Diet for gastritis: menus, recipes, and eating habits

Many people think that recipes for gastritis can be interesting and delicious dishes. However, it is not so. Diet suffering from this disease can not be worse than in healthy people. Diet for gastritis — is not a sentence, and proper organization of the diet.

product group

The peculiarities of nutrition for gastritis

A characteristic feature of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract of the phenomenon is that pain syndromes disappear with a meal. Meals for gastritis of the stomach may, the number of features.

  • Meals should be frequent: the gap between the meal should be 2 hours.
  • The hedgehog should go into the stomach in small portions.
  • The range should not be a large number of acute, salty, smoked, spicy, overly sour foods.
  • A hedgehog should not be rough in consistency.
  • Serves should be warm.
  • A hedgehog needs to be easily digested and leaves the stomach cavity.
  • Prohibited fasting days and hunger (not diet).

Considering all these features, it is necessary to construct so a diet for gastritis, so he was gentle, diet, balanced, rich in vitamins and minerals.

Permitted foods for gastritis

The list of products permitted for patients with gastritis, is quite wide. The most stringent constraints are required only during periods of acute inflammation. In the period of remission minimum. Look at what you can eat with the disease:

  • Bread and pastries. Bread is recommended to use only Bella and baking yesterday. Occasionally you can't eat butter tarts, dry biscuits, cake.
  • Dairy products. Allowed low-fat milk, small quantities of cream, butter (filling food). Allowed fresh cottage cheese, but mostly cooked, s cheese you can make puddings, dumplings, cheese cakes (but frying anything is not necessary, steamed or in the oven). Dairy products are very useful in the same or a reduced level of secretion.
  • Cereals. Allowed oatmeal, buckwheat, semolina. From cereals cooked oatmeal, grits should be well seethe.
  • Vegetables. Allowed use of vegetables containing rough cellulose. This zucchini, potatoes, cauliflower, beets, carrots. Tomatoes can be eaten if tolerated. Vegetables used mainly in boiled form.
  • Eggs. Are allowed to eat quail and chicken eggs. It is recommended to prepare omelettes or boiled soft-boiled.
  • Meat and fish. Menu patients must be wiry and lean products. Preference should be given minced food. You can also good to tenderize meat or to extinguish it.
  • Fruit. Allowed to use non-acidic fruit in the raw. You can also cook a baked Apple, cook compotes, jellies, jelly, mousses.
  • Sweets. Sweet foods you can eat when in remission. Allowed jam, marshmallow, candy, honey.
  • Drinks. You can drink homemade jelly, stewed fruit, not too strong tea. Useful chamomile tea or tea brewed from herbs.

What foods are banned for gastritis?

Diet for gastritis or pancreatitis involves strict ban on such food as:

  • semi-finished products,
  • fatty meat and fish,
  • bacon or bacon
  • fast food,
  • sharp,
  • salt,
  • marinated
  • fried,
  • bakery products,
  • whole grains,
  • strong coffee or tea
  • sodas.

Poached egg

poached egg

Gastritis of any form allowed boiled eggs, scrambled eggs. Fried eggs and hard boiled eggs is prohibited. Poached eggs will be a nice variety Yes Breakfast is fast and simple.


  • eggs – 1-2 pieces;
  • water;
  • salt;
  • a drop of lemon juice;
  • a slice of dried white bread.
  1. Boil in a saucepan water, salt, add lemon juice, reduce the heat so the water is not boiling.
  2. Carefully break the egg into a Cup, the yolk should be intact.
  3. Stir the water in the pan so that the center of the crater, and into it pour the egg.
  4. Continue to gently stir until completely will not curdle the protein, the yolk will turn liquid.
  5. With a slotted spoon gently remove egg, place on a slice of bread.

Submit a poached egg can be any of the allowed herbs, vegetables, fresh or stewed.

