The Maggi Diet

A person who wants to get rid of the extra pounds is looking to find an affordable yet effective method of losing weight. Among the popular options, a decent result is guaranteed by the Maggi diet, whose positive effect has already been appreciated by both men and women. What is this diet and what is its individual charm?

The Maggi Diet: Major Minor Pros and Cons

In recent years, a variety of protein-based approaches to weight loss have been sought after by people who dream of becoming slimmer and more attractive. The Maggi diet is just protein, it is also called the egg diet. It is a very balanced diet, being a suitable method to lose weight.

What's special about the Maggi Egg Diet? It is not based on fast days or hunger strikes, it is not based on an approach where most of the usual foods should be excluded. This diet is based on the physiology and biochemical processes of the body. Because of this, hunger hardly bothers him. All dietary components are uniquely selected to accelerate fat burning and metabolism, to rebuild existing chemical processes within a month of the diet.

eggs and grapefruit for the maggi diet

The main advantages of the Maggi diet

  • Efficiency.In 2 weeks the result will be noticeable, and at the end of the diet, each person can lose 10 to 25 kg (depending on the initial completeness, the degree of obesity).
  • Simplicity and accessibility.The protein diet menu is a simple list of products, and there's no need to spend endless time preparing these dishes. This weight loss diet can be used by anyone of any age. Doctors note that even older people have access to this proper nutrition option if there are no significant medical contraindications to the diets.
  • The diet is not rigid.This approach can be called gentle. The reason lies in the fact that there is practically no specific structure that limits the amount of a certain product in the diet. There are also no mandatory fast days where you can only use water or, for example, tomato juice. Excluding the fasting format, a protein diet can be considered a correct weight loss option with the ability to keep the weight at the desired mark.
  • The ban on a small amount of products.Unlike apple or buckwheat diets, the menu in the version presented is quite varied. Its use in food is inadmissible: fats, any type of oil, strong broths, sugar, alcohol, some fruits (dates, grapes, figs, bananas), lamb and potatoes. But salt and spices, spices need not be excluded.
  • The balance of vitamins.This option for a simple, fast and correct weight loss involves a balanced diet, in which vitamins and important trace elements will be present in adequate amounts, necessary to maintain proper health and overall tone. Therefore, it is not necessary to add dietary supplements or vitamin complexes to the diet within a month.
  • Long lasting result.If we take into account the time of correct exit from this diet, then the result obtained during it will persist for a long time. There is no need to repeat the course regularly. Although some nutritionists advise, after a one-month break, to consolidate the effect, "sit" for another 4 weeks on the Maggi diet, but in the corrected version, when it is necessary to repeat the first week twice and the final twice.
  • No to counting calories.Since the Maggi protein diet is based on the activation of biochemical processes, caloric content plays an insignificant role here. Therefore, there is no need to count concentrated calories for fear of exceeding the daily limit.
  • Some cons of the egg (protein) diet

  • Allergy.Eggs and citrus fruits are highly allergenic foods. An unpleasant reaction can also develop in the process of going through a weight loss course in people who previously were not prone to an allergic reaction to these foods.
  • Load in the kidneys.During the month of the diet, the kidneys are forced to work very hard due to the products available on the menu and the need to consume large amounts of fluids.
  • Individual contraindications for health reasons.It takes into account not only personal characteristics, when there is intolerance to a particular product. But also existing diseases associated with the heart or blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract. Diet is also not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.
  • There is a risk of occurrence:constipation, edema, flatulence, headaches, bad breath.
  • Conditional minus:some points specified in the instructions require mandatory execution, so they can cause minor difficulties.
  • Diet Rules

    This weight loss option has mandatory instructions, which must be followed without question. Otherwise, all efforts will be useless, the desired result will remain inaccessible.

    • You cannot replace the undesirable product in the diet. Only the exclusion of certain insignificant menu items is allowed.
    • It's important to follow your diet schedule without question. Do not change the order of meals during lunch, dinner or change the order of the day. In the presence of severe hunger, snacks are allowed, but they should be 2-3 hours after the main meal.
    • In situations where the egg protein diet day has been omitted or unacceptable adjustments have been made, the course will have to be repeated. This is necessary for the constant activation and strengthening of the body's processes.
    • In the weight loss process, it is necessary to consume a large amount of liquids: water (at least 2 liters per day), coffee without sugar, any type of tea, soft drinks (dietary), natural juices (exclusively as a fruit analogue). This will help prevent constipation, speed up the removal of toxins, fats and toxins.
    • It is undesirable to eat after 18: 00.
    • Whenever possible, you should add different types of physical activity and activities to your life to get the best result.
    • It is best for girls to follow this diet on the first day after menstruation ends. For everyone: it is advisable to start a weight loss course on Monday and during the period of the year when celebrations with parties are not planned.
    • If it is completely impossible to give up using sugar, then you should use sweeteners and the like that have zero calories.
    • You need to constantly exercise control over your physical and emotional state. If you find any problem caused by the diet, it is better to refuse the diet, and you also need to see a doctor (nutritionist, therapist).
    • It is forbidden to add "chemical" spices, mayonnaise, ketchup to food. You need to cook food in plain water. Dishes should be steamed and dried; frying is done without the use of oil and sauces based on it.
    • Managing weight changes requires the habit of weighing yourself every morning.

