Weekly menu protein diet for weight loss every day

Protein diet is a diet based on reduction of carbohydrates and fats and increase the protein amount in the diet. Weight loss is achieved by reducing caloric intake on the background of energy deficit, the body is forced to start the process of lipolysis, that is, to use fat stores. The advantage of the diet is that the body loses weight mainly through fat and preserving lean muscle mass.

Protein diet for weight loss

Protein diet – a suitable option for those who want to burn that fat and not muscle and lose weight without constant hunger.

Can I lose weight on the protein diet and how much

Protein diet is one of the few that allows you to lose weight without painful feelings of hunger, maintain good appearance. The body no longer receives energy from fast carbs and fat, so he has to use glycogen stores from the muscles and then body fat. That is why during the diet may be muscle weakness, actively consumes the glycogen that fuels muscle mass.

Diet will not be forced to wait for the result first change replacing after 2-3 Zen. For a week on this diet usually takes hell 4 and 8 kg (depends on the weight and Ada diet). The skin becomes flabby, the whole is lifted and becomes firmer.

The diet is based on animal and partly vegetable protein. Most of the protein in animal products, the record of the phenomenon of reality is lean meat.

Also contains a lot of protein in eggs (it is advisable to use them without the yolk), lean fish, low-fat dairy products. Optionally, you can use sports nutrition (protein isolate), but this is optional.

Without carbohydrates the body can not exist, so we can include in the menu of citrus – they accelerate fat loss and help to digest heavy protein hedgehog. You can add them to dishes – for example, bake fish with lemon or slice of orange cheese.

With this diet menu have to be a lot of fiber to improve digestion.

Principles of protein weight loss

How does the protein diet the basic principles

As stop the flow of sugars into the body, begin to use body fat. Of course, in the diet there is a certain amount of carbohydrates and fats, however, they did not prevent the weight loss, because consumed on the brain, muscles and internal organs.

The main feature of the diet is that protein, in principle, not deposited in adipose tissue, and degradable and is spent on the needs of the body. On the protein diet does not need much to cut calories, because the effect is not based on the decrease in the nutritional value of the diet.

Good protein diet accelerates the metabolism, allowing you to use more calories without risk to recover. To improve the effect, you need to drink more fluids, exercise and eat vitamins.

This type of food will be made for those who have a sweet tooth, because it excludes not only sugar, but any carbohydrate sources. Therefore, to sustain a diet will be difficult for people with mental activity.

Water in carbohydrate-free diet

The result of the diet is achieved in several stages:

  • The expenditure of glycogen and excess fluid. Fast the weight goes, but the fat even begins to burn. In the early days can be weakness and dizziness;
  • Food protein food and supplies. The body rebuilds your type of food, spending reserves of fat which enters the body the protein;
  • The decrease in blood insulin, as a consequence, loss of appetite and weight loss.

Easy carbohydrates, especially sugar, provoke insulin spike that inhibits fat burning and increases appetite. So a day on the protein diet are allowed to eat 50-70 g of carbohydrates, preferably slow.

Varieties of protein diets

The essence of all types of protein diets are the same – eating foods that are high in protein and limiting carbohydrates to fats. Starts the process of ketosis – acidification of the body and burning fat. The differences of these diets in their severity and diet. The most popular phenomenon of Java are:

  • Duc. Is based on food with high protein content and a small amount of complex carbohydrates. Diet consists of lean meats, eggs, fish. The process is divided into several stages: attack, cruise, consolidation and stabilization;
  • Maggie. Losing weight need to eat eggs, adding hours vegetables or unsweetened fruits. The diet lasts a hell of the week and the month repeat once a year;
  • Kremlin. In diets there are special restrictions on the number of products, but not so severely restricts carbohydrates. High protein intakes are calculated for a period of two weeks, Yes.


This app weight loss involves the use of low-calorie and satisfying products in virtually any quantity. On protein products do not include restrictions, which diet is tolerated much easier.

