but surely begins to gain excess weight.

There are many ways to cleanse your body of toxins:

  • the introduction of fasting days during the week, when only one product is consumed (eg, kefir or apples);
  • weekly visit to the sauna or bath;
  • therapeutic fasting;
  • bowel cleansing procedures (hydrocolon therapy, Shank Prakshalana, etc. );
  • the use of herbal decoctions and infusions that help cleanse the body;
  • use of detoxifying diets, etc.

The more methods of cleansing the body used, the faster you will see the result. Some people see a weight loss of 5 to 10 kg only after the colon cleansing procedure. But be careful. Each cleaning technique has its own contraindications. If you have health problems where one method cannot be used, it can always be replaced by another. For example, if there are contraindications to weekly use of the sauna, the same effect can be achieved with daily strength training.

Step Two - Change Your Diet

How to lose 10 kg in a month without a diet? The extra pounds didn't come from nowhere; they appeared as a result of inadequate nutrition, an inactive lifestyle, and disturbances in the functioning of internal organs. Many people claim that they eat very little but still get fat. The problem here is that, for each person, the list of products that he gains weight with is strictly individual. However, there are foods and dishes that definitely cannot be consumed by those who want to lose weight.

First, it is necessary to exclude all baked goods from the diet. No rolls, cakes, croissants, pies, etc. On the day, you can eat a small piece of black bread or a crouton of white bread, if black is not allowed due to gastritis or other illnesses.

Fried, smoked and fatty foods should be completely excluded. The diet should contain lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Processed foods lose essential vitamins and microelements, are deposited in the form of extra pounds. Try eating more fresh salads flavored with lemon juice and vegetable oil. Roast or steam meat and vegetables.

The main problems why people cannot support diets and dietary changes:

  1. Relatives and friends, co-workers eat junk food and you just don't have enough willpower to turn down tempting dishes. In that case, you need to be able to prioritize. Decide for yourself what you want. A beautiful figure and excellent health or the opportunity to get a moment of pleasure? Wouldn't it be more pleasure for you to feel lightness in your body, feel proud of your figure and have the opportunity to wear the clothes you want? You need to understand that your taste habits change, after 1-2 months you will be delighted to eat fresh fruit, just like you used to get French fries or cake.
  2. Healthy Eating Is The Key To Fast Weight Loss
  3. Feeling of hunger. Diet foods cannot satisfy a person as much as a 3-course meal or a healthy dinner. Therefore, you need to eat in small portions, but often. Long breaks in feeding cause the fact that the body, feeling hungry, will struggle after the next meal to put off the reserve in the form of fat in the belly or thighs. Ideally, you should eat small meals 5-6 times a day. So that you don't rush to pick up the "wrong" food when you're out and about, you should always have some nuts, bread, apples, or bananas in your bag.
  4. The person does not enjoy the food he eats. The problem lies in not knowing how to prepare deliciously healthy meals. Every high-calorie product should be replaced with a dignified taste. Swap instant coffee for freshly brewed black tea, black tea made from your favorite herbs, sachet juice for freshly squeezed ones, store yogurt for homemade, fried fish for baked in foil, sausage for a new chicken breast recipe , cake for cheesecake etc.

How to lose 10 kg in 2 months? An example of a menu for those who want to lose weight and keep in shape:

  1. A glass of freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice, vegetable salad with a splash of lemon juice and olive oil.
  2. 200 g of porridge (preferably oats or buckwheat).
  3. Herbal tea or green tea (no sugar), 200 g of vegetable broth and a slice of bread.
  4. Seasonal fruits.
  5. 1 cup of freshly squeezed juice, chicken or fish (200-250 g).
  6. A glass of kefir, yogurt, cream cheese dessert (200 g).

Any "10 kg a month" diet often becomes a heavy burden on the human psyche. As a result, a meltdown occurs and yesterday a person who is still losing weight starts eating all the supplies in the refrigerator. Learn to eat well and you won't need to diet. The best thing is to get in touch with a professional nutritionist who will help you prepare the correct menu according to your lifestyle, age and body characteristics. Your nutritionist will give you the best advice on how many times a day you should eat and what foods to avoid.

To lose weight by 10 kg a month, you need to add fat-burning products to the menu: citrus fruits (best of all, grapefruit), ginger (can be added to tea), raisins (add to porridge or dessert), cabbage, pineapple, green tea. And remember that to lose weight by 10 kg less per month, you need to unload or starve at least 1 day a week.

Step three - exercise

The more muscle mass in your body, the faster the fat burning process. Therefore, in addition to cleansing the body and proper nutrition, the practice of physical exercise must be present. They will not only help burn fat, but will also help to firm the skin and shape a beautiful figure. With just exercise, you can lose 10 kg in 3 months. It is enough to give them at least 1 hour a day or 1, 5-2 hours 3 times a week.

Remember that losing weight should be accompanied by a desire to change for the better, it shouldn't be stressful. Then you will be successful!