    Maggi (egg) protein diet menu for a month

    Conventionally, the diet can be divided into two approaches:

  • Weeks 1 and 2 require strict adherence to breakfast, lunch, and dinner times.
  • 3 and 4 weeks do not have a similar split. The schedule is built individually, based on personal abilities and needs, relying only on the products that are acceptable on the requested day.
  • < and >Important: The first 14 days during breakfast will always be the same products: 1 or 2 hard-boiled eggs (cook for up to 10 minutes) and half a citrus fruit (orange or grapefruit). Drinking tea, coffee is allowed.

    Week 13

    1st day

    Lunch: kiwi, melon, pear or any other fruit allowed by the diet. Consume until full.

    Dinner: steamed and fried meat.

    2nd day

    Lunch: any chicken breast dish.

    Dinner: mixed vegetable salad, 1 toast, 1 whole citrus, some eggs.

    Day 3

    Lunch: slices of cheese (extremely hard and low in fat), some tomatoes and toast.

    Dinner: a plate of minced meat or a few pieces of meat.

    4th day

    Lunch: selected fruits with no size limitation.

    Dinner: doubles the previous day with the addition of lettuce (a few leaves).

    Day 5

    Lunch: mixture of boiled or boiled vegetables, including pulses, boiled eggs (2 pieces).

    Dinner: simple vegetable salad, 1 citrus, any slice of fish.


    Lunch: fruit or natural juice made at home.

    Dinner: a meat dish with salad leaves.

    Day 7

    Lunch: 1 orange or grapefruit, chicken with steamed vegetables or fresh tomatoes.

    Dinner: vegetable stew without sauce, oil.

    week number 2

    1st day

    Lunch: any meat dish and fresh salad leaves.

    Dinner: mixed vegetables (salad), eggs (2 pieces), whole citrus fruit.

    2nd day

    Lunch: repeated the day before.

    Dinner: orange or grapefruit, some hard-boiled eggs.

    3rd day

    Lunch: cucumber (as much as you can eat) with any meat dish.

    Dinner: Same as Tuesday this week.

    4th day

    Lunch: several pieces of low-fat cheese, 2 eggs and vegetables prepared in any way.

    Dinner: eggs only (a few pieces).

    5th day

    Lunch: fish dish.

    Dinner: again just a few eggs.

    6th day

    Lunch: whole citrus fruits, a piece of meat with fresh tomatoes.

    Dinner: fruit.

    7th day

    Lunch: vegetable stew or fresh tomato, half chicken, orange (grapefruit).

    Dinner: repeat the daytime meal.

    week number 3

    1st day

    Fresh fruit, it is allowed to drink homemade juice (glass) once.

    2nd day

    Vegetable or vegetable juices in various forms.

    Day 3

    A combination of vegetables and fruits at your discretion.

    4th day

    Kale leaves or green salad, fish stew or canned food (no oil base), steamed vegetable mixes.

    Day 5

    Vegetables to your liking, as well as chicken or beef.


    The menu is repeated for Monday.

    Day 7

    Repetition of the Saturday menu (Monday).

    week number 4

    1st day

    1 whole citrus, canned fish (preferably oil-free tuna), vegetables (3 tomatoes, 4 cucumbers) and no more than four slices of meat (can be substituted for chicken breast).

    2nd day

    1 toast, tomato and cucumber in the same amount as the day before, any fruit allowed, and no more than 200 grams of minced meat or meat.

    3rd day

    Vegetables (cook at your discretion), a few tomatoes and cucumbers each, cottage cheese (tablespoon) or some hard cheese, a whole orange or grapefruit.

    4th day

    Toast, grapefruit or orange, chicken meat (you can use half the skinless chicken), any fruit, cucumber, tomato (3 pieces).