Slimming is divided into 4 stages:

  • Attack is the most effective and challenging phase. It starts with a quick fat burning and the restructuring of metabolism. A week you can lose 7 kg weight, continue this phase should be as long as needed, but no more than 10 Zen. On the attack you can eat low-calorie protein products to prepare a hedgehog needs no oil. The portions are not limited to, because a lot of protein foods eaten ate eat still will not work.
  • Cruise sparing phase, which lasts much longer attack. You can perform this phase baked several weeks and several months – for the right result. Protein days in this phase, alternate with vegetable 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, etc.
  • Consolidation – way out of the diet. At this stage there is a gradual return Yes regular diet. Do not just lean on the sweet, because metabolism is not yet reconstructed for processing large amounts of carbohydrates. Hour consolidate is calculated as follows: for each thrown kilogram phase lasts for 10 Zen. Yes example, after losing 15 kg, need to continue to step 150 Zen;
  • Stabilization – the usual diet with small adjustments. You need to introduce a new habit: to hell drink 1, 5 liter of water a day, more walking, to walk, to play sports and do regular fasting days.


Protein diet malyshevoy – one of the varieties of protein diet. It combines the principles of fractional power high-protein diet. after the diet, the weight will not come back (if you follow the rules), and the diet of the diet nutritionally adequate and well fills.

He, the Lord, your diet gives your instructions before starting a diet that help to tune in the desired fashion:

  • Positive attitude – you need to devote time to the hobby and prepare for a great outcome diet;
  • In the diet should be a smooth exit, abruptly switches to the previous diet is impossible;
  • Restricted caloric intake – no more than 1200-1400 calories per day based on Ada growth;
  • Smaller meals – 3 meals with 2-3 snacks;
  • Not starving, otherwise weight loss will slow down.

For those who are involved in sports or moving around a lot during the day, the calorie allowance increases and 1500-1700. It is best to alternate cardio with strength.

Protein nutrition in the diet Malysheva present as a fasting day. Yes, the Breakfast drink a glass of purified water. Half an hour later ate eaten to eat a boiled egg, cucumber and any greens (you can cut foods and make salads).

During the rest of the day recommended boiled chicken without skin, less than 0.6 kg. to clean the meat of excess fat, you must boil meat but half, drain the water, rinse the chicken and pour new water.

If desired, the chicken can be replaced by other protein foods, such as low fat cottage cheese. Should not exceed daily caloric intake to 1500 kcal.

Sports no carb diet

Drying a whole is gradually reduced calorie diet by reducing carbohydrate and fats. Usually Yes, such a system treat athletes who want to maintain muscle mass and remove excess fat.

On drying not only sweets, flour and alcohol in the latter stages banned, even sweet fruits and honey. You also cannot eat a lot of fat, so protein foods should be lean.

Important! The tougher the drying, the more water you need to drink. If we ignore it, not to avoid problems with digestion, metabolism and health. You also need to take vitamin complexes, so on diet is limited, and the water washes away vitamins and minerals.

Rules for drying are:

  • Smooth entry into the diet. A sharp transition to dry – stress to the body and the subsequent failure;
  • Food 6 times a day. For dinner it is advisable ate eaten to eat something light before going to sleep is not. For snacking great sports nutrition (protein isolate, protein);
  • Drink plenty of liquids. The amount of water is calculated as follows: 30 ml per kg of body weight. On hot days or training days, you should drink even more.

10% of the diet are vegetable oils and animal fats, carbohydrates (mainly complex), the remainder being protein. Increase the amount of protein should gradually.

For Breakfast you can eat cereals (except semolina), sour fruit, nuts (not more than a handfuls a day) and vegetables. You can also consume bran and herbs to help the body digest protein. Hell of berries and sweet fruits (bananas, peaches, and grapes) have to give.

Should prevail strength training, but do not be redundant and cardio. Such a regime and diet, you can only observe people for some time doing sports and gained muscle mass.


The amount eaten by the squirrel

If the diet does not abide by these guidelines to adhere to too rigid a diet and wrong to get out of it, it will only harm the body. Although protein diet good and burns fat, it is putting a strain on the liver and kidneys, and the digestive tract.

Protein is digested harder and longer than carbohydrates or even fats. If you eat low fiber (contained in vegetables and bran) and a small drink of water, remnants of food in the intestines begin to rot and release toxins. This may cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract and bad groin to mouth.

Fast and hard protein diets lose weight quickly, so the skin can SAG. So this problem did not happen, you need to exercise, the best help strength exercises. Also helps body wraps, massages, scrubs and douches.

Some people can z Java to be bags under the eyes, swelling. Diet strongly affects kidneys and liver, so if you have problems with these organs diet is contraindicated.

