How to lose weight without dieting

Diet has a strong influence on our weight and the surrounding area. If we restrict ourselves to strict again, the body perceives it as a threat and moves to the economical consumption of calories. And even if a hedgehog again begins to flow in the right quantity - it continues for some time by inertia to work in "slow motion". Hence quick return of weight, that is nutrition called the "pendulum effect".


This happens even with those who are after the diet begins to monitor the size of the portions. The only real app to lose weight - move more and stick to the principles of healthy eating. And to slightly speed up the process, you can resort to some tricks.

For example, once a week to enter in the menu a new rule. The first week it can be: among other things, you ate ages for 5 fruits and vegetables a day. Goal next week - don't drink soda and alcohol. The next step is to eat less sweet and starchy foods: if you stop z Adazi every day for cake (500 calories), then for a week you can lose 0.5 kg.

Choose those dishes that are cooked on the grill, in the oven or steamed, avoiding fried and fatty sauces. Watch the portion size.

Each of us, gradually gaining vagu absolutely convinced that you can lose weight at any time, is wanted. Because there are a lot of effective drugs, devices, pills, powders, drinks.... Yes how many diets, in the end, helped lose weight, we think, very many people! Only when the hour comes really start to get hell extra pounds, the real understanding of the futility of all efforts.

Anyone who is reading this article can ask the question: "how many diets have you tried? How much thinner and over time it is? And after an exhausting diet you gained extra pounds?" Yes sorry, most of you on my own experience, I decided to try all the available methods. And only now, after the body finally refused to obey all your whims, picking up the crowbar and hell even normal water, the hour has come of this work.

You are one of those people who realized in time - you need to lose weight correctly, without exhausting diets and strenuous exercise. After all, any diet - it's a shock to the body. You voluntarily subject yourself to additional stress, which will certainly affect General health. How to lose weight without dieting? Let's, for starters, a simple out - where does the extra weight and who's to blame. Often the understanding of their own mistakes helps to understand the situation and to take timely necessary measures.

Why we get fat?

why we gain weight

Each person who wants to lose weight, have their own explanation for why he quickly gets fat and loses weight very slowly. Genetic predisposition, disturbed metabolism, age, sedentary lifestyle, commitment is so "sweet" and more is quite reasonable and understandable excuse. In fact, the main reason for rapid weight gain in the majority of cases is disruption of the internal balance of metabolic processes in the body (besides genetic predisposition).

What does it mean? To ensure proper operation of all body functions we always need nutrients and energy resources that come from food. After all, what is a hedgehog? It is primarily the energy for every cell in our entire. Hedgehog need to consider from this point of view. However, the uncontrolled consumption of a wide variety of products leads to what is the necessary set of substances we are simply "sakerligen" the body excessive amount of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, which has nowhere to go but to create body fat. Of the common AB the pit of incoming substances, our body takes the necessary, and all the other "lays in reserve."

Good, if you ensure that food was present all the essential trace elements. The balance is disturbed in the case when the food is monotonous and it is present in larger quantity one - the protein, fat, or too much food with carbohydrates. If the body lacks something, suffers the internal organs and deteriorating General condition. Thus, if you want to lose weight without dieting, you need to start to eat right and to reconsider their preferences and favorite foods.

What is the secret to losing weight without dieting

All we need, nature has put in us from birth, it is only necessary to dispose of it. However, with age, the phenomena appear and accumulate habits of which we do not want or can not, be abandoned. One of these habits - tasty hedgehog. It is very difficult to voluntarily give up something good just because of the extra candy or slice of cake too many calories and your calorie limit for today has been exhausted. Nothing terrible, calm yourself in this situation, many people, tomorrow I will not eat.... And tomorrow phenomenon there is a new temptation, by which it is so difficult to pass.

The energy obtained from food the person consumes mental and physical activity, the recovery of cells, ensuring the health of all internal organs, etc. Each product is energy or, in other words, it's the calories that provide us the opportunity to live. When a person receives more calories than you consume the body - he's recovering. Accordingly, it is easy to conclude that when calories consumed is less than expended, the person loses weight. This rule can be called a simplified answer to the question: "How to lose weight without dieting?". The number of calories must be less than the recommended daily intake.

Today it is quite easy to self-calculate your daily diet for a calories. On the Internet (including on this site) there is a huge amount of resources available and consistently explaining the entire process of calculation. However, remember not to harm your health, you need to consider the age, lifestyle, health status and other factors influencing the optimal number of calories consumed.

the mechanism of weight loss

The mechanism of weight loss without dieting and heavy physical exertion

The basis to lose weight without dieting lies in two main rules - balanced diet and the consumption of fewer calories than the body needs. At first glance, it seems that these rules are quite simple. However, very often people make a lot of mistakes that bring to naught all attempts to regain a beautiful slim body and, thus, not to lose health.