Casserole with gastritis with minced meat and potatoes

Nutrition for gastritis does not eat fried cutlets, Hello casserole W ground beef and potatoes can replace them.

casserole with potatoes

You will need:

  • 500 grams of potatoes;
  • 500 grams of minced meat;
  • 1 Cup milk;
  • salt to taste.


  1. Peel potatoes, boil and ready to crush, mix with hot milk, and salted it.
  2. Minced salt and a little put out in the water.
  3. Take a baking pan, grease the bottom with butter, spread an even layer of mashed potatoes. Lay on top of stuffing. Submit the form in the oven for half an hour.
  4. Casserole is ready!

Cottage cheese casserole

Delicious Abed was filed, and about Breakfast-we forgot. The recipe for this casserole will impress even the most avid sweet lover, because together with sweet berries or honey your meal will turn into a real celebration.

You will need:

  • Low-fat yogurt – 200 ml;
  • Cottage cheese – 200 g;
  • Semolina — 70;
  • Egg – 1 piece;
  • Baking powder – a pinch;
  • Salt, sugar – to taste.

Grated cottage cheese through a sieve mix in the yogurt, semolina, egg and baking powder. The obtained homogeneous mass is placed in a container and leave in the oven for 25-30 minutes at 180 degrees. Serve with berries, honey or sour cream. Bon appetit!


And what is afternoon tea without jelly!

You will need:

  • Sweet berries – 500 g
  • Starch – 100 g;
  • Water – 3 liters;
  • Sugar – 300 g

In a saucepan bring the water let it boil, Dada sugar and berries. In another vessel carefully stir the starch in cold water and mix with berries. To good effect the jelly should cook for 10 minutes. Serve warm or cool look. Bon appetit!

Soup W cauliflower"

the cauliflower soup

You need to take a small head of cabbage and remove the leaves. After the vegetables you want to wash and divide into florets. Received inflorescences of cabbage boiled in 1, 5 liters of lightly salted water for 3-5 minutes. Distances take 1 tsp flour and fry it with the addition of a small amount of cabbage broth in the pan, remove the resulting sauce after boiling.

In a blender make cabbage soup and puree, pre-adding flour sauce and 1 tbsp. of boiled milk. In the slightly cooled dish Dada 1 egg, whipped cream – 60 g

"Souffles h beef"

In order to prepare this dish, you want good cook 200 g of beef and pass it through a meat grinder or in a blender. Then, the resulting meat souffle add 15-20 grams of butter and 1 chicken egg yolk, then stirred the contents. The remainder of the protein eggs need to beat h 70 g of milk and add to meat. The obtained minced meat steamed, it turns out very tasty and healthy dish.

Steamed meatballs with rice

To cook a delicious steam cakes, you can use minced chicken or beef W Turkey. Recipe of steam cutlets, secure with gastritis, prevents the addition of the minced raw onion, garlic and spices. Yes minced meat, add egg, a little salt, and the cakes were not too dry, 2-3 slices of a loaf soaked in milk and put the bread mixture into meat.

From it, form small patties and cook in a double boiler or a pan without oil, periodically adding to the bottom of the water.

As a garnish you can cook rice porridge. To her the taste was unusual, in the pic you can add vegetables, cut into small cubes: carrots, pumpkin, zucchini, some green peas. In the finished porridge add the butter. Salt when cooking rice, use a minimal.

"Quenelles of pike-perch"

To prepare dumplings you need to take 100 g walleye, clean it, divide in half and cook half. If welded, the fish has cooled, it is necessary to grind and mix with the other remaining half of the perch (raw). With 1-2 tsp of flour and 50 g of milk to prepare a thick sauce that is then mixed with fish, oil and 1 egg yolk. The dish is prepared in a water bath before serving you can sprinkle dumplings with small amount of melted butter.

Vegetable stew

Vegetable dishes can be prepared quite tasty, however, they will not lose their benefit. Among the many recipes diet for inflammation of the gastric mucosa best is considered to be a vegetable stew.