Also sit on the protein diet is not to those who have frequent constipation. People with gastritis and enterocolitis, pain in the stomach diet is also contraindicated.

A large protein intake reduces calcium reserves in the body, which leads to deterioration of hair, bones and teeth. Hair loss and rickets this type of food is contraindicated.

Rigid and prolonged diet can lead to infertility, hormonal disruptions and disorders of the ovaries. That is why this app weight loss more dangerous for women than for men.


To sit on such a diet can no longer than 2 weeks. The most common options – a fasting day on protein, 3 days, 1 or 2 weeks. More than two weeks lasts only protein the Dukan diet.

The advantages and disadvantages of diet

The advantages of this power supply important:

  • The first results can be observed already from the second day;
  • Protein foods are very hearty and long-absorbed, so hungry on the diet will have;
  • A varied and healthy diet of vegetables, cereals and protein foods (in addition to strict diets);
  • The lack of headaches, fainting spells and sleep disorders due to starvation;
  • Fiber heals the intestines and removes it from unnecessary toxins (skin variant protein diet is recommended the consumption of vegetables or bran);
  • It is not necessary to count calories, and weigh portions, as eaten ate eating too much protein will not succeed anyway;
  • You can use diet to gain muscle mass or drying.

However, in addition to advantages diet this type of diet and its drawbacks:

  • An unbalanced diet, lack of vitamins and minerals that are derived from fruits. When you suffer diet supplies of calcium, since it AIDS in the absorption of protein. To avoid deficiency, you need to take a multivitamin;
  • Fatigue due to lack of carbohydrate – the main source of energy. People whose work requires concentration, it is better to give hell to the diet;
  • Large burden on the liver and kidneys, excess protein production can be deposited in the form of stones;
  • The increase in cholesterol levels when consuming large amount of fatty animal products.

Protein diet is quite dangerous for women, as high protein intakes can lead, and loss of hair, disorders of the cycle and in the worst case, Yes of infertility.

How much protein you need to eat eat Adazi a day

The amount of protein is calculated based on ad weight 3-5 g per kg of whole weight. The amount of protein should be increased gradually so as not to enter the body in a state of stress.

If you don't want to calculate grams and calories, follow already made diet menu or Yes, listen to your body. Ate eaten to eat more protein standards you can hardly.

Set of products for diet

The list of allowed foods on a diet

When dieting it is possible to use such protein products:

  • Lean meat (skinless chicken, beef, rabbit and veal);
  • Low-fat offal;
  • Lean fish and seafood;
  • Eggs in any form, prepared without oil;
  • Milk and low-fat dairy products;
  • Buckwheat, oatmeal, beans, peas, beans, and bran;
  • Dried fruits in small quantities;
  • Non-starchy vegetables (cabbage, tomatoes and cucumbers);
  • Any greens;
  • Sports nutrition.

Also can not forget about drinking plenty of fluids – at least 1.5 liters of water a day.

Protein drinks for quick weight loss

Most often, protein shakes are prepared from the sports nutrition, mixing with any liquid.

The basic recipe for home recipes a pack of low-fat cottage cheese with 1-2 cups of milk, and you can add bananas, honey, oatmeal, cottage cheese, vanilla sugar, cinnamon, egg whites, walnuts, raisins, dried apricots, flax oil, etc. But for weight loss it is necessary to monitor calorie intake and overall calorie cocktail in particular.

Simple recipe for protein shake:

  • Mix in a blender with 350 ml of milk and 1 pack of low fat cream cheese.
It contains only 244 calories 32 g protein, 27 g of carbohydrates and absolutely no fat.
  • Cocktail s of cottage cheese and drinking yoghurt. The ingredients you need to mix in the blender and add sweetener or dried fruit.
The calorie content depends on the selected cottage cheese and yogurt. You should not take out fat, because calcium is poorly absorbed, rather eat ate a smaller portion.
  • Yes, a pack of cheese and milk add 1 tablespoon of flax seeds, strawberries to taste.
It's a cocktail slimming 306 contains calories 33 g protein, 36 g carbohydrates and 3 g fat.

Protein shake

Recipe for protein drink for energy recovery:

  • Yes, a pack of cheese and a glass of milk, add 2 teaspoons of instant black coffee.
Hum to be 244 calories with warehouses: 32 g protein, 27 g carbs, 0 g fat.

