How to lose 10 kg a month at home

The eternal problem of how to lose 10 kg per month at home, with enviable constancy, arises before the beach and holiday season. Slowly but surely reaching your ideal weight is a tedious and tedious exercise, because you really want to get the desired result as quickly as possible.weight loss of 10 kg per month at homeAgain, do you promise to start your life over on Monday and go on a diet? Don't be surprised if nothing goes right, 10 kilos a month is no joke!

How much kg can you lose weight in a month without harming your health?

waist measurement when losing weight

The main condition for weight loss is calorie deficit. When the daily energy expenditure exceeds food intake, the body begins to draw strength from its own reserves. First, blood carbohydrates and glycogen stores are burned in the "reactor", and only then is fat fuel used.

Burning 1kg of pure fat requires a calorie deficit of 7, 700-9. 000. For the average person who consumes no more than 3, 000 Kcal per day, it is not difficult to reduce their diet by 25%, which results in a weekly savings of up to 4, 000 Kcal. The same amount can stay at the gym if you go there every day.

So by cutting nutrition a little and playing sports regularly, it is possible to earn 2 to 4 extra pounds a month. However, these numbers are very approximate. The rate of weight loss depends on a variety of factors, ranging from starting weight and level of physical fitness, ending with the individual metabolic rate.

Is it realistic to lose 10 kg in a month?

Considering that 10 kg of adipose tissue is equivalent to more than 70. 000 Kcal, it is easy to calculate that for a use in a month every day a "shortage" of about 2. 400 Kcal is necessary. Dietary restrictions alone are indispensable here: you must not eat anything, at least 800 calories a day must be received by the body.vegetables when losing weight at home play an important roleThe rest will have to be "finished" with sports: 2 hours of high intensity activities is less 1000, maximum - 1300 Kcal.

It is very difficult to maintain such a regime for a long time: firstly, strict dietary restrictions and, secondly, exhausting daily exercises. The danger of collapse, like the sword of Damocles, constantly looms over the hungry athlete, and a titanic effort is worthwhile to face temptations.

That is why the recommended rate of weight loss is about 1 kg per week for the average person who is losing weight, and a little more for those who "grew" by a centner or more. Where do the impressive results of "super diets" come from, in which people lose 10 to 12 kg per month?

These calculations take into account the burning of pure fat, however, in the weight loss process, especially the wrong one, the body also loses fluids and muscles. The first 2 to 3 kg, coming out at the beginning of the diet, are water, and not always superfluous.

Weight loss with diuretics and baths is a common practice among athletes who need to present specific numbers on the scale by a certain day. An ordinary person does not need this. No matter how tempting it is to lighten a few pounds, withdrawing water has nothing to do with losing weight - it is nothing more than self-deception.

Fast diets and high-intensity aerobic exercise provide an impressive drop. Both contribute to the destruction of muscle tissue. Since muscle is heavier than fat, muscle burn is very noticeable by weight, unlike subcutaneous stores, which are best measured in volume.

Another important factor is the initial body weight and fitness. The rate of weight loss with a weight of 60 and 120 kg differs dramatically. Pouring an extra 5 kg "for the ideal" for a relatively thin lady sometimes takes several months, while for a frankly obese person, at first the pounds "fly" in dozens.

A quick effect can be expected from those who have never limited themselves to food and led a passive lifestyle. The spoiled and shocked organism reacts to a rigid diet and sports, losing many pounds of "ballast" until it adapts to changes and slows down the process.

Experienced slimmers cannot be proud of such results. The more you go on diets, the slower and "squeakier" the weight goes away. But if you set the goal “I want to lose 10 kg per month at home at any cost”, nothing is impossible - with discipline and a willingness to endure adversity for 4 weeks.

How much should you eat to lose 10 kg in a month?

