The Most Effective Exercise For Belly Weight Loss


Probably everyone has heard about body fat that occurs in anyone, regardless of gender and age, but it is important to understand that this is a serious threat to the body that should not be overlooked. The seriousness of the phenomenon is evidenced by the fact that in medicine there has even emerged a separate direction that dominates this problem - morphomedicine. Scientists around the world are exploring the causes of obesity and developing effective exercise complexes to combat it. In this article, we'll look at the causes of body fat, as well as the simple daily exercises needed for a healthy, beautiful body.

Reasons for the appearance of fat

As the topic has been sufficiently studied and still has its own medical terminology, let's consider the main factors in the appearance of fat in the waist region:

  • Eat a lot- the first and most basic reason why your body no longer suits you. First, if you constantly overeat, the person will be threatened with stomach distension and will have to eat more food again: this turns into a vicious circle. Second, with systematic feeding into the blood of women, the level of the hormone cortisone increases, which slows down the processing of fats and carbohydrates.
  • Women Can Be Disappointed by the Adrenaline Hormone- with its sharp increase, an enormous amount of insulin enters the body, which, in turn, ensures the metabolism of carbohydrates and participates in the formation of fats. Insulin synthesizes glycogen and actually contributes to the formation of glucose stores in the liver. However, its increased production does not allow the internal fat stores to be broken down.
  • visceral fat
  • Excess trans fats, contained in margarines, breads and all types of fast food, is deposited in the stomach in folds of fat. This is the most dangerous type of fat - even the most naturally slender figure will be spoiled if you consume these unhealthy foods in large quantities.
  • Men shouldn't overindulge in beer.after all, it's no secret that it's what hinders the functioning of the testosterone hormone. This characteristic male hormone effectively fights excess fat accumulation (if not controlled).
  • Did you know?Rapid weight gain after quitting has long been proven to be a myth. Smoking speeds up your metabolism, but not to the point where obesity occurs after you stop smoking.

    Why visceral fat is dangerous

    Visceral fat is more than just an accumulation of fat deposits on the sides and belly. This is the fat that coats the internal organs, impairing their function. Blood and lymph no longer circulate in sufficient volumes, oxygen flow slows down, which has serious consequences for the body:

  • A person begins to have dysfunctions in the respiratory system (shortness of breath appears), experiences an increase in fatigue.
  • There are problems with the lungs, liver, gastrointestinal tract and heart muscle.
  • There is a risk of diabetes as well as cancer.
  • Disorders of the hormonal system. As a result, it is impossible for women to conceive and have a child.
  • Contrary to the popular belief that only genetics control our bodies, science proves otherwise. The body can be bigger or thinner, but its health depends on our lifestyle. Physical activity and proper nutrition, so often talked about on TV and on the Internet, have not really lost their meaning until today.

    Exercise Efficiency Rules

    Don't neglect exercise, but if you've already gained significant amounts of body fat, then an effective set of weight-loss exercises specially selected by doctors will help. To make these simple exercises more effective, you need to do them regularly, as well as to the limit of your abilities - your muscles should be tense as much as possible.

    In addition to physical activity, adequate motivation is also needed, that is, a positive attitude. If you have a goal and are ready to reach it despite your own difficulties or the reactions of others, do any exercises with a smile and a good mood.

    thin belly

    At the same time, don't forget that the result will have to wait a while. It's possible to lose weight in a week, but it's unlikely to be ideal right away.

    Did you know?People who have lost weight sleep much better. In turn, healthy sleep promotes efficient fat burning.

    Finally, proper nutrition should become your companion for a long time to come, and better if so forever. Give up junk food like fast food, don't accumulate harmful trans fats in your body, eat more vegetables and fruits. If, out of habit, it becomes difficult to make your diet 80% of the right foods, do at least 50%: when you form the habit, increase this value.