  • zucchini (young);
  • potatoes — two pieces;
  • carrots — one piece.
  • cauliflower — two hundred grams;
  • oil; salt.

Carrot grate, chop the onion. A few minutes to cook vegetables on low heat. Add water. Zucchini peel and cut into cubes, chop cabbage, add to the stew. Cover with a lid. Simmer fifteen minutes, add salt and turn off. You can use mild seasonings.

Souffle W carrots W cheese

For the preparation of this dish cut into small pieces carrots, pour milk and cooked, Yes cooked. Then she rubbed and mixed with cottage cheese. Add in the mass of sugar, egg yolk, semolina and mix. Protein is whipped into foam, gently interfere in the bulk. The resulting mixture in the form, greased with butter, cook for a couple of yeah ready. Per serving: carrot 150 g of cheese 50 g, 50 g milk, 10 g sugar, ½ eggs, 5 g butter, 10 g of semolina, 1 g of salt.

Broth with meatballs

Welded h meat ready broth is filtered through a sieve, the meat is cleaned hell of tendons and passed through a meat grinder. Squeezed bread, dipped in water, is added and the meat, again passed through a meat grinder. Perforated ulcer of stomach and duodenum. The mixture needs a little salt and make it into 8-10 equal balls. Cook meatballs in a small amount of water and readiness, to submit to the strained broth. One portion 67 grams of meat, 10 grams of bread, broth 400 g, 5 g greens, salt and 1 g.

Buckwheat "Special"

This side dish is different hell the usual buckwheat. To prepare you need:

  • butter — 20 g;
  • buckwheat — 50 g;
  • salt to taste.

Necessary to restore strength and body.

You first need to sort, rinse the buckwheat under running water and dry with paper towel. Dalia, grind in a coffee grinder or blender into a fine crumb, sift and dip into boiling water for 15 minutes. Ready mix salt, add butter. Serve in a deep dish. If desired, garnish with a sprig of dill or parsley.

Oatmeal in a slow cooker

Diet for gastritis is very important, and this dish is perfect for Breakfast. It will saturate the body and give you strength for the day. For cooking oatmeal you will need:

  • oatmeal — 200 g;
  • butter — 20 g;
  • milk (skimmed) — 500 ml;
  • salt and sugar — to taste.

First of all, you need to prepare the bowl of the slow cooker: thoroughly grease with butter. Distances, cover the oatmeal in a container, pour milk and add spices to taste. Hours of cooking — about 25 minutes "mess." In the finished porridge can add berries and fruits, allowed for gastritis.

Delicious recipes for gastritis of the stomach and extensive menu for a week

To get rid of a hell of gastritis without lifestyle changes is almost impossible, ill definitely prescribed a diet and doing it will have long hours. The patient's condition after treatment will depend, including hell as he will eat.

Will have to give hell to many usual dishes, such as hell, fried fish, fried meatballs, nourishing borscht and okroshka. Hello the diet of the patient is quite diverse, so you need to learn healthy recipes for gastritis to prepare meals that will promote a more rapid recovery.

A particular diet for gastritis

features diet

A patient of gastritis should be a complete diet. Nutrition for gastritis should be diverse, but at the same time, gentle. Used food should not have harmful effects on the area of inflammation.

In addition, it should be easy to digest, so the authorities had to work with the increased load. The basic principles of diet in disease of the stomach:

  • Mechanical sparing. In the acute phase should be used protertia meals semi-liquid consistency. Ideal these types of food, such as soup, liquid procardia porridge, meat or vegetable puree. But hard foods, like nuts and a hedgehog, consisting of coarse fiber, should be excluded. In the diet of the patient should not be baking, made with bran, some vegetables (rutabaga, radish), sinewy meat. Categorically excluded grilled or baked crust.
  • The thermal sparing. Ideally, a hedgehog, served the sick, should be a temperature. So hot dishes you need to eat slightly chilled, the optimum temperature of 38-40. Will have to give hell in the habit of drinking hot tea, you need to cool give. Hello and cold dishes appeal to the irritation of the mucous layer, so the hell ice cream is better to abstain.
  • Chemical sparing. Removed from the diet all sharp and sour. Strictly prohibited to drink alcohol.