So, the task is set, it remains to answer honestly the question: what is more important, of course, to see the numbers wanted on the scale or to reduce the percentage of fat with minimal damage to the body? In the first case, any method of extreme weight loss will work; in the second, you will have to radically change your eating habits and your way of thinking.

practicing Nordic walking for weight loss at home

To understand how to properly lose 10 kg per month at home, you need to clearly determine how much you can cut food without harming your health. To start, calculate the caloric content of your usual diet, how much energy the body needs at rest (basic metabolism) and daily consumption, taking into account your lifestyle.

  1. Calorie intake requires meticulous fixation for several days: we weigh a portion, calculate its energy "cost" using the information on the package or from the calorie chart, and write it down.
  2. Basal metabolic rates depend on sex, age, weight and level of physical activity and are calculated using special formulas. You can use one of the many methods to determine individual standards or, more simply, enter the parameters in the online calculator and get a calculation done. A body of approximately 70 kilos for a young woman in a dream consumes 1, 600 kcal per day, a body of 80 kilos - 1, 800. With age, the need for energy decreases - every 10 years by 50-100 kcal.
  3. Increase the base metabolism value obtained by the activity coefficient: you need to add 20% with a passive lifestyle and 50-60% with daily training. The result is the caloric index, responsible for the stability of the current body weight.
  4. Now we determine the ideal calorie content. Let's say you eat an average of 2, 500 kcal, and your norm is 1, 900. If you reduce it, the weight will stop growing, but that is not enough to lose weight. To get the result, you will have to squeeze at least another 20% - up to 1500. And that is almost 1, 5 times less than the normal diet.

By saving 400 calories a day, you will get rid of 1. 7 kg of pure fat in one month. Isn't it impressive? Try to decrease the calorie content for the lower bar, this will represent 1. 3 kg less. The energy value cannot be reduced below 1200 Kcal, this is the minimum. Exceptionally and for a short time, it is allowed to ingest 800 Kcal. A few days of fasting a week will add another 0. 5 kg - a total of 3, 5.

Why can't you eat less and starve even less?

If the caloric content of the diet is below the minimum, the body perceives this as the beginning of hunger and turns on the energy saving mode, slowing down all metabolic processes.reducing the caloric content of the diet to less than the minimum negatively affects the bodyIn such conditions, the weight loss process inevitably stops, and the body begins to store reserves at full strength. The result is a “dead” metabolism and obesity that is difficult to correct.

Menu for weight loss of 10 kg per month

To eat 1200 Kcal a day, you can't live without scales and a calorie chart. The fact is that, without many months of experience in careful food counting, it is almost impossible to follow the established structure. Most people are very mistaken when evaluating their own consumption, trying to determine "by eye" the energy value of the diet.

For example, how to lose weight at 10 kg per month at home - 1200 to 1300 Kcal menu:

Plate Calories, Kcal
Portion of oatmeal in water (200 g) 170
Boiled egg 75
Light vegetable soup plate 100
2 green apples 150
Portion of rice 140
Chicken breast (100 g) 110
2 cups of vegetable salad 240
Kefir (glass) 110
Vegetable oil (1 teaspoon) 40
200 g of non-fat cottage cheese 140

The set of foods is distributed throughout the day by 4 to 5 meals. With a handy table or calorie calculator, you can easily create a complete and varied menu.

What eating habits will help you lose weight?

Correct diet - 80% successful weight loss. You can choose any balanced diet, follow the popular weight loss systems, just count the calories, not depriving yourself of "sweets" if they fit the daily norm. Sooner or later, this will bring results, as long as you don't need to lose 10 kg in a month.