    Weight loss exercises for beginners

    Whichever part of the body your efforts are directed at, any exercise is based on three principles: first, the warm-up, then the exercise itself, and finally the cool-down—the final part. The entire set of exercises is performed according to the "top-down" scheme and ends with stretching. When you're just starting to get into the training rhythm, it's important not to stick to the standard, but to get your body ready.

    Therefore, for the first few sessions, just do the exercise as much as you can until the tingling sensation appears in the muscles. Next, you need to take a break from breathing exercises and move on to the next exercise. Over time, your body will get used to it and 20 reps won't be harder for you.

    At home

    You don't need to spend money on gyms to lose weight. Today we'll look at what exercises should be done to achieve maximum effect fast.


    This exercise is a combination of static and dynamic loads. Proper execution ensures pumping of the midsection of the press, as well as additional tension on the muscles of the hips, spine and lower back.The simplest or most basic way to make a "bike" is as follows:

    • you lie on your back, your hands are behind your head, you press your lower back hard against the floor, your legs are bent at the knees, and you are on the floor;
    • now you need to lift your legs off the floor, working with your abdominal muscles, and lift them up (without bending your knees);
    • then your upper body comes off the floor and your task is to reach your right knee with your left elbow, take a few seconds, and then switch sides.

    It is recommended to do three sets of ten reps, with short breaks between sets - no longer than 30 seconds. Your task is to exercise your muscles slowly and in high quality.

    Among the possible mistakes during exercise, the most common and dangerous one is pulling the neck to the knees, instead of doing it with the body.

    Important!Do not fold your hands, otherwise you will increase the load on the neck and cause pain in the cervical spine.

    And remember that in this exercise we're not swinging the legs, we're swinging the abs—you shouldn't shift the main load onto them.


    The exercise is done like this:

    • starting position - lying down, hands behind your head. Loin is close to the floor, legs bent at the knees and feet pressed firmly against the floor;
    • on exhaling, we hold our breath and then lift our head and shoulders, as if pulling them towards the stomach;
    • we remain in this position for a few seconds and then return to the starting position.
    Twist exercise to slim the abdomen

    You should not try to improve the exercise and twist your body in the process of doing it: this way you may accidentally dislodge the intervertebral discs.

    Diagonal crunches with a ball

    This exercise immediately covers a whole complex of muscles: the inner thigh, the lower pressure, and the oblique muscles of the abdomen.

    It is performed standing:

    • you are holding a ball or other weight material, your arms are raised above your right shoulder, and your left leg is bent at the knee, forming a right angle to the floor;
    • exhaling, lower your hands with the ball obliquely to the left thigh, while inhaling, return them to their original position;
    • keep your back straight as well as balance, for which the indicated muscles will be used;
    • after a short pause (30-40 seconds), repeat the exercise with your right leg.
    Exercise Diagonal Crunches with the Ball


    By bridging, you force all your abdominal muscles to work, giving yourself a nice abs and a pronounced waist. There are several options for this exercise, they are quite easy. Let's consider the main ones:

  • Gradual:Lying on the floor, stretch your arms at your sides, bend your legs at the knees and place them shoulder-width apart. Then lift your hips as high as you can. Hold for a few seconds, then gently lower yourself. The exercise must be repeated at least 30 times.
  • Bridge exercise
  • Narrow:Lie down on the floor with your feet together. Forcing your gluteal muscles, lift your pelvis as much as possible. The main thing is to make sure your legs don't separate during the process.
  • A leg:starting position as in a gradual bridge. Then the right knee is pulled to the chest and secured in this position. Now you need to contract the hips of both legs, forcing your buttocks and abdomen to work. Lock in the highest possible position for 2-3 seconds and gently lower yourself. Recommends 20 sets for each leg.
  • Bridge exercise on one leg


    The board refers to exercises for static loads. This is actually a handstand, but at the same time it is necessary to keep the abdominal muscles and buttocks under tension. Your task is to stay in the correct position for as long as possible.

    Important!First, make sure you've positioned yourself correctly, and then do the exercise for a while. Otherwise, there is a danger of spinal injuries.

