The Japanese diet

The Japanese diet

What methods and techniques for weight loss do not exist today. One of the most popular and truly effective Japanese diet. Despite its name, it is quite suitable for the European population and has a little something from the traditional cuisine of Japan. Its meaning lies in the restructuring of the body, establishing and running the metabolism that not only provides rapid weight reduction, but also preservation of the obtained results for several years at least.

Tempting, isn't it? In addition, the diet is balanced so that no physical and emotional suffering you will not feel it. Of course, the duration of the diet not a few days will have to adjust your schedule, but the result is worth it. Let's understand, whether so good this technique is, and what it involves.

Rules of the Japanese diet

As the person loses weight "the Japanese"? Action weight loss is based on limiting the daily amount of calories and the correct choice of the main component for diet protein. As in any protein diet, the source of this nutrients may be poultry, beef, milk, seafood. Carbohydrates and necessary amount of fiber a person will get from vegetables.

Rules of the Japanese diet

To drink during the Japanese diet is unsweetened green teas, coffee. The main condition is to select a high quality product, otherwise the desired effect, you just do not reach.

In General, the basic rules of "Japanese" as follows:

  • Before you begin to adhere to the principles of this diet system, you need to visit a specialist to consult on issues of General health and possible contraindications.
  • Exact observance of the waste and pre-made menu. You can not replace the products, as you can harm your body.
  • In addition to a variety of drinks, be sure to drink plain water, which removes all the harmful substances and prolongs the saturation and improves performance of the digestive system.
  • When cooking we use only high quality products. Refuse cheap imitations.
  • Every morning, immediately after awakening in the compulsory drink a glass of clean drinking water. Finish the day eating 3 hours before bedtime.
  • Refuse from snacking. Divide the main diet for 5-6 equal parts and consume throughout the day in approximately the same intervals.

To save the result, you don't need the next day after the diet to lean on favorite, but terribly unhealthy, high-calorie foods. Go out gently, gradually. Actual unloading, it is possible to arrange fasting days on tomatoes, etc.


meals of the Japanese diet

In just 14 days diet you can achieve absolutely stunning results – the average is about 8 pounds overweight (if he really is human). "Japanese" is quite a controversial program to reduce weight, but it's also one of the few who has so many advantages:

  • Quick weight loss – the pounds literally melt in his eyes.
  • Prolonged satiety and no hunger.
  • Psychological restructuring, the revision of the relationship to food.
  • Spirits and high efficiency.
  • Weight reduction to normal levels.
  • The long-term impact of 2-3 years.
  • Effective cleansing the body of harmful substances.


Nothing is perfect, and even such a cool, incredibly effective diet has several negative aspects:

  • Strict schedule and diet – a step to the side.
  • Strict adherence to the rules.
  • Mandatory training and a smooth diet.
  • Possible side effects such as headaches, nausea, weakness and aches in the body.


Japanese — a strict diet system, so it does not suit everyone. To abandon it would have in the presence of the following contraindications:

  • Before age 20 and after age 50 (if not previously carried out the weight loss in this way).
  • Ongoing work involves serious physical exertion.
  • Diseases with a chronic course.
  • Pregnancy, lactation.

In all other respects perfectly possible to lose weight and feel for yourself the effectiveness of proper diet.

The Japanese diet 14 days menu

The Japanese diet

One name, and how interesting that give great result of variations. Today, the greatest demand is for the following diets:

  • Dr. Osama. This is a truly revolutionary technique, originally developed for the treatment of patients with diabetes. It is based on the constant use of products, only raw or cooked state, as well as chicken eggs, and all this without added sugar, salt. The menu is made individually in each case. The duration varies, but it is best before carrying out to visit a doctor for consultation.
  • Banana. The easiest option "Japanese", which involves eating in the morning, one banana and a glass of water at room temperature. At lunch and dinner diet standard for classic Japanese diet plan. Banned only milk and milk products.
  • Water. According to the rules of this technique, begin and end the day with a glass of clean drinking water. During the day, drink a volume calculated according to the following formulas: weight divided by 20 and get the number in litres, multiply the weight by 40 and obtain the number of milliliters. The result should be the same value, otherwise we take the average result.
  • Tea. The Japanese just can not imagine my life without delicious, tonic, green tea. So that's why they pay so much attention to the tea ceremonies! To lose weight on green tea is also possible. The first two days only drink this incredibly delicious drink (be sure to take sheet a high quality product), water, milk. And then gradually introduced into the diet of vegetables, fruits, cereals and other useful products, until the return to the proper diet. Nothing complicated, but minus a few inches in the waist is guaranteed.