Recipes for every day


What food for gastritis can you cook? First, for cooking should only use approved products. PA is different, you cannot use this technique of cooking like roasting, frying, breaded, cooking on an open fire. In the process of making the product should not form a solid crust.

It is recommended to use such technique of cooking, how cooking, including steaming, braising (without roasting), roasting in foil or special packages.

Tip! To prepare meals for a patient with gastritis very convenient to use modern kitchen appliances – steamer and slow cooker.

When choosing recipes for gastritis it is important to pay attention to the composition of the used spices. When you have a stomachache you should not use spicy seasonings. Menu for gastritis must be varied and nutritious, it is not necessary to cook every day the same meals. Caloric intake is determined by individual parameters – age, weight, level of physical activity.

Tip! For a patient with gastritis daily is recommended to prepare fresh hedgehog, store, ready meals is undesirable.


The use of dietary foods for gastritis mandatory condition of recovery. Cooking in the morning should not take a long time, so choose recipes that require minimum effort. The Breakfast are good the following dishes:

  • Porridge. Advised to cook porridge on the water, and in the finished dish, add milk. It is useful to eat porridge of buckwheat, semolina, oatmeal. Porridge can be served with the addition of fresh fruit (bananas, apples, pears), but this option is meals fit for the period of remission.
  • Eggs. You can prepare scrambled eggs steam (or bake the omelet in the oven) or cook a soft-boiled egg.
  • Dish of cottage cheese. S fresh cottage cheese baked puddings, cheesecakes, puddings, steamed or in the oven.

As a treat you can serve tea with milk, chamomile tea, sing a s of chicory with milk.


Gastritis recipes first dishes are quite diverse. It is recommended to cook vegetables, cereals, noodle soups. In the preparation of the excluded pre-roasting (stabilizing) vegetables. Cook the soup on the water or in weak and low-fat broth. You can cook dairy and fruit soups. Very useful soups.

The second dishes are prepared with meat, fish or vegetables. It can be steam cutlets, meatballs, dumplings. You can make casseroles or stews. Vegetables served boiled, preferably in the form of puree.

Tip! When cooking vegetables in it add the cream in a small amount or a small piece of butter.



Dinner must be light. It may be steamed fish. You can also cook a chicken or a dish of cottage cheese. Recommended serves of vegetables.

Do not assume that diet definitely tasteless and unappetizing. You can find many delicious recipes which you can prepare meals for patients with gastritis.

Recipes for a week

Examples of diet recipes for gastritis will help to create a healthy menu for a week for the patient. Understand what meals can be prepared so as not to create stress on a sick stomach. Here is an example menu with recommendations for cooking. The five-single food is recommended, but the portions should not be more than 300 ml.


  • omelet of two eggs and milk to cook this dish is recommended in the molds for a couple;
  • baked Apple with cottage cheese;
  • in Abed is recommended to apply the first dishes soups well saturated and easy to digest. Monday, prepare the soup-puree of cauliflower with water, add a spoon of cream. On the other – boiled chicken (without the skin) and a salad of boiled carrots dressed with a little spoon of vegetable oil;
  • cottage cheese casserole with pumpkin;
  • meatballs W Zander, a side dish – braised zucchini. When cooking zucchini in gastritis is excluded the roasting, the zucchini cut into cubes and brought Yes the softness with the addition of a small amount of water. Seasoned with a spoon of low fat sour cream.


the menu for each day
  • milk oatmeal with banana, this hedgehog is very useful for gastritis of the stomach as the porridge may, enveloping properties;
  • Kisel V. e a piece of cake;
  • rice soup, steam the meatballs in e veal;
  • cheesecakes, in no case do not fry and bake molds;
  • casserole of mashed potatoes with minced chicken, meals can be prepared in the form covered with foil to avoid formation of crusts.