For maximum effect, it's not just the calories that matter, but also when and what products they come from. There are principles here:

  1. Water. When trying to lose weight, you should not give up fluids. On the contrary, at least 1, 5 - 2 liters must be supplied. We are talking about clean water, excluding teas, soups, juices, which are food from a nutritional point of view. Drink the first glass in the morning before breakfast.drinking pure water is mandatory to lose weight at homeThe liquid allows the body to remove degradation products from adipose tissue, participate in metabolic processes and help control appetite.
  2. Breakfast. He should be within half an hour after waking up. The first meal starts the metabolism and provides energy until lunch time. A full breakfast is not a cup of coffee with croissants, but a balanced mix of proteins and slow carbohydrates.
  3. Carbohydrates. The main source of human energy during the diet can have only one form - complex or slow. No sugar, explicit or implicit, sweets, baked goods, bread, starchy vegetables. You can and should - whole grains, side dishes, but not for dinner.
  4. Proteins. The main nutrient that allows maintaining muscle mass during the diet and with strength exercises - to build it and, therefore, increase the basic caloric expenditure. Protein should be included in any meal and in the evening - in a fat-free form.
  5. Fats. They cannot be completely discarded, but they must be limited. Give preference to vegetable oils and fatty fish.
  6. Glycemic index. High GI foods cause an increase in insulin and cause an increase in fat deposition. Avoid fluctuations in insulin and blood sugar levels - don't take long breaks between meals (3 hours is the maximum). Replace foods with fast carbohydrates with less harmful equivalents: buckwheat instead of rice, apple instead of banana.
  7. Dinner. The lightest meal of the day, consisting mainly of lean protein - cottage cheese, chicken breast, protein powder. You can combine it with herbs and fresh vegetable salad. Don't eat after 18: 00? Forget this rule. If you go to bed at midnight, be sure to have a snack from 9 pm to 10 pm.
  8. Fiber. Insoluble dietary fiber reduces appetite, reduces the GI of meals, adsorb toxins and excess fats in the digestive tract. The best source of fiber is raw and green vegetables. It is advisable to include it with all meals.

These are general guidelines for healthy eating, but some weight loss systems offer their own rules, which sometimes contradict them. If you decide to follow any author's method, follow his principles - the creators are sure to have an explanation for each tour.

Diets for weight loss of 10 kg per month

Diets help a lot in normalizing and maintaining shape. However, few techniques are designed so that they can be safely followed for a long time. The most effective diets are designed for a short period of time and are suitable for the first stage - for rapid weight loss.

Buckwheat diet

A popular diet to lose 10 kg a month at home is buckwheat. For 2 to 3 weeks, buckwheat in unlimited quantities takes the place of the main food product.

buckwheat diet for weight loss at home

Eat as much buckwheat as you want and when you want throughout the day. Drink low-fat kefir during breaks. With a painful feeling of hunger, you can chew a pair of prunes and dried apricots, and this is the list of dishes.

This diet is not healthy, but like most mono diets, buckwheat is very popular because of its effectiveness. Having resisted for 10 to 20 days, you will get rid of 10 kg. After that, you need to switch to a proper diet so as not to gain what was lost. If during the diet you feel severe tiredness, apathy, dizziness, then this option is not for you. Well-being is essential.

Five parts

lean meat for weight loss at home

The essence of the diet is to distribute a set of foods from 5 groups to 5 meals. Take a small plate and fill it with plates - one from each category:

  1. Proteins: white chicken, seafood, low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat cheese, lean meat.
  2. Carbohydrates: rice, buckwheat, millet and other cereals, unsweetened fruits, vegetables.
  3. Fats: nuts, olives, olive oil, fatty fish.
  4. Fiber: bran, whole grain bread.
  5. Liquid: teas, natural juices, vitamins, soy milk.

The diet is quite tough, but effective. For a greater effect, physical activity is required.

Minus 60

system products minus 60 for weight loss at home

The "Minus 60" system is not a diet in the conventional sense, but a method to lose weight, which must be followed constantly. The changes occur consistently and do not contain strict prohibitions, which guarantees fans of the system breaks and a return to gluttony. But when 10 kg in 30 days is at stake, gradualism can be neglected by the immediate introduction of strict rules:

  1. Cut portions using only small plates.
  2. Remove all trash from view.
  3. To get used to full breakfasts: oatmeal, plain yogurt without chemical fillings, chicken fillet with a slice of bread.
  4. The best side dishes are rice and buckwheat.
  5. Potatoes are fine, but as a separate meal. The soups in the broth are cooked without potatoes.
  6. Noodles - only in the morning.
  7. Fried is bad.
  8. Most foods are allowed until noon. Of course, if you need to lose 10 kg a month, this permission should not be abused.
  9. For lunch, you should limit the set of dishes and portions. Fruits can be eaten in the morning.
  10. Dinner - until 18-00, afterwards - not allowed. Those who do not have time do not dine.