    The correct board is made with arms outstretched. But for beginners, an option was invented in bending elbows and locked in a lock to practice holding the body and finding balance. In this case, it is recommended to do 3-4 sets of 15 seconds at intervals of 30 seconds. Also, the time gradually increases.

    board exercise


    • elbows under shoulders, legs long and straight, socks flat on the floor;
    • the body should form a straight line, so don't lift the pelvis too high, but don't bend in the lower back either;
    • the hips are, as it were, pulled in, drawn in, the shoulders are straightened, the head looks down and straight, there is no need to turn it;
    • the pressure is tense, the buttocks too;
    • the weight is concentrated on the elbows and toes, the breathing is even - note, because due to concentration on the technique, many do not realize how they are holding their breath.

    There's also a sidebar, where you have one arm bent at the elbow and the other is right at your side. The legs are placed one on top of the other or one leg slightly in front of the other. The principle is the same - the body should form an even straight line, the pelvis is tucked up, the pressure and buttock muscles are tense. It is important to ensure that the buttocks do not relax and do not pull the body backwards, impairing balance.

    Finally, the hardest board is in the outstretched arms. It also has a straight and lateral, the execution technique is the same as in the previous exercises, only the body weight this time is concentrated in the palms of the hands and in the socks.


    This exercise has gained popularity relatively recently, but due to its high efficiency, it already has fans all over the world. The goal is to create a kind of vacuum in the abdomen:

    • you stand up straight, breathe in more air into your lungs and then exhale, pulling your stomach in as much as possible;
    • if at the same time you have the feeling that your navel is attached to your spine, then you are on the right path. So you only need to hold on for 10 seconds;
    • you need to slowly inhale air after exercise through your nose, gradually relaxing your abdominal muscles.

    Between sets (3-4 times), you need to breathe deeply several times. Of course, the vacuum is done on an empty stomach.

    This exercise is good for the transverse abs as it makes the waist more pronounced and the abdomen flatter. Since the static load is complemented by correct breathing, the effectiveness and benefits of exercise are increased.

    leg curls

    It is also called "reverse twist":

    • the starting position is the same as the normal twist;
    • now, on exhalation, it is necessary not only to pry the shoulder girdle off the floor, but also to lift the pelvis—that is, the legs and shoulders tend towards each other;
    • freeze in this position for a few moments, then exhale and take the starting position.
    • Twist exercise with leg lift

    There is a permanent twist option:

    • starting position - you stand erect, legs are put together, arms are straightened and raised;
    • then, as you exhale, you lift one leg, at the same time trying to reach your toes with your fingertips. At the same time, it is important to carry out all actions slowly, so as not to bend your back, pay attention to your outstretched arms and legs;
    • by lowering your leg, you can calmly inhale.

    Recommends 10 sets for each leg.

    Japanese technique (using a towel)

    Japanese doctor Fukutsuji's modern method helps not so much to deal with excess fat on the sides, but to return broken pelvic bones to their proper position, as well as to lengthen the spine.

    Japanese technique to reduce waist volume

    The method is based on the use of a rolled towel:

    • the roller is placed under the back at navel height for a person placed on a flat, hard surface;
    • at the same time, the arms are extended upwards, creating a straight line with the body, and the palms are turned down and placed with the little fingers together;
    • the legs are shoulder-width apart, the feet are set so that they can be pressed together with the thumbs;
    • so you only need to stay in this position for five minutes.

    The Japanese technique already brings many positive analyzes regarding the cessation of back pain and waist reduction. The method itself is based on the observation that with age, the bones of the pelvis and hypochondrium in humans begin to "scatter", and the intervertebral discs flatten out due to constant stress and the decreasing level of collagen in the body. By squeezing the bone apparatus, you help your body get in shape, because everything is interconnected. In combination with other exercises, the Japanese technique gives real results in just a week.