  • buckwheat, used for gastritis recipes pureed porridge. The finished dish is triturated through a sieve, but it's easier to grind welded group blender. Fill the cereal milk;
  • milk pudding;
  • pumpkin soup, seasoned with a spoon of cream, vegetables, mashed potatoes with baked cod;
  • nesdobnoe pies in the oven W cheese. No trace of fresh cakes, pastries, it is recommended to cook the day before;


  • rice porridge V. e with a spoon of jam. Porridge can be cooked in a slow cooker with a delayed start, it is very convenient as the products can be laid in the evening and in the morning not to waste time on cooking;
  • fruit jelly;
  • buckwheat soup, hake fillet, it needs to be boiled in salted water or steam, garnish and fish – boiled cauliflower;
  • salads W cooked beets dressed with yogurt. Don't fall asleep, been on a diet for gastritis raw vegetables and fruits can be eaten only in the period of remission;
  • baked chicken breast with the vegetables.


  • two boiled eggs, soft cheese;
  • banana milkshake;
  • vegetable soup with chicken breast, cutlets from minced beef, cooked in a double boiler, pasta with milk sauce;
  • salads with carrots and apples, dressed with a small amount of sour cream;
  • casserole z z zucchini carrots, chicken cutlet, cooked by steaming.
  • casserole W buckwheat porridge with cheese (baked in the form under the foil to form a crust;
  • fruit jelly, biscuits,
  • soup W minced chicken and oatmeal casserole W boiled potatoes and vegetables in an omelet;
  • banana;
  • fish dumplings, steamed, with vegetable garnish.


  • fresh cottage cheese with fruit and a dollop of sour cream (this Breakfast can be eaten at a reduced level of secretion) or lazy pierogi z fruit sauce (when 1 recommended diet for gastritis with elevated secretion). Our meals are made with low-fat cottage cheese.
  • biscuit, a glass of milk;
  • potato soup, casserole, s coward and broccoli;
  • milk jelly;
  • chicken meatballs W rice.

Thus, the nutrition of patients with various forms of gastritis should be sparing and diet, but always full and varied.

There are many recipes that will be useful for patients.

However, there are restrictions, in particular, can not eat fried foods, cooked the hedgehog s sharp use of spices, too much fatty foods. Their menu patient with gastritis are advised to discuss with a nutritionist or gastroenterologist.

Only by eating a healthy diet, the patient can ease your life and clean up your lifestyle. After all, this diet includes all the necessary substances to the body.

Also diet has a positive effect on the people he abandons his bad habits, more or less brings order to your daily routine and carefully suitable and which products to use.



A diet that is assigned during treatment of gastritis leads Yes that the body is not getting the proper amount of necessary fiber. Therefore, by eating a healthy diet you may notice the following:

  1. Weight reduction. The body is deprived of carbohydrates, which take an active part in the process of life, therefore, begins to burn the body fat reserves to restore its energy.
  2. Disturbance of acid-base balance.
  3. Phenomenon is the emergence of bad breath.
  4. Phenomenon, the emergence of constipation.

All of the above effects of diet and do not lead to any serious illness. Simple body hour diet loses its power and so trying all possible ways to restore them. As soon as the diet is finished all the side-effect hell it disappear and the body will begin to work with new forces.

Possible consequences for violation of the diet

If for any reason the patient refuses to adhere to a gastritis diet, he should be ready for such problems:

  • The lack of vitamins in the body.
  • Diseases of the kidney and pancreas, intestines, which will result and malfunction of the stomach.
  • Strong weight loss because of fear to take some hedgehog.
  • Stomach ulcers and all sorts of its effects.
  • Cancer of the stomach.

Only by eating a healthy diet, the patient can ease your life and clean up your lifestyle. After all, this diet includes all the necessary substances to the body.