    5th day

    Eggs worth a couple of pieces, citrus fruits of your choice, tomatoes (up to 3 pieces), green salad (one leaf).

    6th day

    1 toast and a glass of fermented milk (yoghurt), feta cheese or curd (no more than 125 g), chicken fillet, two fresh tomatoes and cucumbers each.

    7th day

    Tomatoes and cucumbers in the same quantity, a can of fish preserves, toast and whole citrus fruits, plus a mixture of vegetables (steamed) and curd (a spoon).

    Protein Diet Recipes

    There are no complex specific dishes that must be prepared strictly according to the recipe, as part of this slimming diet. Any food can be used as long as it does not go against dietary instructions, for example, it does not contain oil and does not require mayonnaise as a sauce. But there are three simple options to add variety to your menu.

    roasted eggplants


    • 2 medium sized eggplants;
    • garlic.

    Cut the vegetables in half and place in a preheated oven at about 200 degrees, spreading them over the wire rack. Cooking time - 60 minutes. After the finished eggplants must be cut into slices, squares or slices, sprinkle with chopped garlic.

    vegetable salad


    • green onions (about 30 grams);
    • 70 grams of fresh red pepper;
    • about 300 grams of tomatoes;
    • fresh cucumbers (135 grams);
    • salt, natural spices or seasonings as desired.

    Vegetables are cut in a bowl into medium-sized pieces. Mixed. Finally, you can add a pinch of salt, spices or seasonings for flavor.

    Chicken fillet (breast) baked in aluminum foil

    It is necessary:

    • a portion of chicken fillet (breast);
    • onions (white or red);
    • garlic;
    • baking sheet.

    The cooked filet is rubbed with garlic on both sides. The onion is cut into slices, placed on the prepared sheet. The filet is placed on top, covered with another onion ring. The foil-wrapped fillets are placed on a baking sheet and sent to the oven (preheat to 250 degrees) for about 45 minutes. After this time, the chicken is turned and roasted for another 15 minutes.

    Maggi protein diet with cream cheese

    Maggi's main diet, whose basic components are eggs and citrus fruits, has a subspecies. It is mainly suitable for the group of people who cannot eat eggs due to allergies or simple intolerance to this product.

    The Maggi curd diet also refers to protein and low carbohydrate diets. Its main component, as the name suggests, is cottage cheese. Also, the fat content of this product must not exceed 10%. As a substitute for eggs, the amount of curd is calculated as follows:

    • 1 egg = 100 grams of low-fat cottage cheese.

    This weight loss diet is not inferior in effectiveness to the main form of this diet. Also, there is no need to make a separate menu for 4 weeks. Just replace the consumption of eggs with two tablespoons of curd for breakfast and on days when eggs are present in the diet for lunch or dinner. An additional component of the curd diet may be low-fat (1%) kefir.

    Nuances when leaving the diet

    Although any form of this diet to lose weight is quite mild, you should still go out of it, observing some rules, paying attention to the nuances. This will allow you not only to maintain a favorable state of health, but also to prolong the result obtained with the help of this daily diet.

    After the last day, you should not immediately add to your diet a lot of foods that contain fats, carbohydrates, hot "chemical" seasonings, sugar, starch. This can lead to indigestion, discomfort and heaviness and a deterioration in general well-being. But it is also capable of causing an acute failure of the well-established metabolic system, which will lead to the rapid accumulation of new pounds.

    For the first few weeks, you should stick to a "light" diet, trying not to give up vegetables and fruits, even if they got tired of them during the Maggi diet. Drinking all kinds of fluids must also be in the right amount, for example, drinking water must be at least 1, 5 liters a day.

    The introduction of previously habitual foods in the diet must be precise, gradual and with constant control of weight and physical condition. It is important to consider that due to the consumption of large amounts of black coffee and citrus fruits during the month, the stomach mucosa may become irritated. Therefore, it is important, for the first time, to abstain from eating foods whose components can cause heartburn and severe abdominal pain.

    Many nutritionists advise, after completing a protein diet, switching to separate meals, or at least opting for a correct and crushed diet (eat a little, the number of meals can be up to 6 times). And don't eat too much. During the course of the diet, the stomach shrinks, so the previously familiar portions may seem too large.

    To maintain your weight, you should also keep physical activity in your daily schedule, at least at the level of morning workouts and evening runs around the house.

    The Maggi Diet is one of the few simple but effective and affordable diets. It will not only allow you to lose extra pounds, but it will also cleanse your body of poisons, improve your health and normalize your metabolism. And the lost weight won't return right away if you follow the idea of proper nutrition.