As a basis we can take not just cheese and whole milk, also it can be powders, protein from sportmagazin,

Prohibited products

On the protein diet banned the following products:

  • Fatty meat and fish;
  • Semolina, macaroni and bakery products;
  • Sweet (ice cream, cakes, chocolate, jam);
  • Sweet fruits and berries (bananas, peaches, and grapes);
  • Potatoes, beets, boiled carrots and corn.
  • Sugar and fructose;
  • Store-bought juice;
  • Sweet drinks and alcohol;
  • Mayonnaise, ketchup and other sauces.

It is not quite to give up a hell of fats and carbohydrates in the morning, you can ate ate eat fruit for a snack. Also in the day can ate ate there one banned product to choose from, having worked for him after this sport.

The rules of cooking

The hedgehog protein to the diet is necessary to prepare in such a way that in the process she became even more calories. Meals you cannot cook and bake with butter and sauces.

If you want to fry dish, it can be done on a nonstick pan. The best methods of cooking – baking, boiling and stewing, and grilling. Urchin prepared in this way is no worse than fried.

Meat or fish can be baked alone or in the vegetables. You can also prepare vegetable salads raw greens are better for you. In a dish, add the spices, soy sauce and a little salt.

A quick version of the diet on protein products for 3 days

To three days before an important event to lose a couple extra pounds, you can use a crash diet. Diet like this:

  • Breakfast – 1 egg with cucumber or herbs;
  • Snack – low-fat yogurt;
  • Abed – 200 g cottage cheese 5%;
  • Snack – small bowl of salad dressed with a half spoon of oil;
  • Dinner – 150-200 grams of cottage cheese.

On the second day offered a menu of:

  • Breakfast – 250 g oatmeal with handful of dried fruit;
  • Snack – Apple;
  • Abed – bean soup W chicken or beef;
  • Snack – 30 g of nuts;
  • Dinner – 150 g low-fat cottage cheese.

Diet 3rd day submitted by:

  • Breakfast – 200 grams of cottage cheese with half a banana;
  • Snack – 1 egg;
  • Abed – 100 g chicken and 1 cucumber;
  • Snack – orange;
  • Dinner – a glass of buttermilk and 140 g of cottage cheese.

To lose on this diet can be hell, 2 and 5 kg (ad depends on what kind of Vaga and surroundings now). At the end of the diet you need to slowly increase caloric daily intake and to introduce new products. After a couple of Zen it is possible to use honey or sweet fruits. To lose weight and the surrounding area and the surroundings faster and fix the result, it is desirable to do sports.

On a diet you can perform morning exercises or a short time to play. Grueling workouts much will drain the body, so it is better to postpone them. This diet should drink and take a multivitamin.

Sample menu of dishes for every day of the week

Menu for one week balanced and composed, so losing weight is not starving and did not feel a strong weakness. The diet is quite varied, composed of simple dishes that can be prepared any. To adhere to such regulations should be no more than two weeks after the need to give a break to the body.

Scheme two weeks

On the diet for a duration of 2 weeks you can eat fruits, sunflower oil and whole grain breads. If you want some snacks, you can replace sports nutrition.

The diet is quite strict, and when with her you are doing sports, the result will please you. A couple of weeks takes a hell 10 and 15 kg, which will significantly affect the figure. Active training is better to postpone, only to leave charging at home or outdoors. Exercise it is best to make Breakfast or a few hours after dinner.

Day of the week Menu 1st week Menu 2-weeks
Monday Breakfast: tea and a boiled egg;

Abed: 200g chicken W broccoli;

Dinner: yogurt and a boiled egg.

Breakfast: oatmeal with some dried fruit;

Abed: mushroom soup, cauliflower;

Dinner:200 g of cottage cheese.

Tuesday Breakfast: tea with bread;

Abed: 2 eggs, 250 g asparagus;

Dinner: 200 g of cottage cheese and a glass of sour milk.

Breakfast: coffee or tea with a handful of dried fruit;

Abed:2 eggs W braised cabbage;

Dinner: boiled fish.


Environment Breakfast: vegetable salad and tea;

Abed: mushroom soup W salad;

Dinner: 200 g of beef W cauliflower.

Breakfast: coffee or tea with bread;

Abed: stewed zucchini, Apple.