    Proper breathing is the key to a steady and powerful flow of oxygen in your body. Because of this, the muscles we strain to create an ideal figure work best. By spending half an hour a day on exercise and 15 minutes on breathing exercises, you will have a complex positive effect on your body.

    Breathing Exercises to Lose Belly

    The most popular ones these days are body flex and jianfei gymnastics (which literally means "lose fat" in Chinese).

    Did you know?You can gain weight by eating low-fat foods. The healthy vitamins in milk are poorly absorbed without fat. Also, low-fat foods are high in sugar.

    Bodyflex is an American adaptation of yoga to the needs of those who are losing weight. The diaphragmatic respiratory system is suitable for any age and body condition, takes very little time (15 minutes a day) and not only improves waist size but also actively combats wrinkles and fat deposits on the hips.


    The main nuances are:

    • correct exhalation through the mouth, as if you were extracting air already unnecessary from yourself;
    • a sharp, noisy inhalation through the nose with the mouth tightly closed. When the lungs are full, it is necessary to remain in this state for at least a few seconds;
    • a sharp exhalation of residual air through the mouth, pushing it out with the diaphragm and stomach. You need to push the air in sharply and quickly;
    • hold your breath (difficult phase), when you need to stop breathing with your nose and mouth, and start contracting your stomach, bringing it to your back and under your ribs;
    • inhale through your nose. When your stomach is "stuck" in your back and you can no longer run out of air, just release your muscles and relax, allowing the air to fill your lungs.

    All body flexion exercises are performed in a complex way, in the order indicated.There are many more exercises for different muscle groups, such as "cat", "swallowing", which are familiar to us from childhood, but losing half their effectiveness due to inadequate breathing.

    Jianfei is advertised as a passive weight loss technique. Breathing exercises improve metabolism, oxygenate the body, stimulate overall tone and relieve fatigue. There are several exercises in the complex: "wave", "frog" and "lotus". For example, the former reduces the feeling of hunger, which, of course, contributes to weight loss:

    • lying on the floor, bend your legs so that your feet are flat on the floor;
    • distribute palms: one on the chest, one on the stomach;
    • breathe slowly now;
    • on inhalation the stomach is contracted and on exhalation you have to try to inflate it.

    If you feel dizzy, change your breathing rate or take a break.

    cardio training

    Cardio is not about eliminating body fat, but converting glycogen stores into energy for a healthy body. These workouts only work in combination with proper nutrition, as losing weight is part of the body's recovery after exercise, as long as there is a lack of calories.

    cardio training

    The most effective ones are crossfit, various aerobics, jumping rope, swimming.

    Did you know?15 minutes of jumping rope will replace a full hour of running.

    At the gym

  • Classes in orbit (ellipsoid).Correct position - legs slightly bent, arms at chest height, head turned to the right. If you have chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, it is imperative to consult a doctor before starting classes.
  • Exercise bike.Effective on the thighs and sides, it tightens the buttocks. When leaning forward, you will work all your muscles by leaning back - just work your legs.
  • Swings on a static trainer.Standing, hold the handle, leaning slightly forward with your body. Place the leg where the emphasis is placed on the support and the free leg behind the roller. Inhale, bring the thigh of your free leg back, freeze for a few seconds, and gently return to the original position.
  • classes in orbit

    Additional loads

  • Running / brisk walking.Running is not recommended for people with a lot of weight as it puts a lot of stress on the spine and joints.
  • Leisure.Play beach volleyball, play badminton, kick the ball in the stadium. All of this will strengthen health and add strength to the body.
  • Swimming.
  • Family cycling.These are some of the best family and health-promoting moments.
  • Going up stairs or up.Joint training of muscles and respiratory system.
  • Attend boxing lessons.In addition to the overall tone, such an event will give you self-confidence.
  • City dwellers, whose bodies are weakened by constant stress and sedentary work, poor ecology and unhealthy eating, absolutely need to take care of their health. Just 30 minutes of simple exercises a day can radically change your life, you just need to choose them correctly and practice them regularly.