How to lose 7 kg in a week

"Modest" desire - a skeptic will realize when he knows that in just one week you can lose up to 7 kg of excess weight.

And you will not believe in "miracles". The skeptic is wrong: after 7 days, you can claim the implied title "Miss Grace".

You just need to be patient and work hard.

How to lose 7 kg in a week - several recommendations

how to lose 7 kg in a week

How to achieve an ideal complexion, how to lose 7 kg in a week - not every girl who is complex because of obesity, or a woman of the "Balzac age" who "put on weight" in her fifties, You know.

For more than a dozen years, nutritionists have been intrigued by weight loss issues. But they all came to the same conclusion.

A balanced diet, daily exercise, plus moderate physical activity - and excess weight start to leave your body quickly.

And on weekends - walk to your places of origin with a backpack on your back, participation in cultural and sporting events.

It is impossible to lose weight simply by avoiding high calorie meals. It is very important to include exercises as well. All of this combined will give excellent results.

Foods for rapid weight loss - what to look for

Generally, there are established rules for losing weight, with item number one being nutrition.

Many people think it is just Hercules oats in the morning, more vegetables throughout the day, low-fat dairy products - and no sweets, or almost none, to avoid fatty and smoked meats.

But those who endure such "torture" on their own body for a long time, when you want to eat constantly, but want to lose 7 kg in a week.

One day passes, then another, and you, waving your hand at everything, return to your previous way of life, feeding your body with foods prohibited in the diet. The so-called "break" occurs.

You have already forgotten your goal - how to lose 7 kg in a week. And after a few days, standing in front of the mirror, and looking at your figure, you realize that, unfortunately, "Miss Grace" - that doesn't apply to your skin.

Why is this happening? It is scientifically proven that the human body needs a certain amount of carbohydrates, fats and other nutrients.

Without obtaining them for a certain period, the body depletes its reserves and undergoes stress. Then, when you let go and eat everything you have wanted for so long, the accumulation process occurs.

The body restores everything that was lost and tries to save it immediately. As a result, you will gain 2 pounds more than before you lost weight.

It is very important to develop specific activities just for you, taking into account the needs of your body.

  • Start by making a rough plan for the entire period during which you will lose weight. In that case, that plan must be developed for 7 days - for now. But if your implementation is successfully completed, then you can develop a one-month, six-month plan. And you won't need it for a year, because a healthy lifestyle will become a simple necessity for you, and not drawing up a "plan because of a plan".
  • Read the literature specializing in nutritional issues. It is best if the diet is developed by a nutritionist.

And in just 7 days to lose a few extra pounds that spoil your body.

Developing a daily diet to lose 7 kg in a week

nutritional rules to lose weight per week on 7 kg

The accumulation of fat in the body is carried out depending on the number of calories that enter it. Fatty, baked, sweet foods in large quantities (I want and will) with a sedentary lifestyle lead to a disastrous result - a classic merchant's wife per 100 pounds.

How to lose 7 kg in a week is a "sore point" issue that doesn't leave you alone. Let's find out.

Losing weight in just a few days will help:

  • balanced, frequent and small portions of food according to the diet (but not to the point of being exhausted);
  • an increase in the diet of vegetables and fruits;
  • adequate water intake (1. 5 to 2 liters per day).

What about your appetite? If you have chosen the right diet, the feeling of hunger should not bother you.

Continue to feed your body cereal grains: barley, oats, buckwheat (in fact, very caloric and very tasty), introduce plenty of vegetables and fruits in your daily diet.

In addition, in the summer they are cheap and saturated with essential nutrients for the body, vitamins, minerals.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, raw and cooked beets, parsley, dill, celery, green onion feathers and so on - must be constantly present in your daily diet.

The salads are seasoned with aromatic sunflower and olive oil. And no smoked meats, so you will no longer remember them, how you once forgot cream cakes, which were the favorite delicacies.

Only rye bread, preferably not very soft and in reasonable quantity.

The menu should be prepared for every day, taking into account all possible dietary dishes with daily use of salads. To achieve the desired goal of losing weight, you just need to gain a little stamina and patience.

Daily physical education to achieve the desired goal

Famous people and models have more than once demonstrated classic examples of weight loss, appearing before fans almost with a new look after losing excess weight.

An ordinary woman finds an example to follow in them, but she doesn't know how to lose 7 kg in a week.

For example, a famous singer, according to magazines, managed to lose 35 kg of excess weight in one month and looked in great shape on TV screens.

But there are no special secrets to losing weight. In addition to a balanced diet, it is also necessary to develop daily physical education.

The morning should start with a brief warm-up, including:

exercise for weight loss per week on 7 kg
  • running;
  • a complex of light physical exercises.

In the evening or immediately after work, it is useful to visit the gym. Here you can choose between strength training, which promotes intense fat burning, and gym classes, which strengthen and tension muscle mass.

Mandatory running before bed. If there is no stadium or park nearby, you can take a walk around the house.

Take 45-60 minutes to daily training, and at the end of the week you will notice how physical education in combination with a developed diet will make your figure slim, fit and attractive.

The heart beat with more joy, the whole body felt light, and you continue to follow the chosen path, already knowing how to lose 7 kg in a week.