Dinner: beef & carrot salad, cabbage, eggs.

Thursday Breakfast: Apple or orange

Abed: salads, boiled egg and a piece of cheese;

Dinner: salad and cottage cheese.

Breakfast: vegetable salad;

Abed: fish baked with lemon;

Dinner:2 boiled eggs and tomato juice.

Friday Breakfast: 150 g of cottage cheese and yogurt;

Abed: diet soup W beef;

Dinner: 200 g of buckwheat.

Breakfast: coffee with diet-bread;

Abed: fish stew W cauliflower;

Dinner: serving of cottage cheese and yogurt.

Saturday Breakfast: tea with bread;

Abed: boiled chicken with salad of carrots and cabbage;

Dinner: 200 g of cottage cheese and yogurt.

Breakfast: tea and 200 g of boiled buckwheat;

Abed: bean soup and 150 grams of beef;

Dinner: vegetable salad and 2 protein.

Sunday Breakfast: oatmeal and an Apple;

Abed: 200g chicken with salad;

Dinner: 200 g of cottage cheese with tea.

Breakfast: 200 g of oatmeal;

Abed: boiled chicken meat, 5 art. L. bean;

Dinner:2 boiled eggs, a glass of tomato juice.

It is advisable to drink plenty of water to fill up. It is also helpful to use herbal and green teas.

How to get out of the diet

To keep the shape and not gain extra, you need to follow certain rules:

  • Exercise or walk a lot;
  • At least 2 weeks to exclude flour and sweet;
  • Do not overeat;
  • Drinking more than two liters of water.

By following these simple rules, you can easily retain the shape after the diet.

Particularly strict protein diet for quick weight loss

Hard high-protein diet is often used by athletes, particularly men, who need "to dry" muscles and get rid of the hell of excess fat. Before you sit on such a diet, athletes build muscle mass (along with her added fat).

Later they lose weight on a special diet, did not affect muscle protein. A strict diet is quite dangerous for women's health, so use it usually men.

Quick protein diet is stressful to the body. For the normal functioning of the body needs carbohydrates, but if they are excluded almost completely, the body experiences a shock.

Also on the protein diet may dehydration and stomach problems (constipation and pain). To prevent this, you need to eat fresh greens and drink a lot of water. Not be amiss and fiber intake to vegetables or bran.

Why doesn't it work to lose weight protein diet

Slow metabolism

Some people complain about weight gain on the protein diet. It would seem as possible. Since the protein is not deposited in fat? There are several reasons why scales show plus:

  • Constipation. If you do not eat fiber or small drink, can cause constipation. Chronic constipation should choose a diet with a large amount of fiber;
  • Slow the metabolism. Those who recently spent a low-calorie diet or lead a passive lifestyle, you should not follow this diet. The body is not ready so processing this amount of protein, so it's best to look at other ways of losing weight.

Reviews and results thinner

1 review

I always wanted to lose weight, but I never seriously Esna Esna thought about diets. At the age of 17 I decided to change something in yourself, sitting on many popular diet buckwheat, Kremlin, etc. After each I gained weight and the neighborhood and the neighborhood back because I did not have the willpower to continue to eat correctly.

To play sports for a long time also did not work, so I immediately threw. Strength exercises me immediately rejected, he was afraid to pump up the big muscles. Cardio exercises did not come easy, especially with more weight. Running and swimming seemed very tedious, and regular exercise lasted only a few Zen, and then I threw.

But one day I decided to go the other way. Started to do strength exercises at home (which, by the way, I liked much more than monotonous cardio), walking more, hours and even ran an interval run in the morning. From the diet gradually rule out harm, and then began to lean on high-protein foods.

Six months later, I lost a lot of weight, dropped to 17 kg, all my old stuff too big. The weight loss was healthy and slow and I know exactly what the lost weight and more so I will not be back. Changed dietary habits, regime, and now I can boast of more or less athletic shape.

2 review

I recently lost a lot of weight (-11 kg), reducing the number of calories consumed. To improve the quality of the whole and make the skin supple, decided to enroll in a gym. However, this diet (sweets, flour and fried) was very difficult to do, not enough energy.

To strengthen the muscles, I started to gradually replace unhealthy foods for protein. With diet containing over 60% protein, exercise became much easier. Also, when I eliminated sweets, the press began to emerge more clearly, and buttocks were nice round shape.