The Japanese diet 14 days menu in the table

One of the rules of this diet is strict adherence to the diet. You can not deviate from the intended, otherwise, you can not only lose weight but also disrupt the body. We offer several menus that will help in drawing up their own individual diet.

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1 Black coffee Salad of boiled cabbage, 2 eggs, a glass of tomato juice Steam fish
2 Black coffee, wholegrain bread Steam fish, sliced cabbage Roast beef, Cup of yogurt
3 Black coffee, wholegrain bread 2 baked zucchini Roast beef, salad of boiled cabbage, 2 eggs
4 Grated carrots with lemon juice Steam fish, glass of tomato juice Unsweetened fruit
5 Grated carrots with lemon juice Steam fish, glass of tomato juice Unsweetened fruit
6 Black coffee Baked chicken, cabbage and grated carrot Grated carrots, 2 eggs
7 Green tea Roast beef Unsweetened fruit
8 Black coffee Baked chicken, salad, "brush" Grated carrots, 2 eggs
9 Grated carrots with lemon juice Steam fish, glass of tomato juice Unsweetened fruit
10 Black coffee Cheese, egg, grated carrots Unsweetened fruit
11 Black coffee, wholegrain bread 2 baked eggplant Roast beef, 2 eggs, salad of boiled cabbage
12 Black coffee, wholegrain bread Steam fish, seaweed salad Roast beef, glass of kefir
13 Black coffee Coleslaw, an egg, a glass of tomato juice Steam fish
14 Black coffee Steam fish, sliced cabbage with 1 tbsp oil Roast beef, glass of kefir

Japanese diet for 14 days: the best dishes on the menu every day

If you do not want to diet consisted only of classic dishes with soft taste, make your own menu that's so delicious, tasty and original recipes. We offer several interesting options.

Omelet with vegetables

the Japanese diet omelette


  • Chicken eggs – 2 pieces.
  • Skim milk – 50 ml.
  • Bell pepper – ½ pieces.
  • Green onions, herbs to taste.


  • Carefully whisk eggs with milk.
  • In a pre-heated pan and throw finely chopped peppers and fry slightly.
  • Vegetables pour the egg-milk mixture and close the lid.
  • Reduce fire and simmer for 10 minutes.
  • For a few minutes before end of cooking throw finely chopped onions and greens.
  • Served to the table.

Baked trout


  • Bird trout – 1 piece.
  • Lemon – a few cloves.
  • Spices, herbs to taste.


  • The fish wash thoroughly and remove the insides and dry them well.
  • RUB on all sides and inside your favorite spices. Sprinkle trout with lemon juice. Those that remained lay slices of citrus on top of the carcass.
  • Preheat oven to temperature 190 degrees and put the trout, previously laid in a baking dish with foil.
  • Bake for about half an hour before the formation of a nice brown crust.

Meat casserole

meat casserole


  • Chicken fillet – 200 grams.
  • Eggs – 2 pieces.
  • Greek yogurt with no fillers – 200 grams.
  • Greens-to taste.


  • Poultry meat cut into small pieces.
  • Carefully whisk eggs with natural yoghurt.
  • Cut greens. This can be parsley or spinach.
  • Combine the greens with the meat, spread into a prepared form.
  • Pour the egg mixture with the yogurt.
  • Put into the oven at 180 degrees for half an hour.

Don't want to severely limit yourself in food, but need to lose a few pounds in the shortest time? The Japanese diet is the best solution.