The system provides for mandatory physical activities - without them, the process will be slower.

Slimming exercises

Without sports, it is almost impossible to lose ten pounds in a month. Based on the calculations, the energy costs for exercise should be 800 to 1, 500 calories:

cycling is one of the exercises to lose weight
  1. Aerobic exercise is responsible for burning fat: running, swimming, cycling, skiing and walking.
  2. Exercise at an average heart rate. If the pulse is too low, the load is insufficient; very high - the body goes into a catabolic mode and destroys its own muscles.
  3. Duration of training - one and a half hours. Fat begins to burn after 40 minutes of continuous exercise.
  4. It is advisable to switch between different sports, intensity and duration of training so that the body does not have time to adapt.

Take L-carnitine 30 minutes before class and take a second dose during aerobics. This amino acid helps to eliminate fats quickly and efficiently, but the supplement only works with physical activity. Drinking is useless without training.

The most "fat burning" exercises for a 70 kg person in Kcal for 1 hour:

body weight exercises are suitable for losing weight at home
  • ascending stairs - 900;
  • running at a speed of 16 km / h - 750;
  • ice skating - 770;
  • cross country race - 600;
  • fast tracking swim - 570;
  • hydrogymnastics - 530;
  • pedaling at a speed of 20 km / h - 540;
  • skipping rope - 540.

To lose weight faster, it is desirable to increase the basal metabolic rate. And there is only one way to do this: by increasing muscle mass. At home, strength exercises with their own weight, dumbbells, barbell, expander are suitable. In the gym, simulators and machines will come to your rescue.

There is no need to be afraid of a "pumped" body

To get muscles like a bodybuilder, you need to work out with huge weights. A simple weight loss will provide muscle strengthening and relief, which will benefit any figure. The force load allows to "shape" a strong elastic body. The only problem is that the muscles are heavier than fat, the arrow on the scale may not suit you. But you can enjoy the effect visually in the mirror and on loose clothing.

If. despite all your efforts, you cannot lose weight, stop making fun of your body and get in touch with a specialist - a therapist and an endocrinologist to begin with. Your doctor can help you by prescribing a medication to control your appetite. These drugs are only available on prescription and work at the CNS level. In case of endocrine disorders, hormonal correction may be necessary. In severe cases, gastric banding and other methods of treating obesity, including surgery, are indicated.

Another popular product among those who lose weight is Orlistat. The drug blocks the absorption of dietary fats in the intestines and reduces calorie intake. However, it has an unpleasant side effect - diarrhea and stearing. These medications are medications and are taken under medical supervision. As for all types of dietary supplements for burning fat, their effectiveness and safety have not been proven by anyone.

Weight loss assessments

Comment # 1

“As my husband says, quitting is easy, I quit hundreds of times. I have the same thing with weight loss. I dieted a hundred times, I dropped 10 to 15 kg. I rejoiced for a few months and then went back to recruiting, also with a makeweight.

Tired, I decided not to run anymore and just change my diet.

Without much effort, I threw 10 kg in 1, 5 months. I stopped eating after 6 and started studying at home in front of the TV. I am still eating right, there are still 20 to go ”.

Comment # 2

In general, I decided to lose weight like normal people - on a diet. I sat in the buckwheat, angry as a dog, hungry, but I lost 7 kilos. Less than a month later, everything came back and, most importantly, the weight is growing. I pulled - pulled, but even so I went to the endocrinologist.