What are the main difficulties? The main difficulty, as always, lies in the extremes. Having set a clear goal - to lose weight at any cost, one begins to sharply reduce the amount of calories restricting your food and beverages. This is an extremely wrong approach, which must be avoided. Your body will not dramatically change lanes and "Express" smoke dissatisfaction in unexpected ways (nervous disorders, skin rash, unpleasant painful symptoms in the stomach or intestines, etc.).

If you are really interested in long-term, sustainable results start to engage your body, consciously thinking about each step. Think carefully about the daily menu, which will be harmoniously combined with essential micronutrients, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Calculate the minimum consumption of calories and reduce them gradually.

Not to doubt the selection of products, consult a competent nutritionist that will help you to choose the right grocery cart and tell you what high calorie foods should be eliminated from your diet completely, and which can be replaced by less harmful. Be sure to revisit your habits and make appropriate conclusions. Because of the lifestyle that you were but this hour brought you and overweight, and, as a consequence, and so deteriorating health.

The sooner you begin to listen to your body, the faster you will become slim, beautiful and cheerful person. Weight always results and problems in the cardiovascular region, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, the urogenital system and the respiratory system. Can we call this life? But you have everything you need to improve the quality of life.

How to tune in to losing weight without dieting

Everyone who though time in life tried something to limit, knows very well how it can be difficult. Especially difficult given the limitations in food. Accustomed never afford anything not to deny, the person is in a situation where he is morally weak had the choice - to lose weight or lose health and beauty. What to do in this case?

how to lose weight

There are some simple techniques by which you will definitely find the strength and will bring it Yes its logical conclusion. After a little while, with some effort, you yourself will be able to tell others how to lose weight without dieting. First of all, it is important to know exactly now is the moment when you have something to give and something to sacrifice. Longer to delay and to postpone the problem "for later" is impossible.

If you still doubt - simple undress and look at myself in the full length mirror. Impressive, isn't it? Are you sure you want to continue to "get" flabby layers of fat, loose skin, stretch marks and rasplyvetsya forms? Usually, such a sight helps to quickly set the main priorities in life. And to make it easier to psych up, use the following psychological techniques:

  • do not torment yourself daily with counting calories, think over and calculate menu to several Zen so it will be easier to get used to the new diet;
  • do not deprive yourself of favorite foods - simple, replace them with low-calorie;
  • think of the process of weight loss as an exciting game - every day set a goal, reached it, will reward (the reward you can think of any, connect imagination);
  • visualize yourself in your thoughts - every day, closing for a few moments your eyes and imagine yourself slim (or slender if you are a man), flexible, beautiful, elastic body, in a refined stylish clothing;
  • during the meal take your time, chew well and "listen" to the taste of each product;
  • the rule is to move more, because the basic squats or bends can be done not only at designated training hours, and talking on the phone or during commercials (if you watch TV);
  • pay attention to your surroundings, people with whom you communicate, have to maintain your quest;
  • in the store do not go on an empty stomach, this will help to keep a hell of a temptation to buy "bad" foods and will save you money.

Under no circumstances, do not give up a hell conceived and follow its own new rules of life. After lose weight, you will not only have a beautiful figure and improve health and raise their self-esteem. Pride for themselves, for their iron willpower will give you strength for new deeds.

What's stopping you to lose weight

Most people, having time to think about adding extra pounds, for some reason do not. What prevents to start to stay fit? Each person is overweight a to this question may your own reply. Usually, the answers are often not the phenomena are real reasons but rather excuses invented to justify their own inaction.

One of the most common excuses - poor health and condition. Of course, if you do have problems with the heart, lung, or stomach, you should not abruptly change their habits and lifestyle. However, this is not a reason to refuse Ada weight loss. It excess weight often leads to disruption of the internal organs of the body. If you managed to bring yourself Yes this state, have courage and find the strength to lose weight. The more that you will be losing weight correctly, without dieting and without strenuous exercise. Remember yourself whole, healthy person and put aside all doubts.

The next excuse that allows you to continue to gain Vaga - quality products are expensive. And indeed it is. But because they are expensive that quality. And how much are the medications that s skin the extra kilos you will need more and more? And then, to use in hedgehog high-quality products, this does not mean that you have to buy them by the ton. Even if you really want ate to eat something more, you do not come out, otherwise you will get more calories than you need. Yes besides during weight loss daily calorie intake does not increase, but decreases.

Another common reason for not losing weight - the lack of free time. Some people sincerely believe that they have no time to engage in such nonsense as to think for themselves a balanced diet and count the calories in each dish.

diet for weight loss

With this attitude and the extra weight, these people are very fast phenomena will be quite enough free time not only for weight loss, but also for the treatment of comorbidities of excess weight.

Sooner or later every man there comes a time when you have to admit to his own mistakes. In the case of excess weight it is better to admit it sooner than later.

While it is possible to lose weight without much psychological turmoil and physical limitations, we must act decisively, not sparing himself and not indulging his whims.